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Well this is a little early this year. But with the way things are going, it seems that if you want to get what you want to have and to give for Christmas, this year it needs to be done early. And every year I have found it the easiest to make my Christmas wish list public for my family is to post it here on my blog. That way if they want to buy a gift for me, then they really know what I want for Christmas, 2020.

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But like I said, this year I am posting it a little bit earlier than normal because I have a feeling that shipping times will be delayed, and if you don’t get your shopping done early, you might be making a lot of DIY Christmas gifts this year. That is if you have everything you need for the things you want to make! But that’s another post entirely.

Are you curious what’s on my Wishlist for Christmas? Are you trying to come up with ideas for yourself? Well keep reading….

What I Want for Christmas 2020

what i want for christmas 2020

Can I ask for the biggest Christmas wish ever? If I could only have one thing for Christmas, I would ask that our world pandemic ends. I would ask for things to go back to the way the used to be. No more masks, no more sheltering in place. And the biggest ask of all, that we be free to be with our family and friends without fear. I know, it’s a big fat Christmas wish. But that’s what I really want.

how to stay busy

It should be no surprise that a lot of the things on my list are horse related. There always seems to be horse things that I want. And there are always new horse things available. But not everything is always horses, and this year most of my Christmas wish list isn’t completely horse related.

Alienware M17 Gaming Laptop

Yep, my first item isn’t a horse related product, sort of. I really want a new laptop computer. And the main reason is for my video making. Last year for my birthday my husband bought me a Dell G7 computer, and it’s great, but it is having a hard time keeping up with my video crafting. And the worse thing ever is to have a video almost completed, and my computer overheats, and can’t keep up with what I’m asking it to do.

When I’m making a video, I spend at least 5 hours editing to make a 10 minute video. That’s a lot of time to be in Adobe Premier. And my current laptop is struggling.

A gaming laptop is faster, and has a great video card, which is really helpful for making videos. Which is why this big ticket item is something that I really want. I know this is a big ask, so I will probably end up selling a bunch of stuff on eBay in order to get it. But hey, I thought I would throw it out there.

Wireless Gaming Mouse

Again not really horse related, but sort of, because I use it for making horse videos for my YouTube channel. And as my current mouse is starting to get a little worn out, this is the perfect time to ask for a new mouse. And this is an affordable ask.

This is a gaming mouse. And while I’m not a gamer, as I stated before, I spend a LOT of time on my computer. So I wear out mouses (mice?) And this mouse claims It can not only provide reliable wireless connection but also an accurate tracking. Allowing you move your gaming mouse freely without interference within 10m. Say goodbye to the annoy noises when you are working at home or plays games. Both left and right buttons are silent, saving you from the sharp clicking noises. You can enjoy your leisure or working time without bothering other people around you. So for me, this seems like the right choice. And there are also 2637 5 star reviews. So for me, that shows this is a good product worth trying.

I don’t always put a lot of faith in reviews, but when there are over 4000 reviews for a product, that makes it a little easier for me to pull the trigger on what it is I am wanting to buy.

 SanDisk 128GB Ultra SDXC UHS-I Memory Card

Again, another video making ask. I could really use a couple of new memory cards. And again, this is an affordable gift idea. Not only can I use them for making videos, but also taking pictures. When you take pictures in the RAW format, it uses a lot of space on a memory card. And these cards are a lot of space for not a lot of money. And the San Disk Ultra cards have performed very well for me over the years.

Joby JB01507 Gorilla Pod

Yep, another video making tool is what I would like for Christmas!

I do have a small Joby Gorilla Pod, but I thought I was buying this guy. This is the one I really want! The Joby Gorilla Pod is basically a tripod for your camera (or phone). It is really helpful for video making. To be able to set up your camera for shots or for vlogging, and carrying the camera, it is so so so sooooo helpful! This is a wonderful tool to add to your video making production. Which is why I want it!

Roxant Pro Video Camera Stabilizer

As I am perusing through Amazon, looking for things I would LOVE to get as gifts, I am seemingly finding lots of camera equipment for some reason. And when I saw this, I was like WOW, I would really love this!

This is a camera stabilizer, meaning it helps to up your video production. A camera stabilizer allows you to walk, and talk, and keep the filming smooth. I need this thing! You can go from a vertical to a horizontal configuration completely smooth. You can walk and talk, and keep your video flowing smoothly. Or you can pan around you, and keep your video flowing smoothly.

Having choppy video segments is a part of most of my video production, no matter how hard I try and keep the camera smooth. With this camera stabilizer, I could really up my video production quality, which is why it is something I would love to receive for Christmas!

Saddle Name Plate

Since I have my awesome Voltaire Saddle, and it was previously owned, the former owner had placed a nameplate, and thankfully removed it. So the holes are already predrilled….yes! So, for my children, or husband….

I would like the name plates to have my full name in all caps… LISA GOODWIN…. In silver, and the font to be the simple block (SB). Oh, and I need the hardware to be silver screws. There, I think that simplifies what I want for the name plate!

Farnam Slick ‘N Easy Horse Grooming Block

This is something that I have recently returned to using. I bought one last year because when I brought Plezant home, he had bot fly eggs on his front legs. And although I heard about bot fly eggs, I had never experienced them. But let me tell you, those little boogers are a pain to remove!

So I bought one of these because it said it would remove the eggs easily. And boy did it! Then I rediscovered how awesome the grooming block is for removing dirt, and excess hair. And once it has done that, the shine it leave behind is pretty great.

And the block itself is super affordable at less than $5.00, it makes a great gift without spending a lot of money. And while I am on horsey related gifts, there is something that I really need for the winter months here in Colorado…..

Hot Hands Hand Warmers

This might sound like a silly gift, but I seriously love these things! These hand warmers are wonderful to keep in my pockets on cold mornings for feeding, or barn chores. And they are great for my riding sessions when my hands get cold.

And this is for a box of 40 sets! That will last me almost all winter long. And at less than $25.00 a box, it makes a very nice gift idea, in my opinion.

Exercise Sheet Waterproof/Fleece

This is something I have really wanted for awhile now. Especially since I got Plezant. He might be a big boy, but he also is not used to the cold weather riding that we sometimes do. If I had an exercise sheet, I could keep his big bum warm while we ride!

And this exercise sheet looks pretty nice, and has some good reviews. And after looking at lots of exercise sheets, this one is very affordable. I like the nylon outer portion, and the fleece lining. That way even if it gets a little damp from snow on the top, Plezant will stay warm because of the fleece.

There is a good selection of colors too.

If I had to choose colors, I would like any of them that they have in the extra large size. And yes, they come in sizes. Medium (69 -72”) Large (75-78”) or Extra Large (78-81”) Plezant wears an 80” blanket, so the extra large size is what he would need.

What I Want for Christmas

All right, that’s it. That’s everything I can think of that I would ask for Christmas. Now I know that’s a lot of things. And I now I’m not going to get everything on my list. THAT would be way too much! But my reasoning for writing this is to not only so my family knows some things that I would love to get as a gift (not meaning they have to get me anything) But maybe to give you ideas of either things to ask for, or things to get for someone else if you can’t think of anything. Also, think about it, waiting until the last minute for shopping might put you at a disadvantage this year. With the stupid COIVD thing, and basically a world wide Bah Humbug to anything fun, I think it’s better to plan far in advance for the holidays.

what I want for Christmas 2020

I have already pulled down all of my Christmas decorations, and gone through everything to see what I may need for my household decorating. Better to plan ahead, don’t you think?

That’s why I’m putting out my Christmas wish list early. Hopefully my planning has been passed down to my children, and its rubbed off on my husband too. And since I have my platform, I am going to use it!  So in my true early planning fashion, I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, and happiest of holiday seasons!


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