How are things going for you right now? I hope you are hanging in there. Many of us are doing our part of staying home, much to our chagrin. And with all of the upcoming horse shows postponed, or outright cancelled, it can make us sad. Many of you know that I am a huge proponent of online horse showing. And here we are the end of the month and entries are due by Tuesday.

So I thought I would walk you through the process, in case you are looking for something ‘horsey’ to do when you can’t get out to be with your horse.

What Is Online Horse Showing

Online horse showing is a way that we equestrians can participate in a horse show without leaving home. There are photo classes, where you send in a photo and it is judged along with other entries in a class. And the class can be based on conformation, or a fun class like make the judge smile. There are tons of different photo classes available from different show organizers.

And if you are gifted with a video camera, or have someone to help you film, there are even video classes you can enter. There are classes featuring dressage patterns, and even agility courses. I have yet to see a hunter round. But with the way things are going, that may not be far off.

Another benefit of showing online, besides not leaving your home, is the cost. Most photo classes have an entry fee of around $4.00 to $6.00. When was the last time you saw an entry fee that low at a live show? And there aren’t any office fees. You simply pay for the class and that’s it. Easy peasy right?

The video classes are a little more expensive. They can range from $10.00 to around $45.00, depending on which show you are entering.

Online Horse Shows

There are a lot of online horse shows to choose from. And hopefully, there will be more. Right now, the majority of the shows are in the UK. However with less live shows to choose from, maybe there will be more in the US popping up. At least, I hope there are! But for the time being, here are some different online horse shows you can enter right now.

Global Showing

I love this show. There are fun photo classes, as well as some video options too. Global showing is located in the UK. So all of the entry fees are in pounds. But thanks to Paypal, they convert the money for you, so you just pick the classes you want, and when you check out, the money is converted.

The show runs monthly, and they also offer sort of a high point twice a year. Which means each time you place in a class, you get points. And over the 6 months, those points accumulate. And they basically have a grand champion, and reserve for the accumulator time period.

I have not been consistent enough to place in the accumulator, but I am working on this! And something new they have added is that you can win money too! Yup. You can win money in the classes! They offer $5 British pounds ($6.23 in US dollars) for the class winner. How cool is that??!?!?

Of all of the shows I have entered, Global Showing has the best entry system. You add the classes you want to enter to a shopping cart, pay for them, and then upload your images for the photo classes. Or if you are entering a video class, you simply provide a link to the video. Which is easy if you already have a YouTube account.

Online Horse Showing

This is another one of my favorite shows to enter. They consistently offer fun classes, and they always ship your rosettes. The reason I say that is because I have entered a few shows from other places, and I never received my rosettes. Which made me really sad.

But, not with Online Horse Showing. They are fantastic, and have proven themselves well, in my opinion.

Their shows also run monthly. So since we are just about to the beginning of the month, now is the time to get ready to enter a class or two!

The Mane Show

This was the first online horse show I ever entered. They have the largest selection of classes out of any of the online shows. And their prices are the same as the others. Again, they are located in the UK, so all prices are in British pounds.

I think they are probably the most widely known too. Which means there is some stiff competition. But if you place, or win a class, your a pretty big deal!

Their entry process is a little more time consuming. You can enter via email, or Facebook messenger. But of all of the shows, this one is the most challenging to get your photos to them.

North American Western Dressage

Now this is a new one to me. I am not sure how much the classes cost, but it looks interesting. They have very well put together test sheets. And all of the classes are by video entry.

Maybe after I perfect my video taking test skills, I may dabble in this class. But I thought I would share it with you in case you are into western dressage.

Entering An Online Horse Show

Ok, now that I have shared some of the shows, how do you enter one? It’s so easy! First pick the show you want to enter, and then pick a class (or two) that you want to enter, and then choose your entry.

To give you an example, I am entering a class from Global Showing. I chose class #15, Favorite Winter Equestrian Themed Photo. I add the class to my basket, pay for it, and then upload my photo.

Are you curious of the photo I selected? Well here it is:

It may not be a winner, but it is my favorite winter themed photo, which is what the class is called right? I think I could also use it for class #5, Make Us Smile.

Then all I do is wait for the class to be judged, and see if I place! This is why I love the Global Showing show. They make it so easy to enter. And all I have to do is find some good pictures that fit the class that I want to enter.

Online Horse Showing

So that’s it! That’s all there is to entering an online horse show. Pretty easy isn’t it? And if you want some tips on how you can take great photos of your horse, you can check out this blog post. Happy online horse showing!


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