Equestrians Love Boxy Charm Too!

About year ago I subscribed to Boxy Charm for awhile. And once I had enough makeup for what seemed a long time, I stopped my subscription. But then I heard about a new offering they had, it’s called Boxy Luxe, and I decided to give it a try.

Boxy Luxe Subscription Box

I was curious about Boxy Luxe, because it’s a bigger box and there are some really cool items included. I watched several YouTube beauty channel videos before I finally committed to ordering Boxy Luxe. And the videos I had watched, for the month that the Luxe box came, they also unboxed the regular Boxy Charm. So that got me wondering if I would be getting 1 box or 2 for September. It seemed the more videos I watched, each beauty guru did the same thing, opening both the regular and the bigger box. Even though I don’t need that much makeup each month, I did think it would be cool to get both boxes!

Boxy Charm

When I re-started my subscription in August, so I was able to get the regular box before the big one. And I have to say I was really happy with everything that came in the box.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE surprises! Which is one of the reasons I love getting Boxy Charm. And even more, I love being surprised, and then being able to actually use the stuff I get in a subscription box. Which is why I enjoy Boxy Charm. I wish the equestrian subscription boxes were the same.

I’m not near as good as the beauty YouTuber’s with applying makeup. When I try to duplicate their looks, it never looks as good as theirs, no matter how much I practice.

In fact when I try to do what they do, I end up looking a little more like Pennywise than a pretty full face of makeup. But that’s ok, I just work with what I got. And I don’t wear a ton of makeup anyway. But the August Boxy charm box had exactly what I had run out of in my own makeup collection, face powder and mascara. So I was happy. And I anxiously awaited September, for when I would get the next box.

boxy luxe September

And while I was waiting, I started to get curious. So I did a Google search for what was in the box for September. I found a lot of variations of what people got in their boxes, so I was hopeful mine would include the products that I had seen in some of the reviews, but not other things that were in others.

And yesterday I finally received my first Boxy Luxe in the mail! I was so excited to see what I got in my box!

September Boxy Luxe Subscription Box

Boxy Luxe from Boxy Charm

Each month the box has a theme. And for September the theme is All Access. And here is what I got…

Violet Voss Eyeshadow Palette ($29.00)

Equestrians Love Boxy Charm Too!

This is a really pretty collection of eyeshadows. I am not the most talented when it comes to applying eyeshadow. I usually end up looking like I got a black eye. So I will probably end up regifting these for Christmas.

Dr. Brandt Sleeping Mask ($52.00)

Equestrians Love Boxy Charm Too!

This looks interesting, it’s a facial mask you sleep in. It is supposed to help nourish and restore hydration (moisture) in the skin. I hope it’s not a funky color or my husband might end up laughing in his sleep.

Blickity Black Eyeliner ($20.00)

Equestrians Love Boxy Charm Too!

This came just in the nick of time, because the current eyeliner I have is just about gone. The eyeliner is vegan, and supposed to be long wearing, and doesn’t transfer easily. This is a good thing for me.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick ($22.00)

Equestrians Love Boxy Charm Too!

Again, perfect timing! I just finished off my favorite lipstick, so I am excited to give this one a try. It’s supposed to last all day.

When I put it on, it goes on really nice. I am not a huge fan of the all day lipsticks, because they tend to make my lips feel cakey. But this liquid lipstick is pretty nice as far as that type of product goes. And it does last all day long.

Tarte Princess Palette ($45.00)

Equestrians Love Boxy Charm Too!

Ok, this is one I am really excited to try. I saw one of the beauty YouTuber’s talking about this, and it looks awesome. You can use it as a bronzer, highlighter and even blush. And it smells really nice too!

Pineapple-C Bright Serum ($49.00)

skin smoother liquid

This looks awesome, and is supposed to brighten and smooth out your skin. I have large pores, so hopefully this will help smooth everything out. I’m not thinking it will work in one use, but maybe over time it will help? And it’s potent, you only need a drop or two of the serum, so this should last a very long time.

And its true, you only need a tiny bit, and it goes really far. You can smell a hint of the pineapple when you are putting it on your face. But it works really well under my moisturizer.

IGK Mistress Hydrating Balm ($29.00)

Equestrians Love Boxy Charm Too!

This is another product I was excited to try. It is a lightweight leave in conditioning balm for your hair. As my hair is getting longer, it definitely can use some re-hydration.

It only takes a tiny bit of this balm to make your hair look and feel great. I put it in my hair before braiding it for a day of work, and I have to say it is really nice.

Sutra Clipless Curling Iron ($65.00)

curling iron

I have never used a clipless curling iron before. But it says you can get beach-waves, soft or tight curls, or ringlets. I have a couple of curling irons, and while I like the look I don’t usually spend the extra time to curl my hair. Maybe I will for an upcoming video, so I can try it out, and see how it works.

Equestrians Love Boxy Charm Too!

Equestrians Love Boxy Charm Too!

Even though the products I got were a little different than those from the videos I watched, or the other blogs I searched when trying to find out what was in the box, I am very happy with the products I received. But, did I get a good deal?

First I consider the cost of the Boxy Luxe which is 21.00 for the monthly charge, and then add in the upcharge of $28.99. Which makes the cost of Boxy Luxe 49.99. Doesn’t sound as quite a great deal, but still, it is a good deal. Because if I were to buy each of these products alone, it would have cost me $311.00. Wow, even at $50.00, this box is still worth the price of $50.00, in my opinion.

Worth It, But A Little Deceptive

When I signed up for Boxy Luxe, I have to admit it was a little confusing. Because when you sign up for Boxy Luxe, you will still get the regular box on the months that you don’t get the Luxe box. Meaning, you get charge every month for the regular box ($21.00) but then on the special Luxe months, 4 times a year you get charged an extra $28.99. BUT you only get the Luxe box, you don’t get both boxes. Which I totally understand, but I do admit I felt a little misled, because I was charged 2 separate charges for the month of September. So I thought I would be getting 2 boxes instead of just one.

I Love Boxy Charm!

And when you watch the YouTube videos, and they describe the Boxy Luxe box AND the Boxy Charm box, they lead the viewer (me) to think I will be getting BOTH boxes, but that isn’t the case. If you do choose to sign up for Boxy Luxe, you only get that box for the month, you do not get both boxes. So in my opinion, they really should clarify that you are only going to get one box per month, regardless of which subscription you decided to purchase.

Boxy Charm

But that being said, I am very happy with my subscription box and I will continue to get the box each month, because it’s fun! And I get some great makeup items that I would never buy on my own. And if you are curious how Boxy Luxe is different than Boxy Charm, you can read my first ever Boxy Charm review here.


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

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