Is Stitch Fix Really Worth It?

It’s Stitch Fix Time!

This has been a busy week. Last weekend I got the fabulous idea I should do a “Clean With Me” video for my YouTube channel. And while it was fun, it was a lot of work. 2 days of filing, and 5 days of editing and fighting with my computer to get the hour long video completed. Partner that with trying to write blog posts, and film other video ideas, working full time while being short a nurse, caring for horses and getting ready for a huge family Thanksgiving dinner has made the week fly by and left my head spinning.

So when I got my Stitch Fix in the mail on Tuesday, I was feeling way too overwhelmed to open up the box. But I finally did, yesterday morning. And after I saw all the fun new clothes inside of it, I found the packing sheet with the prices. Everything in the box was super expensive in my opinion, but really, really nice.  And if you want to try Stitch Fix for yourself, and get a $25.00 credit on your first styling fix, click HERE!

Which really got me to wondering if this luxury is worth it. I mean, it’s so cool to have someone else pick out clothes they think I will buy. And my stylist is very good, she knows what I like. Which makes it really tempting to buy everything in the box. However, I just can’t force myself to spending $253.00 on 5 pieces of clothing. I wish I could. But let me share with you what came in the box…

November Stitch Fix Box

I have decreased the amount of times a year that I get Stitch Fix. I used to do it once a month, but that could get really pricey. So I decreased my subscription to every 3 months. And here is what came in my box for the month of November:

Savana Quilted Puffer Coat

Is Stitch Fix Worth It?

This coat was really nice, but I had just bought a new coat for the year, and I can’t justify spending $118.00 on a coat. So even though this was a really nice coat, I just couldn’t commit to it.

Larie Crew Neck Blouse

Is Stitch Fix Worth It?

I did like this blouse. Ok, I liked it a lot. But I know me, and I know I won’t wear it and it will just decorate my closet. And it wasn’t horribly expensive at $44.00. But I know I won’t wear it, so this got sent back as well.

Amarah One Pocket Flannel

Is Stitch Fix Worth It?

Now this is totally me. And when I took it out of the box, I knew this is what I wanted. It is so soft, and just the right size for me. I have to be honest and say I wish it didn’t have the XL size on the tag, but that is a work in progress. So one day, I won’t be in a size XL. But for now, I love this shirt. I will wear this. So the $46.00 price tag is ok, because I know I will wear it and love it. See how I justified that?

Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

Is Stitch Fix Worth It?

Now while I was not sold on the rolled up look, and after I rolled them down to make sure they were long enough, I was like, yep, I need these. Unfortunately, they are really pricey at $88.00. But again, I know I will wear them, and hopefully they will last a long time. I don’t usually spend that much on jeans, but I really like these. So even though they are expensive, they will get worn and probably worn out.

The jeans I have bought from Stitch Fix have been really nice, and last. And that is is saying something because I am really hard on things. SO Stitch Fix jeans pass the Lisa test!

Wilco Solid Quilted Vest

Is Stitch Fix Worth It?

Oh my gosh I love this vest. When I saw it, I could literally picture me wearing it while riding. It is so soft, and so nice, but it is $68.00. And I had already decided to keep the flannel, and the jeans. So if I chose this too, my bill would be close to $200.00. And I just cannot spend that much money for 3 pieces of clothes, no matter how nice they are, or how much I love them.

So sadly, I packaged up the vest along with the coat and the blouse. Even as I look at this picture, I love the vest so much! Maybe they will put it into another ‘Fix’ for me in my next box. Because I do know if I get it again, I will probably buy it.

Is Stitch Fix Worth It?

I am a frugal shopper, especially when it comes to clothing that I wear outside of my equestrian wear. And my work outfits consist of scrubs, so not a lot of money spent on my work wardrobe. And the clothes that come from Stitch Fix are more expensive than my typical clothes. A lot of times I will shop at thrift stores, but every once in a while it is nice to have ‘nice clothes’. So to me, yes, Stitch Fix is worth it, once in a while. Just not every month.

Is Stitch Fix Worth It?

And my stylist (funny to think I have a stylist-talk about fancy) Nancy has learned what I like very well. So much so that I know in the future I will probably decide that I have to buy everything in the box. This time came close.  If I would have had a little more disposable money this month, I would have bought everything. And the entice you to do so. If you buy everything in the box, you get an extra 25% off. Meaning, the total cost of my fix this month was $364.00, but if I bought everything, and deduct my $20.00 styling fee, it would have cost $253.00.

Try Stitch Fix For Yourself and See

If you have always wanted to try Stitch Fix, I have a link for you. If you use my link for Stitch Fix (here) You will get a $25.00 credit just for trying it. Not to bad really. And if you do decide to give it a try, I think it takes about 3 shipments for your stylist to really get to know you, and what you like. But after that, be prepared to be very happy with your Stitch Fix, and figuring out ways that you can afford to buy everything in the box!



I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

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