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Warm Riding Outfit For Fall

Brrrrrr! The seasons have definitely changed here in Colorado and Fall is finally here. Along with the cooler temperatures, one other component of fall weather here in Colorado is wind. I really don’t like wind. But it’s not as if I can say “Hey, mother nature, knock of with the wind would ya?” It would be nice if I could, but nope. I just have to make do with it and learn to deal. But I have created a warm riding outfit for fall, making it easier for me to get out and ride!

With the roller coaster of emotions I have been going through lately, I have found it’s best for me to get back on the horse so to say. And Frisby has been a very willing partner for me. And I have been sure to give him lots of love while I spend a lot more time outside with him.

We have been going on little adventures off property, and he seems to be really enjoying it. I think its good for the both of us. And I find that the more I make it normal for him (and for me) the easier it gets. And the benefit of having just one horse means all of the time I have to dedicate to one horse!

I think Frisby is getting used to the idea of being a one horse home, for now anyways.

Warm Riding Outfit For Fall

But with the colder weather, it’s time to change my regular warm weather clothing for warmer barn wear. The t-shirts have been replaced with long sleeves, and heavier coats in anticipation of the colder days ahead.

Heavier Riding Tights

I found my new favorite tights for cooler weather. I never thought I would say that. While I am not a huge fan of tights, I really do like these. And they aren’t anything fancy, they don’t even have a zipper or snap. They are a pull on style, and I love them!

Warm Riding Outfit For Fall

They are soooo comfy! And warm too. The perfect weight for cooler temperatures.

I found these at Dover Saddlery, and they are very affordable at $45.95

The Riding Sport by Dover Saddlery Fleece Pull-On Tight offers great comfort for chilly days at the barn. A cozy fleece lining feels warm and soft against your skin, while the smooth outer surface resists gathering shavings, hay and other inevitable barn debris.

The tights are styled with a mid rise and it has a 3″ wide elastic waistband that stays put as you move, keeping under layers tucked in and cold drafts out. It offers a cozy snug fit with plenty of stretch for the freedom to ride or muck. They are very comfortable.

And one extra that these tights have that many do not is a large pocket. The pocket is perfect for your phone, or whatever else you may want to put in it. I love this. You can never have enough pockets while you are at the barn!

Warm Riding Outfit For Fall

They have the new and better, in my opinion, silicone knee patch that has a little pattern for extra grip. And my favorite, sock bottoms for a smooth fit under heavy socks and winter boots. No more Velcro to snag your socks as you put them on!

My New Favorite Riding Tights

These tights are soooo comfortable! After riding in them, I find myself just lounging around in them. I think that attests to the comfort!

I typically wear a women’s size 12 in any type of pant. But these tights come in small, medium and large sizing. So I opted for the XL which they say is equivalent to a women’s size 14-16. I’m glad I sized up. They are comfy, and not too tight. There is enough stretch to these tights that the waistband stays up well, and it doesn’t feel tight at all, which I think adds to the comfort.

Montar Sweater

I had gotten this in my Just Riding Mystery Box back in August. And when I tried it on, I knew I would be using it for riding during the cooler fall days.

Warm Riding Outfit For Fall

It’s nice and stretchy, and I wear it for riding as well as around the house too. And it’s longer in the body, so it fits well over my tights.

If I wanted too I could wear a thin long sleeve shirt underneath it for added warmth. Which I will probably do when the weather gets even colder. But for now, wearing this alone is perfect.

This sweater was listed at $67.00 at Just Riding. Or, if you are willing to take a chance you might get one, you could always buy one of their mystery boxes, like I did!

Riding Warehouse Women’s Full Zip Puffy Vest

I have never been a vest person really. But the other day when I went to ride Frisby, it was chilly, but not cold enough to wear a coat. So I grabbed my vest, and layered it over my Montar sweater. After doing this one time, I was sold. I will wear this vest as long as I can, meaning until it gets frigid outside.

Warm Riding Outfit For Fall

The vest makes it easy to still move and bend, while allowing my arms to remain free. It keeps my trunk, or middle section, warm. I absolutely love this vest.

Warm Riding Outfit For Fall

One of my favorite things about it is all of the pockets. There are side pockets, as well as pockets in the interior of the vest. And the inside pockets are large enough to fit my huge phone (It’s an iPhone 10) so I can listen to a podcast while I’m riding, which I do a lot, and I can also use the Equilab app so it keeps track of my ride.

Warm Riding Outfit For Fall

If you have thought about trying a vest or looking to add an extra layer of warmth for the fall, or possibly even the winter, you should consider this vest. It’s flattering cut, open hems, and front pockets make it an essential piece for any equestrian’s autumn or winter wardrobe. Polyfill adds additional warmth without being overly bulky, making it an ideal layering piece. And It’s very affordable at $29.95 at Riding Warehouse.

Smartwool Merino 250 Patterned Reversible Headband

The one thing I hate with the colder weather is how cold my ears get. If I don’t wear a headband when it’s cold, my ears get so cold they ache. I have found the best solution is to wear a headband.

Warm Riding Outfit For Fall

Not only does it help keep my ears nice and warm, but after I remove my helmet I don’t have to worry about helmet hair, not that it matters for me riding at home, but still. This one is $16.95 at Riding Warehouse and it’s so warm, and stretchy!

SSG Winter Rancher Deerskin Fleece-Lined Gloves

Ok, these gloves are awesome. But the ones I have are so worn, I will post another pair that have worked well for me. They are the 10 below gloves By SSG. All of my favorite gloves are by SSG.

Warm Riding Outfit For Fall

They keep my hands warm, and still allow me to feel the reins while I’m riding. I find they usually last one winter season, as far as the warm fingers are concerned. I am still on the hunt for winter gloves that last and last, but for now, these work fairly well.

They are not cheap though. Usually I can find them for around $25.00 on sale, or Amazon. And they have them at Riding Warehouse for $41.95. But I am still on the hunt for the best of the best with honors and when I find them, I will share them with you.

Horze Tall Winter Riding Boots

I bought these boots last winter from Riding Warehouse. And they are wonderful! They keep my toes warm, but they still fit in my stirrups.

Warm Riding Outfit For Fall

I have been using these so much already this winter, and I used them a lot last winter too. Do you know what that means? They work! There is a zipper front, but I just leave the zipper in place and slip them on. They are definitely worth their $59.00 price tag. But they are getting really difficult to find, since they were from last year. Riding Warehouse does have a similar boot made by Ovation though for the same price.

Warm Winter Riding

Warm Riding Outfit For Fall

Well, with a little bit of trial and error, I have created a warm riding outfit for fall. And these are my essentials for cool weather riding. I have found that if I dress for the weather, I stay out in the barn longer. I ride longer, and I’m not concerned about the weather, because I’m warm!

Just because the season changes doesn’t mean I have to stay out of the saddle. Nope. With a little planning, and some warm riding clothes, I will be riding all fall, and winter long!


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

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