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We all have our idols. They help to motivate us to continue pursuing our goals, and to continue to push ourselves to achieve whatever it is we want too. I guess you could say our role models are our scapegoats…my idol made me do it. Not such a bad thing really.

And besides my husband, and my family, someone that I have the utmost respect for is Fallon Taylor. You haven’t heard of Fallon Taylor? Well, let me share a little with you about this incredible woman. She is a world champion (2014) barrel racer who has qualified for the National Finals Rodeo 7 times and has had career earnings of over $900,000.00 in barrel racing.  She runs her own clothing company, and she has a fantastic YouTube channel where she vlogs her life, and shares some of the experiences that she has gone through.

Lucky Horse Shoe DIY
Image from Fallon Taylor’s YouTube channel

But what makes her special to me is how motivated she is. She doesn’t let challenges get her down. She finds something she wants to do, and she finds a way to do it. I admire her perseverance and individuality. And when I see her, I think about how I want to be more like that in my everyday life.

Lucky Horse Shoe DIY

So in my no lifting, no playing with horses, surgical recovery I have been trying to find things to do. And I decided I wanted to make some new DIY projects. I had the idea of making a lucky horse shoe.  And then I decided I wanted to make one and somehow send it to Fallon Taylor, as a thank you to her for inspiring me to be the best I can be with everything I do, and to be consistent.

Lucky Horse Shoe DIY

So I came up with the idea, not an original one at all, but how to make a horse shoe ‘pretty enough’ to hang up in my home. And since my horses don’t wear shoes, I had to find a place to buy some.

Thankfully my local feed store sells them. They are expensive at $5.00 each. After I bought them, I found them online at Jeffer’s Equine for $4.00 a pair. Next time I will get them at Jeffers.

Next I wanted to give them a solid look, so I found some spray paint in the garage. And after a couple coats of paint, they were ready to decorate.

Lucky Horse Shoe DIY

I just painted random patterns on the shoes. I added different colors of paint, to give the shoe some style.

Lucky Horse Shoe DIY

For the one, I just added some bling to make it pretty.

Lucky Horse Shoe DIY

And then added some twisted wire to the back of it so it can be hung up.

Lucky Horse Shoe DIY

And for the second one, I painted some different patterns on it, added a little bling and hangers on the back. I kind of like the wood background. Maybe I will do that next time! The wood behind the horse shoes was the beginning of my wall art project.


This was a super easy and fast project to do. I think this might make a really nice Christmas gift, or house warming gift for family members and friends in the future.

Lucky Horse Shoe DIY

And of course, since I made 2, I thought it would be fun to send one to Fallon Taylor. She is blingy, and awesome, so now I just have to figure out how to send it to her. With a little research, I found that on all of her videos she has a mailing address for fan mail, so now I just have to hope she gets it. Maybe just maybe my gift will make her smile, and let her know that she is a pretty amazing person. Maybe I will make a video for my YouTube channel, and MAYBE she will see it. And then she can see how she has inspired me.

Lucky Horse Shoe DIY video

And, if you would like to see the video to watch the entire process, just visit my YouTube channel for this, and lots of other DIY projects!


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

    2 replies to "I Made A Gift For Fallon Taylor – Lucky Horse Shoe DIY"

    • Mia

      before i get into it im 13 btw. This is so cool! i am so glad that she is your idol. she is my idol as well. she’s what got me into barrel racing in the first place. i was watching youtube (i was riding at the time, so i had a little expirience) and at the time i didnt know what disipline i wanted to do. anyway, i was on youtube and a video about her came up. i was like “oh! that looks cool!” . so i watched it and immediately wanted to do it and i tried it and fell in love. she is such a big idol to me and ive always wanted to meet her.
      i love her youtube channel and yours! im subscribed to both and i love your diy videos! they are great ideas! i personally ride western so i have only made some but some of the ones i made where the colapsable saddle stand and the bridle rack. those two were my favorite! thank you for making videos and please keep making more! P.S.- I LOVE the saddle box unboxings! im getting one in december!

      • Lisa

        Hi Mia 🙂
        Thank you so much for taking the time to write this! I really appreciate you 🙂 More videos are coming soon, I promise! 🙂

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