Eating to Live VS. Living to Eat

I have struggled with my weight nearly all my adult life. And as I get older, I find it easier to pack on the pounds, regardless of my activity level. But ever more difficult to take the weight off. It has been beyond frustrating.

I have tried fad diets, pills, and exercise plans that promise to be the magic cure to weight loss. And I can also tell you that none of the things I have tried have worked, until now.

Finding My Weigh

Way back in November, my husband watched a video clip that I had filmed of him. And he was really upset. He wasn’t upset about the video, but he was upset with how he looked in the video. He said “OMG I am fricken fat. But he didn’t say fricken. And it was at that point that WE decided to do something about our weight.

I think having his support, and having him on board of losing weight made all the difference. And at first, it wasn’t easy. We decided to cut out sugar and carbs. Well not all carbs, but a good chunk of them. And going from eating over 250 carbs a day down to about 50 was definitely challenging, But it got easier with every passing day.

We didn’t get on some exercise kick, or sign up for a program. We just decided to start eating better, and get rid of any temptations in our house. Now this was a bummer, because I had just gone grocery shopping and we had tons of not so good for you food. I hate wasting food, and money. So this was a big first step, getting rid of perfectly good food. But this problem was solved by inviting our adult children over, and then sending them home with the food.

Stop With Excuses

Before my husband got on board with losing weight, I had resolved myself to just learning to live with my weight. I even started looking at the extra extra large and 1X size clothes. Some of the blouses and outfits I found were really cute! I had decided to just live with my extra weight.

Eating to Live VS. Living to Eat

And misery loves company right? I was following a couple of people on Instagram that were larger, and their pictures made them appear to be happy. But the posts they would make were quite the opposite. They weren’t embracing their larger size. No, they are very angry about how others perceive them. Angry that English clothing companies aren’t as inclusive with their clothing options. So much anger.

I don’t want to be like that. They act as if they are ok with their weight, but really, they aren’t. And blaming others for their weight doesn’t really seem like a healthy habit. Anger and bitterness isn’t going to make you happy. But stopping with the excuses and doing something about being overweight can change your perspective. I mean, it has for me.

Finding True Motivation

The biggest tool you have in your weight loss tool box is YOU. You have to find whatever it is that will make you finally commit to losing weight. What really motivates you? For me, my motivation seemed like it was because I want to look good in my new dress for my son’s wedding. Or finally being able to fit in the seemingly teeny tiny white breeches that I bought 9 months ago.

These breeches are just so adorable with their crystal accents on the pockets. And they were on clearance, so that made me want them even more.

But let me just tell you, European sizing is not even close to American sizing. And even with my weight loss, these size 12 breeches are still too tight. Hopefully I will be able to fit into them comfortably soon. That’s my goal anyway.

But I found what truly motivated me to finally attack my weight was having my husband decide it was time for us both to lose weight. So far my husband has lost 15 lbs. And I have lost 13 lbs. When I weighed myself this morning I was 164.5 lbs. Only 10 lbs to go and I won’t be in the overweight section of the BMI chart!

And with every pound I lose, I am motivated to continue. So what started with the motivation to lose weight with the support of my husband, it’s now changed a little bit to get even lower on the BMI chart. Whatever works right?

And we haven’t been perfect. But we keep moving forward. Like tonight for example, my daughter and her husband are coming over for dinner. And we are going to be having fondue, with melty cheese, bread and of course, milk chocolate fondue, which is my ultimate favorite. And I can eat it, and not feel guilty about it. Because I don’t eat ALL of it.

Having an understanding of portions, and staying within those portions have been what has helped me lose the weight that I have.

Eating to Live

Instead of thinking about food, and living to eat I have altered my thinking to eating to live. What does that mean? It means I make choices to eat food to sustain myself, and keep my bodies motor going. But I don’t think about food every waking moment. At first I did. But now, 2 ½ months later food is not the crutch it has been in the past. And we have learned to change the way we eat.

Eating to Live VS. Living to Eat

All of the fad diets, pills, and exercise plans I have done in the past were not sustainable. Meaning you can’t do them long term. And sure, you might see a little bit of success. But the moment you go back to your old ways, the weight comes back.

However, by changing the way we look at food, and making a lifestyle change instead of a diet makes the way we eat now something we can do forever. And sure, I didn’t lose 20 pounds in 2 months. But the weight I have lost will stay off, and we will probably continue to drop the pounds because like I said, it’s a lifestyle change. We aren’t living to eat but rather eating to live. I love that saying.

Focus On The Long Term

It’s difficult to think about the long term, especially when you want to lose the extra weight NOW. But I look at it like this: I didn’t gain an extra 50 lbs. over a two week time frame. No, it took years for me to gain extra weight. So slow and steady wins. I will be really excited to see where we are a year from now. If we continue to lose like we have been, both my husband and I should be in the healthy weight range, and we will be healthier too.

Eating to Live VS. Living to Eat

And honestly, this is the biggest incentive to lose weight, to be healthy! Since changing our eating habits, my husband no longer needs to take a prescription antacid. His heartburn is gone. And my knee pain is gone too, probably because there’s a little less weight pressing on the joint. Whatever the reason, it’s really nice.

Eating to Live VS. Living to Eat

We are reaping so many benefits from losing weight! It’s really an incredible feeling. And we didn’t do it using a diet program, pills, or an intense exercise program. We are doing it on our own. And paying attention to what we are eating.

So if you have a few extra pounds, what’s stopping you from losing it? If you are wanting to lose weight, stop making excuses and do something about it. You can do it, I know you can. You just have to believe in yourself, and actually do the work.


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