Well August has come and gone, which makes me sad. The days are starting to get a little bit shorter, and in the morning the air is crisp. Fall is coming. And honestly, I love fall. The temperature is typically perfect for riding, and I try and squeeze in as much riding as I can because soon I won’t be able to ride during the week.

But as September begins, I get to open up my Just Riding Mystery box that I ordered back in July. Why did I wait so long to open it? Well, I used it as a reward for completing a 30 day personal challenge with my horses.

Just Riding Mystery Box Unboxing

And the day has come that I get to open the package that has been staring at me in different parts of my tack room for the past month! Today is the day! Today I will share with you whats inside this package!

I first learned about Just Riding a little over a year ago when I was binge watching YouTube. And it looked interesting so I bought one of their $50 mystery boxes. It was actually really good. I remember getting 2 hats, a plastic curry, a pair of tall boot socks, and a pair of hands on grooming gloves. So the package was valued at well over $50.00. I was impressed.

And I was trying to find a reward for myself that would be a surprise after completing my 30 day challenge, and Just Riding was the company that came to mind. They not only have $50 surprise boxes, but also $100, and $200 boxes. So I decided to go big, and I splurged and bought the $200 mystery box.

What’s In The Box??!?!?!?

When I ordered then mystery package, the cost did not include shipping. And I can understand why. It was shipped from the UK, and that is expensive. But it was actually reasonable to ship overseas. And it came fast! I figured I would be waiting a month before the package got to me, but no, it arrived in a week. That was faster shipping than some companies here in the states!

Just Riding Mystery Box Unboxing

And although it wasn’t a box, it was still a pretty heavy package that stared at me all month long. But not anymore! I got to open up the package, and here is what was inside….

Dy’on Blinkers ($30.00)

Just Riding Mystery Box Unboxing

I love these things! I already have a pair that I bought from Dover’s last year. These were developed in collaboration with top European show jumpers. And Dy’on Blinkers help your horse focus. The blinkers attach to the cheek pieces of a bridle with hook-and-loop closures. 

Dy'on Blinkers

And even though they may seem like a gimmick, they do work. And you don’t have to be a top rated show jumper to benefit from these blinkers. I use them on both of my horses all the time, and they really do make a difference in the level of focus my horses have while I am riding, or working with them.

Equiline Logo Hat ($39.00)

I love Equiline products. But they are typically out of my comfort zone as far as prices go. So when I get something made by Equiline, I get really excited!

equiline logo hat

And this hat is no exception. It is made really well, the brim is solid, and it has a mesh inner lining, which I am assuming is to help keep the heat away from your head.

And I never used to wear hats, other than when I wear my riding helmet. But my husband on the other hand, always wears a ball cap. And since I have been outside a lot more this summer in the heat, I started wearing ball caps, or some sort of cover most of the time now when I’m working outside.

Just Riding Mystery Box Unboxing

That is unless I am having some photos done for my blog or Instagram, then the hat is off, usually. But when I am off camera, I usually have a ball cap on. And when we go to horse shows too, ball cap is on.

I think I will save this hat for the horse shows. White is really hard for me to keep clean, in any sort of clothing. SO this one will be saved for special occasions only.

Equiline Under Rug ($60.00)

equiline under rug

Now this thing is FANCY! This protective under rug is made of stretchy lycra. And it is used to protect the horses coat while he (or she) is wearing a blanket. This is incredibly useful if your horse wears a blanket a lot during the winter. Last year I bought one for Ethan, because he would always rub the hair from his shoulder under the blanket. And this really helps to stop that from happening.

I now have one for Frisby! And this thing is really nice. The under rug is made in Italy, which is so cool, I don’t think I have anything from Italy. Or, well, I didn’t, until now!

I am very excited to have this, and can’t wait to use it this winter for my Frisby boy.

Animo Taipei Boot Socks ($19.00)

These are sooooooo soft! Super comfortable, and breathable are the things I like most about these boot socks. They are so comfortable!

Just Riding Mystery Box Unboxing

I know we all have tons of socks. This is usually one product you can afford to have multiples of. And if you have ever bought a subscription box, you have undoubtedly collected a few pair of boot socks.

animo boot socks

And all boot socks are not made equally. Some are too thin, some are too tight. But these boot socks by Animo are just right!

Montar Ladies Neck Zip Cora Sweatshirt ($67.00)

Montar ladies 1/4 zip sweatshirt

Ok, I have to say I love the weight of this pullover. It has some warmth to it, so it will be perfect for riding this fall, and possibly on milder winter days. It’s log enough that it won’t ride up while I’m riding, and it is so soft!

It has a nice amount of stretch too. And the zipper neck is nice. I can leave it open, or zip it up when it gets colder.

Just Riding Mystery Box Unboxing

Montar Knitted Sweater ($56.00)

house of montar sweater

I love sweaters. And I love anything gray. So give me a gray sweater, and I am one happy lady! The sweater is very stretchy, and again, will be perfect for fall. I could also wear a tank underneath it for a layered look, along with a little extra warmth if I am going to wear it riding.

house of montar sweater

I have no idea of why I have this look on my face. Maybe I was trying out my America’s next top model look, I don’t know. But forget my face, look at this sweater! I think this would look really great with my black breeches too.

Just Riding Mystery Box Unboxing

And, that is everything I got in my Just Riding Mystery box! I am really happy with everything I got. I am even happier that most of the items are geared toward fall weather!

Every item I got in my surprise box will be used. And if I were to buy all of these items separately, I would have spent $271.00. I did spend $200.00 on the mystery box. I went big time on this one. But they do have boxes for $50.00, $100.00 and $200.00. And in my opinion, they are worth it.

just riding mystery box

This was just the motivation I needed to keep me doing that I needed to do for my challenge. And it wasn’t easy, especially when I decided to try and do a blog post every day. No easy task, which is why I scaled the daily posts back. I know my limitations!

But that being said, I do love a good challenge too. So I am fairly confident, when next August rolls around, there will be another challenge. We will just have to wait and see what that challenge will be. And maybe I will start saving now to get a $200 Mystery Box from Just Riding next year too.


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

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