On the 6th day of Christmas my true love gave to me…….. Ok, I’m really glad you can’t hear me singing that, it’s pretty dreadful! But I am having so much fun opening all of the little doors of the Effol Advent Calendar that I wanted to share the days with you.

My last blog post I shared days 1 through 5. So today I wanted to share days 6 through 10!

Effol Advent Calendar Unboxing Videos

I mentioned this in my last post, but I saw that Riding Warehouse had this Advent Calendar back in early November. And When I saw it, I knew I needed to get it. This thing is so cool! Not 10 days, not 12 days, but a full advent calendar with 24 days, or 24 windows to open leading up to Christmas!!

I have seen other equestrian themed advent calendar, but they were really expensive. Which made this Effol calendar at $49.99 seem like an even better deal.

I watched an unboxing video of one of these advent calendars. And while it was nice, I just couldn’t justify spending $150.00 for a box with 12 items that I wouldn’t really use. In their defense, they did call it a ‘luxury’ equestrian advent calendar. I guess if you have the words luxury and equestrian in the title of an advent calendar, you can charge 3 times as much. Which again, made the Effol calendar even better.

Well I can’t afford a luxury advent calendar. Rather, I can’t justify spending $150.00 on an advent calendar, so I bought the Effol one. And as soon as I bought the calendar, I had the idea to do a video every day in December, well at least through December 24th. And so far so good! At the time of posting this article, it is December 16th. And I have made a video every day so far.

For me this is HUGE! I have tried in the past, but never been able to get to more than 14 videos. So I keep churning out videos, and I thought you might want to see what’s behind each of those tiny doors. So how about we get to the videos?

Day 6: Effol Equestrian Band Aids

Yep, day 6 of the advent calendar was band aids. I didn’t know Effol made band aids. But these are pretty neat to add to your first aid kit. That’s what I did, put them in my tack room first aid kit.

And no matter how hard I search for these band aids, I can’t find them. I did find some ‘designer’ band aids:

Ok, they are fancy. But I’m not sure if they are worth the $10.00 price tag. I would probably spend $5.00 and get a large pack of multiple sized band aids. But if you like fancy, you can find it.

Day 7: Effol Lip Butter ($6.95)

Now this is awesome. I have bought Effol Chapstick before, and I love it. This however is a little bit fancier. This is lip butter. And a little bit goes a long, long way.

With natural active ingredients Allantoin and Balsam of Peru, Effol Lip Butter acts as an emollient to help hydrate, heal and protect your lips from the elements. Offering effective all-season care for lips, this apple-scented balm comes in a practical pocket-sized tube. Eases discomfort as it soothes dry, chapped lips and helps keep them moisturized and supple. The tube is 10ml, and seems to last a long time. So the $6.95 price tag isn’t that bad.

Day 8: Hoof Moisture Balance Cream ($22.95)

This was a good day, I love getting stuff like this! This is called Hoof Soft, or hoof moisture balance cream.

Suitable for horses in frequent contact with water, Effol Hoof-Soft hoof dressing with glycerin, lanolin and witch hazel extract helps provide moisture and protect against dampness. Hoof-Soft was developed in collaboration with Dieter Kröhnert, German Olympic equestrian team farrier. Regular use may help increase hoof strength, even in cases of worn-down or hardened hooves. The container says to use it several times a day as needed. And so far, I like it!

I would have never bought this, and had never heard of it until it came in my advent calendar. I am happy I got to try it, because I know this will be something I will continue to use.

Day 9: Summer Hoof Gel ($27.95)

This advent calendar keeps giving and giving! And now I have another hoof cream for my boys! Call me excited!!

The Effol summer hoof gel is a simple and easy to apply gel which features an avocado oil composition to prevent brittle hooves through the summer months. The formula takes into account the faster growth of horses’ hooves in the warm weather, making it the ideal hoof-care product for the summer months. The light gel with the avocado oil composition provides moisture and strengthens the horn, ensuring optimum elasticity of the horse’s hoof. It’s easy to apply and gives a nice shine to your horses hooves too!

This is a product I can see myself buying again, especially during the summertime.

Day 10: Effol Winter Hoof Gel ($25.95)

Days 5 through 10 really seem to be focused on hoof care. And you know what they say, no hoof, no horse! So I am really excited ot have all of these different hoof care creams and gels.

And the Winter Hoof Gel is so perfect for this time of year! Effol’s winter hoof gel is a simple and easy to apply gel which is rich in the oils of rosemary, cloves and babassu, which ensure strong penetration and provides long-term protection against damp, mud and moist bedding. The gel consistency, mixed with the heavy oils, is absorbed slowly and sustainably and guarantees an end to damp hooves in winter. How perfect is this??!?!?

Effol Advent Calendar Unboxing Videos

Well there it is, days 6 through 10 of my Effol Advent Calendar unboxing videos! Can you see why I haven’t been posting blogs right now? It takes a lot of time to film, edit, craft thumbnails, and put together a video every single day. And that is where my focus has been for the month so far. Sorry about that. But this has been a personal goal of mine for a very, very long time. And I think I am just about there. Just about done with my video spree!

One thing I have learned is that by batch recording my videos, it is a lot easier to get them posted, even when I am editing the video for the day first thing in the morning before I go to work. What is batch recording? Well, it’s when you have a plan for videos, and then film said videos all at once. That’s what I did for these 24 videos. I sat down on a Saturday and filmed all 24 videos at one time. Then all I had to do was come up with intro’s for the videos, then put all of the pieces together.

Yes, it has been a lot of work, but by batch recording the videos I have actually been able to have the time to upload daily. Sure the videos aren’t very long, but they don’t need to be.

I think I will try and get the rest of the advent calendar unboxing videos here, for you to see before Christmas. It might be a little challenging, but hopefully I will be able to get it done. But if I don’t, you can always go to my YouTube channel ad watch them there.


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