Colorado Horse Park Horse Shows Are Coming!

A few months ago, I shared a blog post where I talked about The Colorado Horse Park might be closing. And I got a lot of angry equestrians telling me to stop spreading fake news.

Not Fake News

And then, about 2 weeks later, the horse park reps made a statement saying that the Horse Park was going through some changes, and would no longer be offering boarding, or training services. Oh, and that they would figure out the show schedule.So me being the way that I am, I kept checking for updated show scheduled, because let’s face it, the Colorado Horse Park is my Disneyland every summer.

Colorado horse park

Not as a competitor, but as a spectator.I love going to the shows and watching the very talented local riders.And lets not forget who else I have had the opportunity to see, Richard Spooner, Will Simpson, Mandy P, Kelli Cruciotti, and of course my idol, Karen Cudmore as well as her daughter Brooke Cudmore.

Summertime = Horse Shows

I look forward to the summertime horse shows more than I look forward to holidays or extra days off.And for a couple of months, I wasn’t sure that I would have the opportunity to watch any shows at the horse park this summer.However, just the other day, the Colorado Horse Park posted some fantastic news on the website, and this was further shared with the CHJA here in Colorado.

There would indeed be shows this summer at the horse park.

Colorado Horse Park Horse Shows Are Coming!

Oh yeah!

Granted, there won’t be as many as in previous years, but hey, I’ll take what I can get!So just in case you haven’t heard the news, here is the schedule for the horse park so far for 2020:

  • Summer in the Rockies II – June 10-14 2020
  • Summer in the Rockies III – June 17-21 2020
  • Summer in the Rockies IV – June 24-28 2020
  • Summer in the Rockies V – July 1-5 2020
  • Summer in the Rockies VI – July 8-12 2020
  • Colorado Fall Preview – September 3-6 2020
  • Colorado Fall Classic – September 10-13 2020

The will have a later start this summer, and won’t go as long. But hey, they will be having horse shows, so this is good!

Colorado Horse Park Horse Shows Are Coming!

Colorado Horse Park Shows

The shows are going to be run by Langer Equestrian Group. And they are no stranger to the horse park, they used to manage the shows there when I first started going to watch. I’m not sure what happened that they stopped. But thankfully, they have stepped in to fill the void for me, and will be putting on some horse shows!


They don’t have the prizelists available yet, but I’m sure they will have them in the next month or so. Not that it matters to  me really. I mean, I won’t be riding in the shows, they are a little to expensive for my budget. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love to go spectate.

Colorado Horse Park Horse Shows Are Coming!

Every chance I get I am at the horse park. I always have big dreams that one day I will be a competitor there, but I just don’t think I can justify the cost.Especially when there are a lot of smaller local shows popping up very close to me.

Maybe Shows For Me?

And I have this awesome horse who was a hunter. That was his job, he was a show horse. I hope he isn’t too disappointed in his new living conditions.

Colorado Horse Park Horse Shows Are Coming!

But there is a stable about 3 miles away from me that will be having a few shows that I am entertaining taking Plezant too. The classes are affordable, and the show fees are reasonable. And they are recognized by CHJA, so I could actually get points too! I know, dare to dream right?

Starting Small

But these shows would be way more my speed, and knowing that I can afford it is definitely a plus. And the fact that the show ground are 3 miles away means I can probably even trailer over myself. That is after I figure out how to drive it. And then there is the issue of getting Plezant on the trailer, but that should come with practice, I think.

I really like the fact that there are seeming to be more smaller shows popping up for equestrians that aren’t able to afford the big hunter jumper shows, but yet still want to challenge their skills and experience a horse show. Not only are they a good first step to possibly being able to go to larger shows, but for weekend warriors, they offer something to look forward too after testing your skills at home. I really like that.

But thankfully after I go to a small show for myself, I will have the opportunity to spectate at the horse park this summer. It may not be every weekend, but at least there are some shows.

Colorado Horse Park Horse Shows Are Coming!

Colorado Horse Park Horse Shows Are Coming!

The owners of the horse park said that they do anticipate having a full calendar next year. And I hope they do. But I will be happy with whatever they do have, and I will be there, at every show taking pictures and having a grand old time!


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