eZall Bathing Kit

I Bought An eZall Bathing Kit (Starter Set)

I bought this over the winter when I thought I might be taking my horses to a show or two. But even though that didn’t happen, my horses still need a bath now and then. And since I was cleared by my surgeon to bathe and groom my horses and it was nearly 100 degrees out, today seemed like a perfect day to test the EZall kit.

I was really going to put this shampoo sprayer to the test because my horses have not been bathed since last summer, and they have not had their daily grooming since I had surgery. What a good way to really test a product, don’t you think?

What is eZall?

First of all, I have no idea where the name eZall came from. It is owned by Weaver Leather Company. But they do have a website that is really helpful. Because the instructions that came in the packaging were not that helpful. Now granted, I am challenged when it comes to a new product. I did figure it out on my own, because I didn’t find the website until after I bathed my horses. But I muddled through ok.

eZall Bathing Kit

But I found this starter set for eZall on Amazon. And it came with a container that attaches to my hose and makes the shampoo come out foamy. It also had an attachment to turn the nozzle into a 9 function sprayer. It also came with the eZall total body wash green, and a sample size of their shine serum.

eZall Bathing Kit

So what you do is attach the main portion of the nozzle to your hose. And go ahead and turn the water on because the nozzle will not release water, so you  can turn the hose on. Then you fill the container with water to the fill line. Then you add in 4 ounces of the body wash. And that’s it, you’re good to wash your horse now.

And the best part about this shampoo (or body wash) is you do NOT need to scrub your horse once you spray him with the foam! The solution attaches to the dirt, and it just washes away!

Here are the instructions from eZall’s website:

  • Do not pre-wet animal.
  • Fill foamer reservoir with undiluted Total Body Wash Green.
  • Attach hose nozzle to hose and quick connect to reservoir.
  • Turn water on and spray animal with Total Body Wash Green.
  • Disconnect foamer from nozzle and rinse animal.
  • For heavily soiled areas, allow Total Body Wash Green to set a little longer.
  • For face area, apply Total Body Wash Green to a damp cloth, then gently wipe clean.

So let’s see the before and after photo’s of my horses, so you can see how it worked.

Before And After

Ok, so this is Frisby before:

eZall Bathing Kit

Can you see the lines? This is because I used a big nubby curry to lift up the dirt, hopefully to make it easier for the shampoo to get him clean. Like I said, he has not had a formal bath since last summer. I don’t routinely bathe my horses.

And Frisby after:

eZall Bathing Kit

And a closer look at his white legs:

eZall Bathing Kit

And his face that I washed with some of the eZall wash on a rag:

eZall Bathing Kit

And I followed the instructions, no scrubbing! I literally used the foamer and foamed Frisby up, allowed it to stay on for a few minutes because he was really dirty, and then I switched out the foamer for the spray nozzle attachment and rinsed him off. I did not scrub or sponge any part of him.

Even though I have the ok to groom my horses, I still don’t have a lot of energy. So I literally sprayed on the body wash, and then just rinsed him off.

Ok, now it’s Ethan’s turn for a photo shoot. Unfortunately I did not get any before photos of him. I was so excited to give him a bath, and see how the eZall worked on him, I forgot to take pictures. And I also did not curry him before I bathed him. So this is Ethan’s after photos:

eZall Bathing Kit

eZall Bathing Kit

This stuff works just as it says! I did not lift a sponge, scrub brush or even my fingers. I did not do anything other than spray the eZall onto the horses and then rinse it off using the spray nozzle that was included in the starter kit. It goes on with a simple twist and snap, making it easy to switch from the foamer to the sprayer nozzle.

And I took the photos with my phone. I didn’t even get my fancy DSLR out. I just grabbed my phone and snapped a few photos to show you the results.

After the horses dried, I was impressed with how soft their hair was. There wasn’t any residue left, and as the picture’s show, very shiny. And not having to scrub was a definite bonus. And if you want to see the products they have available, they have videos showing you the products on their website.

eZall Green Bathing System – Yay Or Neigh?

At first I wasn’t sure if this product was right for me. I thought maybe it was a gimmick. And it is more expensive than most horse shampoo’s when you consider what you get. The initial set up for the sprayer, the foamer container and a 4 ounce bottle of eZall shampoo/body wash is $29.95. And that 4 ounce bottle of shampoo was enough for one horse. This may have been user error, and my horses were pretty dirty. So I used a 4 ounce bottle for Frisby alone. Thankfully I had bought a refill (32 ounce size) for around $20.00, so I was able to wash Ethan too.

And yes, it is expensive. BUT, the ease of use and the results are enough for me to want to use this product over any other shampoo I have for my horses. And an added bonus is this is a natural product. There are no petroleum products in this shampoo. And the time it saves is worth it too. How much is your time worth? Wouldn’t you rather be riding instead of shampooing, rinsing and repeating? I know I would!

I am really glad I bought this, and I know that I have found the only shampoo/body wash I will be using on my horses from now on. And just so you guys know, this post does contain affiliate links. I bought the eZall kit myself, and tested it out. And when I find a fantastic horse product, I like to pass that along to you.

eZall shampoo review

If you do choose to purchase this through my affiliate link, I will receive a small amount of money and that helps to offset the cost of this blog, and horse treats for Frisby and Ethan. So if you would like to help me out, go ahead and click on one of the affiliate links. I really do appreciate it, and I know that my horses do too!





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