A shiny coat is one way to know that you have a healthy horse. And there are a lot of different supplements that claim to improve your horses coat. But I think I have truly found the best coat and hoof supplement for your horse.

At one time I was going to write this post, but I didn’t rally know if this supplement truly was the best of the best. But after switching the daily coat supplement for 3 months, because someone told me this other supplement was the best I have seen a big difference (not for the better) in both of my horses.

a shiny horse

For the last 3 or maybe 4 months I have been feeding both of my boys Equipride. I listened to a lot of other people that told me it was so great. Their horses coats were gleaming, and it was the best supplement they have ever used on their horses. So I switched from what I knew was working for my horses to something new.

I was persuaded to switch because I was thinking if my horses look this good already, now they are going to look fantastic! But that didn’t happen.

Over the past few months I have noticed my horses coats don’t have the deep shine that they once had. No amount of grooming makes a difference. And their hooves are cracking and chipping like crazy, which they never did before.

I thought maybe it was just me. But I was talking to my friend Lynda about what I was noticing, and she told me the same thing about her horses. She had also stopped using the supplement that worked and opted out for Equipride. We both were duped, and now our horses are not looking as great as they did last summer.

a shiny coat on a beautiful horse

So even though I still have over half a bag left of Equipride, I am dumping that supplement and going back to what I know works great for my horses, Omega Fields Horseshine.

Omega Fields Horseshine

This supplement has been the holy grail for my horses. And I didn’t really understand that until I stopped using it.

I chalked it up to being a fluke, or that I wasn’t grooming enough. But my once glowing and beautiful horses were now dull, which chipped hooves.

Omega Fields Horseshine is a flax feed supplement that has biotin in it. And Horseshine is a premium Omega-3 supplement made with stabilized, ground, whole flax seed. Omega Horseshine is a powerful bountiful source of stable milled flax, rich in Omega-3.

horse shoes on a horse

They have also improved the supplement by including 10 mg of Biotin per ½ cup serving. And there are chelated minerals and added Lysine for better uptake of the supplement.

The Omega-3 stabilized ground flax seed supplement for horses is made with stabilized and freshly milled flax to help maintain a shiny healthy coat, strong solid hooves, and top performance. And the best part is this supplement is for horses in all life stages. Omega Fields provides the best stabilized ground flax that is stabilized using Pure Glean stabilizing technology.

Dry scaly itchy skin, joint pain/inflammation, poor hoof growth, allergies, pregnancy may indicate a deficiency of Omega-3 essential fatty acids in the diet.

All the flaxseed used in Omega Fields’ products is milled to Global Food Safety Initiative standards for human consumption. And they employ a third party-validated, 5-log Kill Step and Pure Glean stabilization processes which allows for a longer shelf life of their product.

The flax seed is certified and guaranteed pathogen-free with very low total microbial values, and guaranteed shelf stable for a minimum of one year under ambient storage conditions – no refrigeration or special packaging is required.

Omega Horseshine As A Colic Preventative

Omega Fields Horseshine is also a nutritious alternative for psyllium husks to help prevent sand colic. The supplement contains a high soluble fiber content that swells and takes a gel-like consistency. Flax mucilage traps and suspends sand, carrying it out of the GI tract. Omega Horseshine acts to buffer excess acid and aids in the stabilization and modulation of blood glucose.

Why Our Horses Need A Supplement Like Horseshine

If your horse were out on pasture with all natural grasses and plants of your region, they would naturally be supplementing their diet with Omega-3 –with plants high in Omega-3, such as purslane. Unfortunately most of us aren’t able to have our horses out on pasture 24-7. And if you are lucky enough to have pasture for your horse, it’s probably not natural grassland. It is necessary to supplement your horses’ diet with an Omega-3 rich supplement, such as ground stabilized flaxseed.

Improved Coat

One of the most common concerns among horse owners is how they can improve their horse’s hair coat to appear sleek and shiny. Many people already have a basic understanding that supplementing flax seed in their horse’s diet improves hair coat quality and appearance by providing essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6) or EFAs. But what many people don’t know are the benefits that flax seed provides in addition to making the hair coat show quality.

a dappled horse

Spring provides horses a chance to shed their winter hair coat, eat green grass, and bask in the sun, but many times it also means pesky insects, inevitably resulting in pruritus or itchy skin. Perhaps one of the most common causes of itchiness, or welts on our horses during the summer, are midges and what’s often referred to as ‘sweet itch’. These insects cause a hypersensitivity reaction, which would be a similar reaction a human experiences after exposure to poison ivy. Pruritus causes extreme discomfort and in some cases may result in horses causing self-mutilation while trying to alleviate discomfort.

ground flax seed

There is evidence that supplementing EFAs help prevent and treat pruritus, whether it be caused by insects or another ailment that results in seasonal pruritus. EFAs work at the cellular level by targeting the inflammation associated with dermatitis. When a type-1 hypersensitivity reaction occurs, it is the body’s overreaction to a foreign stimulus. Flaxseed is one of the highest natural vegetable sources containing EFAs which ultimately shutdown the inflammatory cascade and reduce the severity of the skin’s reaction.  In other words, flaxseed enables immunosuppression and thereby reducing the pruritus that results from insect exposure.

Horseshine Is An Affordable Supplement

The benefits of flax seed supplementation is still being researched, however there is enough evidence that flax seed supplementation should be considered for more than hair coat health. This product has worked the best of anything I have ever used to not only give my horse a shiny coat, but their hooves are incredibly strong, and never chip or crack. And the added benefit of helping to prevent sand colic gives me peace of mind knowing I am helping to protect my horses to the best of my ability.

flax seed in a horse feeding tub

So this product has all of these benefits, and the best part is how affordable this supplement is. I just picked up a 20 lb. bag at my local feed store for $51.00. This bag will last me about 2 months, making it affordable at around $13.00 per month, per horse. I haven’t found any other supplement this affordable. I have never found one that works better, especially at this price. And if you can’t find it locally, Riding Warehouse has it too. It’s a smaller size, but it would be a good size for you to try out and see if you are happy with the results.

The Best Coat And Hoof Supplement For Your Horse

So yes, I am dumping Equipride, and going back to my old reliable, because it works. Although I am sad that it took me this long to realize how great Omega Horseshine really is, I am grateful too. I did my own independent test (unknowingly) and found that Omega Horseshine really is the absolute best supplement for my horses.

The Best Coat And Hoof Supplement For Your Horse

If you have been searching, and are tired of trying products that claim to be the best, only to be disappointed in the results, you owe it to your horse to give Omega Horseshine a try. I promise, it will not disappoint you. And your horse will have the best coat, and hoof health he has ever had!


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

    4 replies to "The Best Coat And Hoof Supplement For Your Horse"

    • Amanda

      Hey Lisa! Thank you so much for writing this article! I started using HorseShine March of this year. I am a follower of your YouTube channel and of course your blog. It has worked wonders on my 5 yr old Buckskin TWH mare. Her coat is glowing, her dapples have really came out, she is beautiful! Her hooves are solid and healthier. She also has very mild stiff stifle issues on her left rear & allergies, they both have cleared up, no more issues. All this happen within two weeks of her being on this supplement. How awesome is that!!! I really really like this stuff. I use to never believe in supplements but you have convinced me that they are good for our horses, good all around. I wish I could show you pictures before and after but I don’t know how to do it on here….lol.

      • Lisa

        Hi Amanda 🙂
        I should have stuck with my own advice! lol But I learned my lesson, there is nothing like Horseshine. And now that I have done my unintentional test, I am an even bigger believer in their product. I’m so happy to hear that it has been so good for your horse too!

    • Lynda

      We should have listened to our instincts. We knew that Equipride sounded way to good to be true! And we knew that Horse Shine has done wonders for our fur babies coats! I agree, I do feel like we were duped. So I dumped my Equipride this weekend too and bought my go to Horse Shine. I am so glad I did and am hoping we will both see results quickly. The next time we hear ebout a “wonder supplement” we need to talk it over and decide if we really want to give up our horse shine! I know I dont want to ever again!

      • Lisa

        I agree!!!!!!!

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