Trying Out the StripGroom Gentle Groomer

Have you seen the videos on Facebook with the lady smiling as she effortlessly brushes out mounds of hair from her horse? If you haven’t seen the videos, watch this. It’s pretty incredible actually. When I watched the video I was like, no way, that can’t really work that good, can it?

the striphair gentle groomer for horses product box close up

So  I looked into the product, it’s called the StripGroom Gentle Groomer. And when you look at the cost, your jaw will drop. The cost of the StripGroom is $39.00. Wow, that is more expensive than even my Haas Diva brush!

I decided to not get the StripGroom. But fast forward a year, and I caved in and bought one. I justified my purchase to make a video, and also write this article. And when I got the little box in the mail, I was so excited to try this shedder out. Especially because Frisby has started to shed already (yay, early spring!) So the timing was perfect!

The StripGroom Gentle Groomer

When you pull it out of the fancy box, and unwrap it out of the plastic, it is a nice tool. It has lots of little nubs all over it which I think help to grab the hair as well as give your horse a nice massage. And if you look closely at my jacket, you can see that these photos were screen grabs from the video. Do you see the remaining Frisby hair on my jacket???? I see it! Welcome to shedding season!

But all kidding aside, the following photos give you an up close and personal inspection of the StripGroom gentle groomer.

inspecting the striphair groomer gentle groomer for horses

There are different areas of the grooming tool with nubs.

On the front…

the front view of the striphair groomer

And on the back…

But the massive shedding action comes by using the groomer at a 45 degree angle. Meaning you use the sides of the groomer.

gentle groomer for horses close up of the back

There isn’t anything fancy about it, but it must be the sides that gently remove the excess hair.

using the striphair gentle groomer

The groomer fits in my hand nicely, and it has the perfect amount of flexibility, making it easy to use.

Testing Out The StripGroom On A Hairy Horse

brushing a horse with the StripGroom groomer

And since Frisby is shedding a lot more than Ethan, Frisby was my first test subject. I started early, so he didn’t have time to get extra dirty from rolling. And I used the StripGroom before any other tool. And this thing works.

It was like the video I saw, the hair just came out, and kept coming. And Frisby hasn’t begun his full shed. He is just getting started. It was so much fun to see how much hair came out with each pass of the grooming tool.

And you can even use this on your horse’s legs without worrying about scratching or hurting your horse. Even though Frisby isn’t shedding as much on his legs yet, it did still take out some hair. And it easily removed the mud that had dried on his legs, without hurting him.

And the hair that was collected came off easily. It didn’t clog up the tool, or take repeated attempts to remove the excess hair. So it did a great job of collecting and releasing the hair. Note to self, don’t wear Chapstick while grooming a shedding horse.

So the StripGroom Groomer worked great on Frisby. But I also had to try it out on Ethan. And Ethan has been blanketed for the entire winter this year, with a few days out of the blanket, because they weather has been warm from time to time.

Testing The StripGroom On A Non-Hairy Horse

brushing a horse with a stripgroom shedding tool

But Ethan is just starting to release his winter hair, what little he has. So he didn’t have a lot of hair to come out. But another reason that Ethan is a good test subject is because he is very sensitive and ticklish.  After removing his blanket, I got to work with the StripGroom. I used it the same way I did with Frisby. Starting with the groomer before using any other brushes or tools was how I began.

The results were not as dramatic with Ethan, but it still worked. And It’s difficult to see in the photos, but it added a nice shine to his coat too. The one place that this really worked well on Ethan was on his legs.

grooming a horse leg

Ethan tends to get wet spots on his legs from lying down. And right now, I am not able to clean their stalls as good as I can when there isn’t a foot of snow in the ground 24-7. So his stall is a little messier than it normally is. Which means there is more wetness in his stall. Sorry Ethan. This also means he gets crunchy legs, meaning where it has gotten wet or dirty the hair gets crunchy. And my regular brushed don’t always get this area nice and clean. But the StripGroom tool worked great.

He didn’t flinch either. This tool worked easily through the dried mud and gunk on his legs. And it made it much easier to brush the yuckiness away. It also worked really well to get the ‘crud’ that sometimes builds up on his inner legs (from being a boy). And it IS gentle. I was able to use this groomer on the sensitive areas of his inner legs without worrying about scratching him, or causing any discomfort for him. I am impressed!

grooming a horse with a shedding tool

This tool is fantastic. It seems to be a multipurpose grooming tool that will make fast work of that old winter coat, and helps to bring out the natural shine that has been buried for the past several months. The StripGroom Gentle Groomer really works. And after being able to really use it onh both of my horses, I feel it is worth the $39.00 price tag.

I did make a video showing you how it works, and you can actually see the hair it removes from Frisby, and you can watch how Ethan reacted to the groomer. It really is a gentle groomer! And someone left a comment saying “It’s not worth the cost, I’ll just grab an old curry comb and shed my horse out.” And my response to that is, good for you. You do you. But for those who are looking to find a fun new grooming product to pamper their horses, this is a great tool.

Like I said, yes, it is an expensive tool. But it is also a tool that works great. So if you want to try out the StripGroom Gentle Groomer for yourself, you can go to Amazon and buy one. The shipping is free, and they ship really fast, and it is so much fun to watch the thick bunches of hair come off of your horse. Just do yourself a favor, don’t wear chap stick while you are shedding out your horse. Or you may find yourself looking like the thumbnail image from the video!

And just for full disclosure, this post does contain affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase through any of the links I have provided I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. It helps me to continue doing what I do on my blog, and my YouTube channel. So in advance, thank you for your support!


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

    3 replies to "The StripGroom Gentle Groomer…Does It Work?"

    • Amanda Wilborn

      Enjoyed your video & write up on this product. I have been debating on getting this tool for grooming but with the sticker shock price tag I’ve been holding off. You might have just convinced me to spend the extra bucks….lol.

      • Lisa

        Hi Amanda 🙂
        Yeah, it is definitely a pricey item. But I have to say I have really been enjoying it. I am looking forward to using it this weekend, all of the snow has melted here and turned into mud and both of my boys are now muddy monsters! I think the striphair is going to be very useful to get that mud off their legs, and well everywhere else too. I am very glad I finally decided to get it. There is just something so satisfying about watching the hair (and mud) come off! If you do decide to get one, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have been enjoying mine 🙂

    • Amy

      I just got this a few weeks ago myself and was a bit taken aback by the price tag as well. HOWEVER! I have two super sensitive thoroughbreds and one wooly mammoth of an appendix. It is sloughing off the hair on the wooly mammoth, and leaving him SUPER SHINY. It does not make my sensitive TB’s irritated – and my older guy definitely always has an opinion about whether or not he likes a grooming tool. It was worth every penny.

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