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Jump Of The Month

I can’t believe another month has passed since I did my first jump of the month. As the days are getting longer, it seems as if I have so much going on the days are blending together! But the weather is still too unpredictable where I live to be out riding consistently, so I do have time to make some new jumps. And March is no exception! I was trying to come up with something that a leprechaun would enjoy, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, and I came up with this brick wall vertical jump. 

My favorite part about building this jump was the faux painting. I love to paint. And creating something like a piece of art makes me really happy. Another great part about this jump is that I had already created the rails, and the raised rails. So I wasn’t starting from scratch! I did have to make the standards, and the walls, but I was able to do that with materials I already had in my garage. So making this jump was very affordable.

March Jump Of The Month

Jump of the month

The components of this jump is something I have been working on over the winter. And all of the pieces are usable to set up other jumps as well. Which makes this jump a versatile part of a jump collection. Even when I was setting this up in my front yard, I had all kinds of ideas running through my head, and set up several different options.

March jump of the month

By adding a gate, I was able to create a pretty solid appearing jump.

jump of the month

And you could add a pair of schooling standards, you can create a formidable oxer. There are just so many different things you can do with the pieces! I love having options, which is why I have created this little series of a new jump every month.

And the boxes are simple to make. The fill really helps the jump to look more solid, and is more visually appealing for your horse.

jump of the month

And my garage is starting to fill up with the components I have made so far, and I have a lot more to do before summer gets here. So I will continue to make a jump every month to share with you, as well as using the jumps in my arena!

jump of the month

The Total Cost

To Build this jump, I didn’t have to invest a lot of money at all. In fact, I only had to spend $11.00 for some tape, and a box of screws. I had everything else laying around. But if you were to buy everything to make this complete jump, and you didn’t have everything already it would cost you around $200.00 total. That included everything you need, the wood, the paint, the screws, even the Dapple Equine jump cups. And the added benefit is you will have left over screws, paint, primer, etc. to make at least one or more jumps.

jump of the month

The initial investment of tools and the actual supplies to make this jump may seem like a lot, but if you buy things a little at a time it will be more affordable to create. And if you were to purchase a jump like this one, ready-made, you would be looking at a cost of over $1200.00! So for me, it makes a lot more sense to build my own jumps than it does to buy them ready made.

Coming Up For April

For the April jump of the month, I think I am going to do more of a jumper style jump. It will be very affordable to make, and beautiful to see. So be sure to subscribe to my blog so you will get an email notification when I post a new blog post. Then you won’t miss any of the jumps of the month.


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