Super Easy DIY Equestrian Themed Decor

Super Easy DIY Equestrian Themed Decor

I wish you all could see me writing out the blog posts for this month. I sat down at the beginning of June and came up with a list of videos that I want to make. That put me with 65 video ideas. And then I started thinking, if I have 65 video’s planned, why not dive a little deeper, and have a corresponding blog post to go with all of the videos?

So the next morning I got up and looked at my list of video’s to make, and I just started writing out the blog posts. A few hours later, here I sit with 15 completed blog posts, minus the photos. And with doing some research on said blog posts, I came across another blog called All About and they had a blog post titled Horse Bedroom Decor.

And the post has over 20 images all related to equestrian themed bedrooms. This is what I have been looking for! How to incorporate some equestrian ‘style’ without going full red barn in my house. I am sure my husband is grateful. While he tolerates my love for all things horses, he isn’t exactly excited to have our house decorated like a Dover Saddlery show room. (Baby steps…baby steps)

But he does leave me in charge of decorating. So as long as I am careful, and only add some here and there equestrian accents, he can tolerate that.

And a lot of the rooms in the photos were way over the top.

Super Easy DIY Equestrian Themed Decor
Photo from

Yes, I would have loved to have a bedroom like this when I was a horse crazed teenager

Super Easy DIY Equestrian Themed Decor
photo from

But now this would be just a little too much, even for me.

And when I saw this photo:

Super Easy DIY Equestrian Themed Decor
photo from

I knew I wanted to do something similar in my loft area.

Then it was time to decide how would I make this happen. I looked at the photo and of course, loved the horse shoe in the photo frame.

I love this. And to try and duplicate it, my husband graciously offered to drive me to Walmart in my quest to get started because I am still not driving. I don’t trust myself yet.  And of course I chose to do this on the busiest weekend of the year for our little town. It was time for the Elizabeth Stampede, a rodeo that brings in a large crowd of people every year. And every year we try to stay away from town on this weekend. But nooooooo I just had to go to Walmart today!

Super Easy DIY Equestrian Themed Decor

But even with the traffic, it wasn’t horrible, kind of like a rush hour commute home. And in the end, I found just about everything I would need to DIY my own equestrian style items!

equestrian diy decor

In total I spent about $36.00. Not too bad when you consider I bought 2 frames. The frames were the most expensive items I purchased. And not only did I get all that I needed for this project, but also the extra things I needed for a few other projects as well, like my equestrian dream catcher project.

It’s Time To DIY

I tried to find a shabby looking frame the was pretty ornate, but in the end I decided to get this one:

Equestrian decor DIY

Then I just had to buy a couple more horse shoes, and paint them.

Super Easy DIY Equestrian Themed Decor


DIY Patterned Wood

And to make the wall hangings, I took a scrap piece of 1 x 6 board that I had and cut the board into 8” sections. So each “print” is 6” x 8”.

I painted the stripes on and used white as the main color and then painted the stripes in colors that were similar to the original ones I was duplicating.

Super Easy DIY Equestrian Themed Decor

And even though they aren’t the greatest, I tried to freehand draw some horses, and then filled in the line drawing with the paint. then painted the horses onto the striped boards. That was the most difficult part of this process.

Then I painted one board teal, and another one brown. And once they were dry, I stenciled on a heart, and then created a stencil using my Cricut machine to stencil  a phrase that would inspire me “Dare to Dream big.” And then I painted on the embellishment at the bottom.

It isn’t identical, but it works for me.

Super Easy DIY Equestrian Themed Decor

And then I added the little extras, like the painted mason jar with flowers, a large G for our last name, a similar photo frame, a cage of my favorite ribbons, and wa-la! I now have some horse-y type decor for my home.

This was a very fun project, and I am so glad I found the article from All About. It gave my some inspiration and motivation to do something useful with my time. How about you? Would you add little equestrian accents like this to your home?


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

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