My Book Will Show You: Over 15 different projects that you can build yourself, and will help to give you the tack room of your dreams! Stop searching Pinterest for new and useful ideas for your tack room! This book will show you how to build different tack room furniture, and also help you to get your tack room organized once and for all!

Simple Instructions

The instructions for each project are provided along with the measurements so you will be able to make your own tack room furniture.

Materials Lists

Each project has a complete list of all the material you will need to make saddle racks, bridle racks, grooming boxes and more!

Extra Bonus Projects

Also included are easy tack room hacks making it easy for you to get and stay organized in your tack room.


For as long as I can remember, my tack room was always an unorganized mess. I would spend hours browsing through different websites and wishing I had an organized tack room. But I didn't have a lot of money to go out and buy all new furniture, especially for a tack room.

So I decided to start building some things myself, and see what would happen. Well, I had some great ideas, and some not so great ideas. But after years of trying different things, I finally have a well organized tack room! Everything has a home, and I am proud because I built these things by myself.

I have taken the best of the best projects that make the most sense for a well organized tack room, and I put them all together in this book! With this book, and a little bit of time, you too can have a tack room that you love being in! And even better, with your tack room being organized, you will have more time to spend riding your horse!

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