Noel Asmar Equestrian Long Sleeve Tee

Product Review Week – Noel Asmar Equestrian Long Sleeve Tee

With the change in seasons, I find myself wanting to freshen up everything, including what I have for my horses, and my riding. And I thought it would be fun to share with you my thoughts on some of the new things I have gotten recently. So every day this week, I will be giving you my thoughts on some of the new things I have gotten that I absolutely love.

And I did a video last week of this incredible Noel Asmar Equestrian long sleeve tee shirt, and it is just so great, I had to do a blog post about it too!

Noel Asmar Equestrian Long Sleeve Tee

I had never heard of Noel Asmar Equestrian. That is, I had never heard of them until I got this tee shirt from Riding Warehouse. I think I have told you before, I am an affiliate for Riding Warehouse. So this means, if you click on their link from my posts, I get a small commission from them if you decide to buy something. And as an affiliate, once in a while they send my some goodies. This is how I learned about Noel Asmar.

noel asmar equestrian tee shirt

Stylish Equestrian Wear

I have never owned a shirt like this before. I like the emblem on the chest, and the lettering down the arm. The material drapes nicely, and even though I am usually very self conscious of how I look in riding clothes, I felt like I looked ok in this shirt. Ok enough that I didn’t feel the need to cover my body with a heavy coat while I was riding.

The shirt is a little long, so if you wear it over your breeches, or pants, there is enough material so it doesn’t ride up around your waist. This means there is plenty of shirt to tuck in if this is how you wear your shirts too.

Noel Asmar Long Sleeve Tee Shirt

The label says it is made from 100% polyester. And it also has the care instructions printed on the inside of the shirt, there is no itchy tag to rub on you, I really like that. The stitching looks really strong too.

Noel Asmar Long Sleeve Tee Shirt

And this shirt is like a sun-shirt. It has sun protection too. 50 UPF to protect you from the sun along with antimicrobial qualities in the material.

Actual Wear Test

When I first saw and felt the shirt, I was like “wow” this is a nice shirt! I decided to put it through a good test, I should wear it to my riding lesson. The shirt was so comfortable. I was impressed with how the material moves with me. The shirt doesn’t restrict your movement in any way, and I just felt comfortable. Honestly, I wasn’t even thinking about the shirt while I was riding, that’s a good thing right?.

And when I was done with my lesson, I wasn’t sweaty at all. Typically when I am done riding I can feel the sweat in the center of my back, and  under my arms. But wearing this shirt, I didn’t feel any of that.

When I got home from my lesson I washed the shirt according to the label instructions, in cold water and then I hung it up to dry. It dried really quickly, and there were no wrinkles at all, I love that!

My New Favorite Tee Shirt

Noel Asmar Long Sleeve Tee Shirt

I can find nothing I don’t like about this shirt. It is so comfortable, and looks really nice. This is now the shirt I will be wearing to my lessons, and probably while I working with my own horses or even just hanging out at home. I think I may have to buy another one though, so I am not always wearing the same shirt in videos that I make!

Where To Find This Shirt

If you would like to buy this shirt for yourself, You can go on over to Riding Warehouse and check out what they have. The price is a little cheaper at Riding Warehouse than if you went to Noel Asmar Equestrian’s website. This tee short comes in sizes xs through 2xl and no matter what size you wear, I think you will like how flattering the shirt is on. I received the shirt in plum, and xl size, which is perfect for me. As a larger rider, it is difficult to find shirts that look nice and that I feel comfortable in, and this shirt makes me feel good about how I look.

I think if you decide to try this shirt, you will be really happy with it, I know I love it!



I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

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