Shedding Season Is Here!!!!!

shedding horse in the spring

Happy Spring!!!!!! Are you like me, and super excited that spring is almost ‘officially’ here? I know, I know….

Spring doesn’t really come until March 21st. However, with the time change coming soon, and the days getting longer, my horses are telling me spring is here. And with that, comes shedding season!

I am more than a little bit ready for shedding season, which to me means spring is here. When my horses start to let go of their long, and thick winter coats, to me, this means it is spring!

And if you are anything like me, you want to make the shedding process go as quickly as possible. Which means you need the best tools to help the process along. And while my horses are just starting to shed, I thought I would share with you my most favorite tools for making this happen as quickly as possible.

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5 Best Shedding Tools For 2021

I have to start by saying if your horse is clean, the process goes a little bit faster. Unfortunately, it is still too cold where I live to for me to give my horses a true bath. So they are dusty, muddy and dirty. But that’s ok, these tools still work great.

So in no particular order, here are my 5 must have shedding tools for 2021. Oh, and I should apologize for some of my tools appearance. But I use these tools, and they have served me well. That being said, you can tell, they are used.

Farnam Slick N’ Easy Grooming Block

5 Best Shedding Tools For 2021

I used to use this years ago. And for some reason last year I decided to pick one up again. And I am so glad that I did. This little miracle block is fabulous for getting hair off of your horse.

I really like to use it on their legs because of how you can get the hair off easily.

Farnam slick n' easy block

And if my horses have dirty spots, or grooming spots from their friends, it works really well to remove slobber, dirt, or whatever they get into.

And the best part about this block is how affordable it is. You can get it on Corro for $3.99. It won’t last forever, so I order a couple at a time. But this is one tool I use year round now because of how well it works.

Shed Flower

shed flower

This thing is awesome. It’s a unique de-shedding tool that looks like a flower. It’s adorable! And it fits perfectly into your hand. This groomer is a curry and shedding blade all in one that is fantastic at removing loose hair and dirt. And it’s a gentle way to remove the hair and crud. The groomer is made from heavy duty plastic. And it lasts a really long time. I have two that I use and I have had them for several years.

Epona Shed Flower grooming tool

Again Corro has the best price on this shedding tool. At the time of writing this blog post, Corro has the She Flower for $3.99! How’s that for a great price?

StripHair Gentle Groomer

I think 2 years ago I saw some pretty incredible videos showing this tool being used on some pretty hairy horses. And I don’t know why, but there is something seriously satisfying about seeing huge clumps of hair coming off a horse. Well, for me anyway.

Striphair gentle groomer

So of course, I had to get this gentle groomer, and see if I could get results like this. And while my results were not exactly as dramatic as their video portrayed, it did work very well. So well in fact that it is one of my favorite shedding tools to use to help remove the winter fur from my boys.

5 Best Shedding Tools For 2021

The tool is very flexible and works well as a shedding tool, and other uses too! This groomer will remove loose hair, dirt, and dander while adding shine to the coat. It’s so versatile!  You can groom, curry, shine, shed, shampoo, slick, and massage your horse with this tool.

And as the other two products, Corro has the best price. When I bought mine, I paid $50.00 for it. But Corro has it for $38.99.

And to go along with Betty Best’s groomer, Corro now has Skin & Coat Grooming Cloths made by the same company. I bought a tub of them for my boys and will let you know how they worked soon!

Sleek EZ

This shedding tool is very impressive. And when they first came out, they were pretty expensive, and I couldn’t really justify the cost. But now that I found Corro, it’s not so expensive, and it is in my budget to afford!

5 Best Shedding Tools For 2021

But before I bought this, I wanted one so bad that I made my own. And it worked pretty good. I actually have a video showing you how you can make your own too.

But back to the Sleek EZ…

With this tool, you can quickly de-shed your horse. It is 10” long and works fantastic to remove long winter hair that is already loose and coming out. This tool is simple and effective at removing hair, dirt, and dander. And there is no pulling with this tool. Meaning you don’t have to pull the hair out of it. The loose hair falls freely from the tool making it easy to use repetitive strokes with getting the hair out.

Hands On Grooming Gloves

I’m sure you have seen these before, and you may already have a pair. This was probably the first updated grooming tool I bought when I started getting serious about my horses again. And I am so glad I found these gloves.

5 Best Shedding Tools For 2021

Your horse will find the grooming routine much more enjoyable when you handle the job wearing a pair of these gloves. They work fantastic to thoroughly clean and de-shed the coat. The fingers and palms on the gloves have scrubbing nodules that deep clean and de-shed the coat.

5 Best Shedding Tools For 2021

And the way the gloves are designed, the hair that is collected is released instantly with a simple flick of the wrist. How awesome is that?

And the little nubs on the fingers and palms work to give your horse a massage. My horses love that. And massaging your horse like this can help to improve circulation and also distribute the natural oils of his skin. Which in turn will help to make a shiny coat a reality without using additional shine products. You are getting him to shine from what he naturally has.

And you can even wear these when you are giving your horse a bath. The gloves stay in place and work really well to get your horse really clean. And when your done, you simply leave them out to dry and they are ready to be used again.

5 Best Shedding Tools For 2021

I have nothing negative to say about these gloves. They work incredibly well, and the last a long time. Like I said before I got these years ago, and they still work really well.

5 Best Shedding Tools For 2021

So these are my most favorite grooming tools to use on my boys for shedding season. I keep my ‘shedding kit’ together so when I have a couple of hours to get to work de-shedding my horses I simply grab my shedding tote and get to work!

5 Best Shedding Tools For 2021

By the end of a shedding session I am tired and dirty, but my horses look great. And after all, they are worth it!

And if you want to try out any of these products, I really encourage you to check out Corro. To date, they have the best prices I have found, which is why I have my monthly autoship’s set up through them. Their service is incredible and they ship super fast. And they have even given me my very own coupon code to share with you! When you go to check out, type in BUDGETEQUESTRIAN (Get it… Budget Equestrian????) And they will give you 10% off your first order. And if you decide to sign up for an autoship program, they give you 30% off your first autoship! Talk about a great deal! You can find out more about that by visiting Corro.

5 Best Shedding Tools For 2021

I have to say I have been so impressed with Corro, which is why I decided to partner with them. I was a customer first. They didn’t know me from any of their other customers, and I got fantastic service, as well as low prices. Which is what we all deserve right?

So go check out Corro, and see what you can find for your shedding season!


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you........AND just to have FULL Disclosure:Affiliate Disclaimer: Some of the blog posts on my site will allow you to purchase different products and services online provided by other merchants, and not myself. Some of the links that I post on my site are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I may receive an affiliate commission.* I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn a commission by linking to and affiliated sites. *Disclosed in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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    • Kimberly Smiley

      Hi Lisa, what a great idea about the DIY shedding blade! I’m wondering what kind of glue you used because no matter what kind of glue I use it never seems to work. Thanks! Kimberly smiley

      • Lisa

        Hi Kimberly 🙂
        I used Locktite adhesive ( ) that I bought on Amazon. It worked so well that it’s still holding the blade in place. Another thing that might help is if you dig out the channel for the blade a little bit deeper to help keep the blade securely in place. I hope that helps! 🙂

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