Well, it’s happening again, one of our children is getting married! Our oldest son will be getting married this Saturday, and I am so happy for him and his future wife. But this time, as the mother of the groom, instead of the bride, we are mainly responsible for the rehearsal dinner. Which is a little bit challenging in the new socially distanced world we now live in.

But in true Colorado fashion, Mother Nature decided to give us a dose of reality this past weekend. 2 feet of snow, and 4 foot snow drifts to go along with that snow.

Did I mention that the wedding will be in a tent outside? Yeah, this should be interesting. But thankfully this snow is really wet, and heavy. And the temperatures are rising. So hopefully most of this will be gone before the wedding happens on Saturday. I sure hope so!

Ready, Set, Plan!

And while we are not hosting the site of the wedding, we are having a rehearsal dinner at our home. And we had planned on having the dinner in our backyard. However, this is what are backyard looks like right now:

Yeah, not really conducive to having an outdoor gathering. So after we cleared snow from the driveway

And I shoveled paths from the garage to the horses

And then from the feed barn to the horses

Then since I couldn’t get out of the neighborhood, and I was fortunate enough to have a snow day from work, I decided to get the inside of our home ready for a gathering.

And we don’t have a lot of parties. Ok, we don’t host any parties. Unless you count our annual Christmas Eve sleep over with our adult children. But usually we go to parties, we don’t have them. So my typical idea of house cleaning is making sure the dog hair isn’t piling up along the baseboards and the mud and dirt is swept up off the floor. Thanks Roomba.

Getting Ready For A Wedding

The first thing on my mind was the yard, which won’t be happening because my yard is under a thick blanket of heavy wet snow. But I did want to add some flowers, and make things look nice in light of the snow, and boring-ness of the landscape.

It is still wintertime in Colorado. So there aren’t too many flowers available to buy quite yet. But I solved that issue with a few things I found on Amazon.

Hanging Floral Baskets

I wanted to find wedding worthy artificial flowers, but also ones that would look nice after the rehearsal dinner. And I found these:

They are put together floral hanging basket and they are just lovely.

I had read the reviews and people were complaining that the baskets came unassembled and the Styrofoam was difficult to push the flowers into. But with a little practice, I got really good at it. I got so good at it I was able to use the left over flowers and one of the Styrofoam ball that I had to make a really pretty centerpiece using those left over parts along with a few greenery stems that I already had.

And yes, they are fake flowers. But they are so pretty! And they add a pop of color in an otherwise monochrome landscape.

Even looking at the flowers up close, they don’t look like the silk flowers I usually buy. I think these floral arrangements are a winner.

I Love Fake Flowers

And even after the wedding is over the hanging baskets will remain up. And I have some early spring happiness now, before these baskets could be filled with real flowers. But I have to be honest, I will keep fake flowers in the baskets. Not having to water and care for flowers is enough of an incentive for me to keep these baskets just as they are. And instead of just hanging them on the plain jane hooks that I already had, I decided to use some very pretty and farmhouse cast iron style hooks I found on Amazon.

I had intended on using these in my tack room makeover, but they are just so pretty and fitting for my front porch that I had to put them out there.

No one will probably see them except me, but I thought they were very fitting for this area.

Adding Some Green

And I found these boxwood like round balls that are HUGE! They are just about 20″ wide at the base making them perfect for my big planters out in front of our house.

They are meant to be assembled, making it one large round ball. However, I wanted mine to be like a round mound. So I turned one ball into 2 half rounds.

This made it so I was able to have 4 to use for decorating and beautifying my landscape.

These were not cheap. However, the quality is really nice. So for me, and my current situation, they are perfect. And again, now I don’t have to come up with new plants for my planters this summer. So less time caring for plants, and planters. And more time to spend with my horses.

And if you think about it, spending around $250.00 I was able to get 7 hanging baskets, and 4 planter fillers. That was less than if I were to buy real plants. If I were to buy ‘real’ plants I would have spent almost twice as much. And then you have to consider the upkeep, and care. With the artificial ones, minimal care, and no water. Pretty cool right?

Inside The Home

Ok, so I have the decorations for the outside done. It’s not a lot, but I am happy with the little extra touches. But now I have to think about inside my home.

I not only had to get the house ready for the rehearsal dinner, but my son and all of his groomsmen will be spending the night before the wedding. So I needed to convert my office space back into bedrooms. Like they were before.

Yes, these are actual pictures of what these areas typically look like. And believe me, it wasn’t easy to post for me to make these public. I have been neglecting my duties of keeping the inside of the house the way it should be.

So first things first, I got rid of the clutter. Just by doing this, there was an improvement. But, I also need to make sure I have space for the boys to sleep. So we brought our sleeper sofa up from the basement, and got rid of the dog kennels in the family room.

Big difference right? It’s amazing what a little cleaning can do. Well, that and decluttering. Yes, the spaces are still cluttered. But this is a vast improvement over what it was!

Decorating With Pictures

And since every inch of our home got a much needed cleaning, then I got to have a little fun and add some pictures I took last summer, when the weather was much nicer. I specifically placed photos that I printed from Nations Photo Lab of the bride and groom around the family room, and other places of our home as well.

Most of the frames are from Dollar Tree or thrifting at thrift stores. But framing photos not only offers a decorating accent, but it’s an affordable way to bring those treasured prints to life. I take a LOT of pictures. And most of them just stay stuck on my computer, or occasionally make their way to social media, or here.

affordable photo displays from Dollar Tree

But having real actual prints is awesome.

Can’t Forget The Bathrooms

And of course, with guests coming over, the bathrooms have to be spotless. Not only do they have to be super clean, but I also want to make sure to have lots of ways people can keep clean.

I bought some very fluffy and inviting towels, as well as having special shampoo, lotions and other things for the groomsmen to get ready on the big day.

The Kitchen Is The Heart of the Home

And the kitchen. I can’t forget about the kitchen right? So it also got a deep clean. I sanitized the floors with my fancy-shmancy steam mop. Again, I bought this on Amazon. They had the best price, and fast and free shipping of course through my Prime Membership.

shark steam mop

But this steam mop is great for really getting my floors clean, and sanitized. I have had this mop for over two years, and while I don’t use it as much as I should, it still works just as good now as when I first bought it. It is fantastic for getting my floors really clean.

Roomba robot vacuum

And of course the Roomba. This little machine is incredible! It makes it so I can work in another part of the house, and the Roomba cleans up all on it’s own. It is SO cool. And it does a really good job of cleaning too.

Work Smarter – Not Harder

Whatever I can do to make cleaning easier, I am all about that. But back to the kitchen…

I got rid of the clutter on all of the countertops, and found the perfect spot for my DIY floral arrangement along with a DIY sign I had made a long time ago.

Getting Ready For A Wedding

I think that is about it for now, which is a good thing, because the rehearsal dinner is tonight! Hopefully we are ready. I think we are. But we will just have to wait and see.

We orders Olive Garden, and I picked up some Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes because that is what my son wanted. And I baked a cake. That was an experience. I bought a set of cake pans to make a tiered cake, like a wedding cake.

I will be sure to take some pictures of how everything turned out, and share those with you AFTER the wedding is over. Along with some wedding photos because you know I love to take pictures of my children, and weddings!

So until after the wedding, wish us luck in pulling off a socially distanced wedding, and send some happy thoughts and love to the sweet couple!


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