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I have sort of become addicted with online horse showing. Over the past 2 months, I have accumulated a lot of ribbons. And while I made a simple display of some of the ribbons (rosettes) I know find myself with a lot more ribbons.

In fact right now, I am waiting for ribbons from 3 different shows. So this means I will need even more space to hang up my coveted ribbons! I am really looking forward to the S&P horse show ribbons, they should have been here by now, it has been over a month since that horse show ended. But I guess I will just have to try and wait patiently, easier said than done for me.

I worked hard for these awards, so I really should take the time to display them, well I think I should!

And while I am supposed to be filming 2 or 3 videos today, I find myself procrastinating, and staring at my ribbons.

decorating with horse show ribbons

And I decided that instead of filming videos, I can do that tomorrow, I am going to get the rest of my ribbons hung up, and clean my studio area a bit. This way, when tomorrow comes, I will be all set for creating some fantastic videos! Sounds convincing, right?

But staring at the ribbons I already have hung up, and the wall space I have available, there isn’t a lot of horizontal room left. So I decided it would look pretty cool to hang some ribbons across the top of my curtains. These curtains are only for decoration, and a back drop. I wish I had a huge window hiding behind them, but sadly I don’t. This is my basement, and the only window is in the bathroom.

decorating with horse show ribbons

But this blank wall provides an excellent backdrop for when I am taking photos for my thumbnails, as well as providing a great video back drop.

And I want to hang up the ribbons I have worked for, so why not hang them up across the top of the curtain?

How To Hang Up Horse Show Ribbons

Hanging ribbons is very easy. You nail two nails into the wall, string some string across the two of them, and wah-la! You have a ribbon hanger.

how to decorate with horse show ribbons

Yes, I could get fancier, but I wasn’t feeling that today. So some nails and string are perfect for a quick little ribbon hanger.

how to decorate with horse show ribbons

It also gets my ribbons off of the back of my couch, and hanging up, where they belong.

decorating with horse show ribbons

And that also motivated me (a little) to straighten up my studio area. It isn’t perfect, but it looks better than when I started, trust me.

hanging up horse show ribbons

So if you have ribbons in piles, grab some string and hang them up. You worked hard for those awards, and you should be proud of what you accomplished. I feel proud of what I have accomplished, especially when the ribbons are visible.

how to display horse show ribbons

And having my space a little tidier also motivates me into wanting to get creative, and make some videos. If you have the time, and some space, why not? It is definitely a work in progress. But the more ribbons I accumulate, the better it will look, I think. We will see how it goes, but so far I think I have a good start on displaying the ribbons I have gotten so far!


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