I was watching the news this morning and they were talking about how Oprah has her list of favorite things for the past year. And it got me thinking. I have a lot of favorites that I have found this year, and I thought it would be fun to share The Budget Equestrians favorite things!

The Budget Equestrians Favorite Things

This is a list of some of my most favorite things I have bought, and I thought they might make a perfect gift for your someone special this holiday season. And let’s face it, it’s that time of year where we start our search for the perfect gift to give.

Maybe this will help you in your quest of holiday shopping!

The Budget Equestrians Favorite Things

Some of these items are horse related, some are not. But everything is something I bought myself, and absolutely LOVE!

Blue Volcano Scented Wax Melts

I love everything that smells good. And I first learned of the Blue Volcano scent when one of the doctor’s I work for gave me a candle with this scent. And I love it sooooo much. But to get this scent, from Anthropologie, it is very expensive. But then I found these wax melts on Amazon and they are really affordable and the scent is just about the same.

wax melts

These wax melts are affordable too at about $6.00. They are also easy to use. I simply put them into the wax melter (which is also amazing) And my entire house smells like an Anthropologie store! I love it!

wax melter

Black Leather Belt

I was searching for a simple black belt to wear with my breeches. And I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. So I went to Amazon of course, and I found this belt. I thought I would try it out, because honestly it was cheap.

I am so glad I bought it. This belt may be inexpensive, but it looks great, and is very sturdy. I wear it with my breeches, as well as my jeans. It just looks nice! It’s very affordable at $13.99 and would make a great gift for someone putting together an affordable show outfit.

Tiny Horseshoe Pendant Necklace

Now I did not buy this necklace for myself. No, I received it as a gift from my very sweet and dear friend Lynda. She gave it to me for my birthday and I have to say I absolutely love this necklace.

The Budget Equestrians Favorite Things

I am not one who usually wears jewelry. My wedding ring and FitBit watch are usually the only pieces of ‘jewelry’ that I ever wear. Well, that was until I received this necklace.

The Budget Equestrians Favorite Things

It is so dainty, and just perfect. If you have a horse fanatic in your life, I am sure this would be a very happily received gift to open up this Christmas.

Facial Cleaning Brush System

One thing that I haven’t really paid attention to is my skin. But as I have gotten older, and tried to keep the wrinkles away as long as possible is to care for my skin. And I had seen these types of spinning facial brushes in an infomercial. I wondered if I could find it on Amazon, and thankfully, I did.

budget equestrian favorite things 2019

This is a facial cleansing brush, yes, but it also has a lot of other attachments so you can even use it on your feet! The brush is waterproof, so you can use it in the shower, or just at the sink.

The Budget Equestrians Favorite Things

But it is such a helpful little tool. And it helps make easy work for me to clean off all the dirt and grime from being at the barn, as well as easily removes makeup. The blue one is a little more expensive at $23.00 but they have a pink one too for $15.00

StripHair The Gentle Groomer

I saw an infomercial on Facebook for this product. And I justified buying one to be able to do a review for my blog. And I say justified because this grooming tool isn’t cheap. The StripHair gentle groomer is expensive at $39.00. BUT, it is worth it!

best gift ideas for equestrians

This groomer is so useful. Not only for shedding season, but for mud season too, even in the winter. It’s a gentle way to remove excess hair, mud or dirt from your horse. And it really is gentle. I was able to use this on Ethan with no problem. And he was a very thin skinned and ticklish Thoroughbred.

christmas equestrian gift ideas

I figure if I could use it on him, any horse could tolerate this! It really is that gentle. If your favorite equestrian is looking for a unique and fantastic tool for their grooming box, this would be an excellent gift. And honestly, there is just something sooooo satisfying seeing tons of hair come out during shedding season. And this groomer will help you achieve that satisfaction!

Noble Equestrian Grooming Tote

This has got to be the best grooming tote ever made. I love this thing! And I have lots of grooming totes. I have bought lots, and even made a few. But of all of the grooming totes I have ever had, the Noble Equestrian EquinEssential Grooming Tote is the absolute best.

The Ultimate Grooming Tote For Equestrians

I removed the center partition from mine. I find that the tote works better for me without the center divider. But this tote holds so much, and makes it easy to keep all of my grooming tools organized and easy to find.

The Ultimate Grooming Tote For Equestrians

And considering how many different totes I have tried (or made) I could have saved a lot of money by just buying this one. It is a little on the expensive side at $49.99. But it really is worth it.

Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

I’m sure you have seen that in almost every single photo, or video of me, I am wearing a fitness tracker. I love these things. And at first, I did jump on the bandwagon of having a FitBit brand tracker. However, after 3 of the ‘real’ Fitbit’s I had stopped working at a year, or even less than a year old I decided to try a more affordable option. And I am so glad I did.

Best christmas gifts for equestrians 2019

The fitness tracker I have now is the Welteayo Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor that I found on Amazon for less than $40.00! It is easy to charge, and is waterproof as well as sturdy. This is the best fitness tracker I have had yet, and I would recommend it to anyone.

motivation-get up and move!

I love being able to track my steps, as well as my activity levels. The only negative thing I have to say about this fitness tracker is that I can’t get into the fitbit groups I was once in. But that’s ok, because this is for me right? Not everyone else, and I don’t really need to compete with others. I am the one that gets the benefit for tracking my steps.

This fitness tracker would be an excellent gift for your favorite equestrian, as well as others too!

Fantastic Gift Ideas

Now this isn’t an all inclusive list of everything that made my favorite’s list for 2019. But these are the items I really felt was worth the purchase. And I think they would make really thoughtful gifts for someone else. I did buy the fitness tracker for my husband too, and he likes it!

best winter gear for equestrians

And I like to be able to find a really unique gift that is affordable, but can be used for more than just a few days after the holidays are over, you know? I like to think of the practical application of a gift too. I don’t want to buy something just to say I bought you a gift. I want to make sure it is something the recipient will be able to get some use from, which is why I wanted to share some of my favorites with you. Happy gift giving!


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

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