Equestrian Advent Calendar – YES!

I haven’t been posting as often as I usually do, because I have been making videos every day for the past few weeks. And I decided to do this because of something really cool that I found.

Way back in the beginning of November, I was browsing on Riding Warehouse, searching for fun things, and I found this awesome equestrian advent calendar made by Effol. And to make it fun, I decided that I would make a video, every single day while I am opening up the little windows of the advent calendar. So that is what I have been doing. This does take me away from writing blog posts though. So I decided to share the videos here with you, in case you were curious about this advent calendar, or any of the products.

So how about we go over the first 5 days of the advent calendar?

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Equestrian Advent Calendar

Ok, to go along with the description of each item, I am putting the corresponding video. That way you can really ‘see’ the product, and the fun part of me opening up the window!

I love surprises! Don’t you????

Advent Calendar Opening Day 1: Effol Hoof Ointment ($12.95)

The first day of the advent calendar had an awesome product hiding behind the door, it is Effol Hoof Ointment. I have never used this product before, until now. I have seen it at Dovers, and online at Riding Warehouse. But I hadn’t ever bought it to try it out. Well, I should have because this stuff is awesome!

I took it out to try the product on Plezant’s dirty hooves, and it gave a nice shine to them, and I can see how this will be an excellent addition to my grooming kit. Effol Hoof Ointment helps ensure healthy hoof growth. This hoof dressing strengthens the hoof and helps keep it elastic. Also helps prevents hoof diseases and repels dirt.

Advent Calendar Opening Day 2: Effol Hair Root liquid ($19.95)

Effol Hair Root Liquid is a product that is unique to the market. Caffeine is the main active ingredient, which is of particular value in hair products due to it’s amazing regeneration abilities! Did you know that? I didn’t! By going straight to the source and strengthening the actual hair roots this product promotes healthy new growth for a fuller mane and tail.

Not only is it effective but Effol Hair Root Liquid is also super easy to use. You just massage it directly into the tail dock and crest. Oh, and it helps to get rid of dandruff too.

Advent Calendar Opening Day 3: Hand Cream For Riders ($12.95)

Rider’s spend so much time exposed to sun, wind, and cold. All of these elements take a toll on our skin. We take great care of our horse’s but sometimes skimp on ourselves. Effol Riders’ Hand cream for Him and Her ensures that the rider is just as well looked after as their horse! This hand cream absorbs quickly and moisturizes deeply. A great size for your tack box or glove compartment, this hand cream is portable and packs a punch. Perfect for chapped and dry hands, you will find yourself reaching for Effol Riders’ Hand cream again and again. This is a very nice hand cream. It isn’t greasy, and it makes your hands feel great.

Advent Calendar Opening Day 4: No Snap Plaiting Bands ($ difficult to find)

These plaiting bands (aka tiny rubber bands) are made so they don’t destroy your horses mane while you are braiding teeny tiny little braids. They are clear, and have a lot of stretch.

But finding them here in the U.S. has proved to be a challenge for me. And then I found them on Amazon! Searching does pay off! I did find them in a braiding kit. And the braiding kit has 2 pouches of the bands. It also has a comb, and a few other Effol products. I really like finding kits like this, and my first introduction to the entire Effol line was from their leather care kit.

They also have a first aid kit, which I will probably end up buying. I like these kits because of the container itself. It is a fantastic way to store all of these items together, and keep them in one place. I am a HUGE proponent of staying organized, and these kits really help with that.

Equestrian Advent Calendar

But back to the plaiting bands…

They work well, and they are strong. I tried them out just to see how they worked, and I am pretty impressed. They didn’t snap, or break. And I was able to secure the braids easily.

Advent Calendar Opening Day 5: Effol Riders Shower Gel ($13.89)

Just like the plaiting bands, I had a difficult time finding the shower gel in the U.S. But I was able to find it at Smart Pak.

Effol Rider’s Shower Gel is a mild, pH-skin neutral shower gel with an exclusive fragrance. The 5.5 pH value corresponds to the natural, slightly acidic pH value of the skin and protects us against drying out and damaging environmental influences. Effol Rider’s Shower Gel thus strengthens the skin’s natural function as a protective barrier – even in the case of frequent showering after riding and grooming.

I can tell you from using it, it’s very nice. A little bit goes a long way, and it lathers very well. And right now, in the middle of winter, my skin gets so itchy! But since I have been using this shower gel, I haven’t noticed as much itching. I call that a win!

Equestrian Advent Calendar

Alright, that is the first 5 videos, and first 5 products that I opened in the Effol Advent Calendar. And while some of the products are small, like the hoof ointment, some of the products were full size, like the hand cream and the shower gel. Which make this advent calendar an incredible bargain at $49.95. If I were to buy the 5 items that I shared with you today, I would have spent around $30.00, and that doesn’t include the plaiting bands because I couldn’t find them.

So if you are wondering if this advent calendar is a good deal, I think it is! With the first 5 days having a value of around $30.00, and 19 days to go? Yep, definitely a good deal. Plus, its so much fun! Coming downstairs everyday to open a new window (or door) and getting a really cool product to use on my horses, or for myself? Heck ya!

And sadly, the Effol Advent Calendar is sold out. I can’t find one anywhere now. I bought mine from Riding Warehouse way back in the beginning of November. But I can promise you, I will be buying one again next year! And I think I might actually buy 2, one for me, and one for someone in the No Stirrups November Challenge I am going to have. Yes, you read that correctly, I am going to have my very own No Stirrups November Challenge! I am already planning it, and have some of the prizes that I’m going to give away. And I think having an Advent Calendar to give away to one lucky participant would be pretty awesome, wouldn’t you agree?


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