Giddy-Up Goodies Unboxing

Giddy-Up Goodies Unboxing

First, I have to apologize for my absence lately. I have been having way too much fun in my recovery, and being pretty lazy honestly. But my reasoning is, well I’m supposed to be lazy right now. However with each passing day, my strength is returning, and I have been busy making videos and crafting new projects, which you will be seeing soon.

And to kick off my official return to blogging, I have a fun thing to share with you, an unboxing. And what makes this unboxing even more fun is this is my first ever Giddy-Up Goodies unboxing. I have heard of Giddy-Up Goodies through other bloggers reviews, and there are a couple of videos available on YouTube. And to be honest, the cost is what put me off. But I finally decided to make the investment, and buy the box.

What’s In The Box

When the box came, I was excited. It was larger than the subscription boxes I am used to getting. I was happy about this, and could not wait to see what was inside.

Giddy-Up Goodies Unboxing

First off, I LOVE their logo. Isn’t this the fun-est, happiest logo for an equestrian company? They even sell English saddle pads with their logo on their website.

Each month their box has a theme, and the theme for their June box is ‘Bite Me’.

The Maxi Scratcher

Giddy-Up Goodies Unboxing

Ok, this was the first thing I pulled out of the box because I was like “huh?” It is a grooming tool that looks like the top jaw of your horse’s mouth, including his teeth. It is supposed to mimic the action of grooming as done by another horse. It’s actually really cute, and I haven’t used it yet, but I might have to do a complete review of it when I actually use it, especially if my horses like it.

Giddy-Up Goodies Unboxing

You can buy this groomer on the maker’s website for $9.95 if you wanted to give it a try. If you aren’t sure, wait until I do a review on it and let you know my horses thoughts on if it is a good deal, and worthy of your $10.00.


Farnam Tri-Tec Fly Spray

Giddy-Up Goodies Unboxing

Fly spray is fly spray in my opinion, and I am always happy to have another bottle of it during the summer. I have never used this fly spray before. It is a 15 ounce bottle of spray, and it is an aerosol style mist. I’m not sure how my horses will react to it, but we shall find out! On the bottle it says it lasts up to 14 days. I don’t know about you, but I have not had a fly spray ever last more than a day, so I’m not sure I buy the whole 14 day thing. It also has sunscreen in it, which I do like. The retail value of this bottle of fly spray is $15.00 and the reviews of it are great. So I am excited to use this on my horses.

First Companion Citronella Shampoo

I am all about citronella, especially in the summer. Citronella is supposed to help keep flying and buzzing pests away. And I love the way it smells. This is probably because I associate the scent with summertime, and I LOVE summer!

Giddy-Up Goodies Unboxing

But the shampoo is a nice large bottle, 32 ounces to be precise. And when I opened it up to give it the sniff test, I could smell the citronella, which was a good thing! The retail value of the shampoo is $6.94 from Tractor Supply. The vampire teeth were an extra that was enclosed in the box, and if you want to see me being a goof ball with them, you should really watch the video I made of me opening the box. I was pretty comical, in my opinion. If I had to put a value on the vampire teeth for the purpose of determining the true value of this subscription box, I would say the value is about $.25.

Farnam Stylish Fly Mask

Giddy-Up Goodies Unboxing

This is a typical Farnam fly mask. And these fly masks are durable, and mostly horse proof I have found from using them. This one has a fun leopard pattern on the fleece. And it says it has ‘shimmer weave’ which is supposed to reflect the harmful UV rays of the sun. This is a good thing, especially if your horse has eye concerns.

Giddy-Up Goodies Unboxing

There are many different prices for this fly mask, but I found it the cheapest at Wal-Mart for $13.84. Valley Vet also had it, but the cost was higher, as was Dover Saddlery. So if you want to buy one, I would suggest going to Wal-Mart.

Tall Boot Socks

Giddy-Up Goodies Unboxing

These are really nice. And even though I hate flies, I have to admit the fly pattern is really cute. These are nice lightweight boot socks, perfect for the summer. They are one size fits most and they are very stretchy.

The retail value of this pair of tall boot socks is around $9.95.

Emerald Valley Beet Treats

Giddy-Up Goodies Unboxing

I am not really a huge fan of the beet treat craze that seems to be a thing right now. The biggest reason for this is because beet pulp swells, and I don’t like the potential risk of my horses choking, or getting an impaction from me giving them too many rewards. The packaging even reminds thoughtful horse lovers to only feed one treat at a time.

The benefit is they are low sugar, and low starch, which is a good thing. The retail value of this 1 lb. package of treats is $4.95. But if you are feeding this type of treat to your favorite horse, please do so sparingly.

Bob’s Peppermint Stix

Giddy-Up Goodies Unboxing

I love these peppermint sticks. I use them as treats, and also I use them as sticks for treats when I make my boys pony pops horse treats. You could do the same thing with a candy cane, but if you are fresh out of candy canes, these make great sticks for pony pops.

The retail value of these peppermint sticks is $5.94. I am lucky because my horses love peppermint. If you horse isn’t a fan, I guess you could eat these treats instead!

Giddy-Up Goodies Subscription Box Yay Or Neigh?

Well, that is it for the June 2018 Giddy-Up Goodies box. Was it worth the $60.00? If you were to buy these items separately, all would cost around $66.45. So the value is a little better than retail cost. And I will use all of the times that are included. But would I have gone out of my way to buy this stuff, especially the groomer, or the beet treats? Probably not. But all of the items are full size, so that is a good thing.

But honestly, I can’t see myself doing this subscription box again. With a price tag of $60.00 it is a little high, in my opinion. If you are addicted to subscription boxes, like I am, you can get both Saddle Box, and Heart To Horse box for $66.45. So you would get twice as many items for around $6.00 more than what this box costs. Now if Giddy-Up Goodies had twice the stuff inside, I would probably reconsider. But for now, I think I will stick with Saddle Box.

However, if you are looking for a unique gift idea for your favorite equestrian, Giddy-Up Goodies would be a fantastic gift. And if you would like to see what they have to offer on their website, you can check them out here.




I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

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