If you are searching for the perfect gift to give your favorite equestrian, and are a little bit handy, why not make your gift?

And this is why I am posting a holiday post so early. So you have some time to come up with your awesome gift that you will be making!

Most of these projects can be completed in a weekend with simple power tools in the garage. And A lot of wood from Home Depot.

DIY Christmas Gifts For Equestrians

You can make most of these projects in an afternoon. And even the biggest projects can be made for less than $100.00. You can make the smaller ones for around $5.00, but they are no less thoughtful than the larger ideas. The small ones just make it easier to wrap!

And if you got started making these projects now, you could actually make every single project, and your equestrian would be very impressed come Christmas morning!

So in no particular order, here are some ideas that you can make just in time for Christmas!

DIY Horse Boot Hanger

This is such a simple project, but so helpful! All you need is some Velcro, a piece of wood and some paint.

diy horse boot hanger

If you want to get ultra fancy, and have a Cricut machine you can personalize the hanger with the horse or the riders name, or even your barn.

DIY Christmas Gifts for Equestrians

And to really up your game, you could include a pair or two of the boots your equestrian has been dreaming about.

You can also make space for boots that don’t have Velcro straps by adding a couple of small hooks to be able to hold these type of boots.

DIY Bridle Rack

Or how about a fancy bridle rack for the tack room?

DIY Christmas Gifts for Equestrians

I made this one for less than $25.00. I spray painted some inexpensive bridle hangers and attached them to a painted board.

diy bridle rack

You could also personalize it if you wanted too.

DIY Stall Name Plate

This has got to be one of my favorite projects to do over and over again. Its easy, and affordable.

Equestrian arts and crafts

You can make a name plate for less than $5.00

How To Make A Unique Personalized Stall Sign For Your Horse

You can add embellishments.

DIY Christmas Gifts for Equestrians

Or keep it simple.

DIY Horse Blanket Hanger

This would be hard to wrap (and heavy) but a very useful gift if your equestrian has heavy horse blankets and no place to hang them.

DIY Christmas Gifts for Equestrians

I made this horse blanket hang up for less than $25.00. And I was able to do it in afternoon.

diy horse blanket hanger

DIY Tack Trunk

You can make a tack trunk out of a large tool box which you can buy for around $85.00. A lot of people do this when they are boarding their horses because it just makes sense.

diy tack trunks

But you don’t have to keep the tool box looking like a tool box. I took a large Stanley tool box that I got for free, and painted it using chalk paint.

DIY Christmas Gifts for Equestrians

Then I added a personalized sign

DIY Christmas Gifts for Equestrians

And wa-la! I created a one of a kind tack trunk! I know that if I were to receive something like this when I was boarding my horse, I would have been super excited.

DIY Wall Mounted Saddle Pad Rack

If you want to be able to display a bunch of saddle pads, this might be a great gift! It hangs up on the wall and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

DIY Christmas Gifts for Equestrians

You can make this saddle pad hanger as small or as big as you like. Personally, I use this to store my used pads, so the air can get to them after they have been used.

DIY Horse Jump

Just think of the surprise on that special equestrian’s face on Christmas morning if the go out to the barn and see a horse jump?

DIY Christmas Gifts for Equestrians

How awesome would that be? And even though this is a HUGE gift, which would probably be difficult to wrap, I promise it will be well received!

DIY Christmas Gifts for Equestrians

This is a bigger project. But it is well worth it. You can make a simple horse jump with paint, rails, and cups for less than $100.00. Which is far more affordable than buying a ready made one which can cost you around $800.00.

DIY Christmas Gifts for Equestrians

I have lots of tutorials on my blog showing you how to make your own horse jumps, with lots of different styles.

DIY Christmas Gifts for Equestrians

Or if your equestrian is handy, and would rather make their own jumps, then maybe buy my book which shows you how to do it step by step.

DIY Saddle Stand

This is another project that does take a little more work, but still could be made in a weekend. Even if you aren’t very carpenter like, you can make this saddle stand.

DIY Christmas Gifts for Equestrians

And if your special someone is getting a new saddle for Christmas, this would be the ultimate way to show it off in front of the Christmas tree.

DIY Christmas Gifts for Equestrians

You can even personalize it with a small name plaque that could be transferred to the saddle later on.

DIY Christmas Gifts for Equestrians

I know that isn’t a list of 25 DIY’s for equestrians, but it’s just a sample of different projects that you can make for the equestrians (or yourself) in your life.

DIY Christmas Gifts

And these are just a few of the projects I have created that are I have created step by step instructions in my new book! Yes, my book is finished, and will be available very soon!

I am planning on releasing the book live on Black Friday this year, and it will be only be available here, on my blog for a limited time, at a much lower price than it will be when it goes live to the entire world on Amazon.

So keep an eye out for it on Friday, November 29, 2019! There are over 20 projects inside that will make your tack room incredible, and much more organized. Which hopefully will help you to make the most of the time that you have with your horse in the upcoming year.


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