Although this is the time of year to be giving gifts, the online equestrian retailers are making it very challenging for me. Thankfully, I have gotten all of my holiday shopping done. Yes, I am done shopping.

And I was good this year. We had anticipated the holiday season, so we saved money for it ahead of time. So all of the gifts were purchased with cash, no charging! This in itself was a very good thing for me, and I feel accomplished for being good.

BUT the equestrian world of shopping is calling out to me right now. Especially when they all seem to be having such incredible sales!

And while I really helped my husband out with what I wanted, by sending him Facebook links along with the color and size that I wanted. Oh, I also included the coupon codes, so he could get the deals too!

But there are soooo many incredible deals this time of year. So much so that I am having to try and figure out how I can get some of those deals.

Best Deals for Everything Equestrian is Now

If you are busy thinking about the upcoming riding or show season, I am sure there are some things you would love to buy. But usually when we want to buy them, it is at the peak time of the riding season. Which means the price is at it’s highest as well.

But this time of year is the best time I have found to get the best deals on everything from tack to show clothing. Some of the best deals I have found:

Noble Equestrian Grooming Tote

This is by far the best deal on the Noble Equestrian (or Outfitters) grooming tote I have EVER seen! Right now at Dover’s Saddlery, they are having a deal. You can get this grooming tote, filled with extras for $34.99! So not only do you get the best grooming tote ever made, but you also get one pair of Over The Calf Peddies, one genuine leather belt and one pair of lambswool hand warmers with matching beanie handcrafted in Nepal!

This is such a fantastic deal! You can’t buy the tote by itself for less than $50.00 usually. But right now, Dover’s has it at the best price I have ever seen.

Ovation Slim Secrets Breeches

I have a pair of these breeches, and I love them. I didn’t get the deal though, I bought them when they were full price at $110.00. One of the reasons I love these breeches so much is the slimming panel that is built in to the front portion of the breech.

If you are an older adult female rider, you might also know of the benefit of the slimming panel. These breeches are full seat too, so they are awesome for sticking power in the saddle! Right now the breeches are $64.95.

Show Clothes

And why not look at some deals on your next show outfit?

Not only does Dover have some fantastic deals on their Christmas specials, but you can get some pretty spectacular deals on their clearance section of everything. And if you are a member of the USEF, you get your additional 10% discount!

Aluminum Stirrups

Have you seen these before? Have you ever tried them? If you haven’t, but wanted too, now is a good time to do it! I found these little beauties at Riding Warehouse for $57.95.

I love this type of stirrup. They are comfortable, and light. And if you suffer from knee or ankles pains after riding – once you use these, you will be happy with no more pain! They have this rainbow color, and they have rose gold too!

Noise Reducing Ear Bonnet

And to go with the rainbow stirrup irons, how about a fun new ear bonnet? What’s cool about this one is that has noise blockers in the ears. Have you priced the noise blocker bonnets? They are EXPENSIVE! But at Riding Warehouse, this one is $30.99. Not too bad for a fancy ear bonnet!

Ombre Jump Saddle Pad

Are you sensing a trend here? Look at all of these beautiful colors! And I really like this style of saddle pad. And because I like to be matchy-matchy, this pad is perfect to go with the ear bonnet.

The saddle pad is a little more expensive at $49.99, but still less than a Lemieux pad.

And right now, Riding Warehouse is offering free shipping on all orders, and if your order is over $50.00 – you get free 2 day shipping!

Finding Affordable Horse Deals for Yourself this Holiday Season

So maybe after you have all of your holiday shopping completed, if you have a little bit extra, why not look for that special thing that you have been wanting? I know it’s hard to justify spending money on yourself this holiday season, but if it can actually save you money this summer, why not?

Happy shopping!


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