A couple of months ago, I told you about my quest to find this book. And let me tell you, it was no easy task.

First I tried to find it online, and that offered very limited results. I then remembered that I had seen the book at Dover Saddlery. And while I had thought about buying it, I decided not too. Thankfully, when I was on vacation I was able to get to Dover’s and they had ONE copy left. I was super excited to say the least!

And after I had my very own copy of the book, I really wanted to do a review of it for you. But life happens, and this blog post got pushed into my draft folder for a couple of months. But since the holidays are upon us, I thought this might be the perfect gift idea for your favorite hopeful jumper, or it might be a fantastic gift for YOU to ask for yourself!

First Impressions

Ok, first, I love that this is a hardback book. But what I like even more is that inside the hardcover, the book is spiral bound. It makes flipping through the chapters much easier. I know this has nothing to do with the material of the book itself, but it really sets the tone of what to expect in this book.

And once you get past how great the book is made, then you can dive deeper into the material presented. I really like the care they put into crafting this book. The spiral binding is awesome!

Starting The Young Jumper Book Review

There are 25 chapters, and over 270 pages of information in this book. And while the beginning of the book is a little like a paid advertisement for Colts Unlimited, I like it.

It gives the reader some background information on the author, Charlie Carrel. So you, the reader knows that this author knows his stuff, and knows what he is talking about.

Starting The Young Jumper

This book takes you from the beginning process of finding and choosing a potential jumping prospect. But even if you aren’t searching for a young horse, and you want to work with the horse you have, the information is applicable.

He shares tips and training from lunging and bridling as well as the first rides. And while this may seem like information that would only be useful for a young horse, if you and your horse are having issues, why not start back at the beginning?

a horse in English tack

All of the training advice in this book can be used for an older horse too. I had bought this with the intention of getting Ethan into the jumper ring. But because of the circumstances being what they are now, I will use this for my next horse. But I still miss my boy.

Thinking Outside The Box

I really enjoyed this book because it wasn’t the same book focusing on training in the arena. Charlie talks about putting miles on your horse. He gives different ideas to make you think differently about your training sessions.

One of my favorite chapters is Chapter 19, Outside Mileage. He starts the chapter off with saying how invaluable it is to get young horses out of the arena. Don’t you think this is a good idea for older horses as well? I do.

He also gives some examples of why riding outside the ring is a good idea, like;

  • Developing muscles
  • Tendon strength
  • Bone density
  • Improved soundness
  • Confidence
  • Bravery
  • Work ethic
  • Partnership

If you can get these things out of your horse, regardless of his age, do you see how this could help you in the jumper ring? I can!

And one thing that Charlie does throughout the book is relate how the horse is acting, and/or reacting because of the rider. It’s a good thing to remember, especially when you are training a horse.

Charlie Carrel

I have been fortunate enough to see Charlie Carrel ride in person. And it was after seeing him, and how he is with horses that I was really interested in this book. For myself, it was well worth the $45.00 that I paid for it.

Photographs Galore

This book is packed full of pictures. For me, this is important because hey, I love beautiful photos of horses, barns, tack rooms, tack, and well anything horse related really.

Starting The Young Jumper Book Review

And there are TONS of pictures in this book. Which makes it easier for my brain to understand what it is that the author is trying to teach me how to do.

I have to say though, my absolute favorite photo in this book is of Will Simpson.

Will Simpson at the Colorado Horse Park

If you don’t know who Will Simpson is, well he is kind of a big deal in the jumper world. He also happens to be an Olympic Gold Medalist for the United States Equestrian Team.

Starting The Young Jumper Book Review

And I’m not sure if he signed all of the books, or if the one I bought wasn’t supposed to be for sale, but Will Simpson signed my book! I will keep this book forever because of that autograph.

I have seen him in person many times at the Colorado Horse Park over the years. He always makes an appearance.

Starting The Young Jumper Book Review

But to have his autograph??!?!? Oh my, I really feel like a fan girl because of this!

It amazes me to be able to go and watch riders that are this good. I am so lucky to have such a fantastic horse show venue so close to my home and see these riders.

Finding The Book

This has got to be the most difficult horse book to find. I was lucky back in June to find it locally at Dover’s Saddlery in Parker Colorado. And I have seen many copies of it there when I go in searching for new treasures. So if you live near the Parker Dover’s Store, you can call them, or just stop by to see if they have it.

Dover Saddlery

But if you are looking online for it, good luck. It is HARD to find. You can go to their web page, Starting The Young Jumper, but there is no cart to buy the book.

I wish it was easier to find. And if I learn of any other places you can find the book, I promise, I will share that with you.

But back to their website. On the front page, there is a contact tab, so maybe you could email them via that link to get the book? I’m not sure though.

I have also found it on eBay by doing a search for “Starting The Young Jumper Book”. The last time I looked, I found 3 of them for sale for $45.00, which is what I paid for the book at Dover’s.

So if you can find the book, I think you will really enjoy it. There is a lot of helpful tips regardless of your horses age. I am very glad to have found it. And even though it’s about a year old, I don’t think this book is getting the attention it should. It is definitely one of my favorites! And if you are looking for horse training books either to give as gifts, or to look for something for yourself be sure to check out this blog post!


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