Haas Diva Horse Brush

I love horse grooming supplies. I am always looking for the ultimate brush, and I think I have finally found it! The Haas Exclusive Diva brush is an incredible brush, and would be an excellent addition to your show grooming kit.

I found this brush while I was window shopping through Smart Pak Equine’s website. They seem to have the top of the line horsey things. I do not shop there very often, because it can get expensive. But when I am searching for something that will be good quality, and will last, Smart Pak is usually where I go. And then I will do searches to see if I can find the same item for less, but if it is something like this brush, it is hard to find any place else.

Haas Diva Horse Brush

The brush is made by Haas. This is the first of their grooming brushes I have purchased, but I think I may be updating my brush collection (slowly) since discovering this brush. The Diva Exclusive brush is very nice. The center of the brush is lambswool. It is SO soft! The lambswool is surrounded by a row of horse hair bristles. It is a super soft finishing brush that will bring out the glossy shine in your horses coat that we all love to see. It is simply fantastic!

Haas Diva Horse Brush

There is a leather hand strap on the back of the brush which really helps when you really flick the brush, and rub deep to bring out the shine of the horse’s coat. I have never seen a shine like this brush delivers.

I am really hard on everything, and so far this brush has held up to me. I call it the Lisa test. I expect my tools to be able to stand up under constant use, and abuse. And even though this brush seems delicate, because of the lambswool, it has held up to my abuse pretty well so far. I do admit I am more careful with this brush, but my version of careful and yours will be completely different. Like I said, I am hard on my tools.

I do make sure to only use this as a face and finishing brush, because I do want it to last.

Haas Diva Horse Brush

One of my horse’s, Ethan (aka Houdini) is a thoroughbred with super thin skin. He is very ticklish, and super sensitive to everything it seems. That was one of the main reasons for my decision to buy this brush. It works so well for his sensitive skin! He doesn’t tense up, and he allows me to brush him without complaint.

The only down side I can find about this brush is the cost. It isn’t cheap. At $35.00, this is one of the most expensive brushes I have purchased, but I feel it is worth it. The shine that it gives is better than any spray I have ever used. So if you think about it that way, you are making your horses coat shine naturally, and not spending money to buy showsheen, or another silicone product. So if you rely on a product to make your horse shiny, save your money and buy this brush instead, it will be well worth the investment.

This was my first brush purchase from the Haas brush line, and since I have had such great results with this brush, I think I will be getting a few more. Now I have my eye on their Lipizzaner Damen brush, and when I save enough pennies…it will be mine!

What is your favorite horse brush? I would love to know, share your favorite in the comments below.


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

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