Alright, so if you are subscribed to my email list, or are a regular reader of my blog you have heard me talking about this upcoming online horse event, put on by Because of the Horse called The Art of the Horseman. And they sent out an email today sharing some more information about the speakers, and what they will actually be presenting.

The Art of the Horseman Online Event

And the online event is coming soon! Starting September 20, 2019 and going through September 22, 2019 we will be able to binge out on over 40 presentations all related to horses, their care, riding, and lots, lots more!

So I took a few minutes, went through the video to find out who I want to watch, and I thought I would share it with you.

If you have already signed up for your free ticket, you probably got the email as well. But in case you didn’t open it, here are the presentations I am really excited to watch.

I numbered the classes I am looking forward to attending in a list of no particular order, but based on the presenters themselves.

Jec Aristotle Balley

the art of the horseman online event presenters

This presenter has 2 class that l am excited to watch:

1. Suppling Exercises For All Horses

2. Using Arena Figures Wisely

I have no idea of what it means to use arena figures wisely, I mean I have some ideas, but I am very interested in watching this class.

Callie Rae King

get your free ticket to the art of the horseman fair

3. How Horses Learn- Recognizing The Smallest Changes

This class looks really interesting. And I really like the way Callie presents training with horses. I have watched a lot of her videos on YouTube and I can usually get a few tips from what she is speaking about. If you haven’t ever watch her, she has a YouTube channel called CRK Training – get it, it’s her initials!

Ariana Sakaris

art of the horseman online fair

4. The Art of Groundwork and the Human Influence

I do lots and lots of groundwork with both of my horses. This is my comfort zone, and while I am not all gung-ho to get up and do things in the saddle, if there is something to learn with groundwork, I am all over that. And thinking about how I am influencing my horses while we are doing those groundwork exercises, well I really want to know about that. Which is why this class looks really interesting.

Barbara Schulte

The Art of the Horseman Online Event

5. How to Grow Riding Confidence

And this is one class I really need to attend! I want to have as much confidence in the saddle as I do on the ground. I hope they cover this!

Mary Wanless

The Art of the Horseman Online Event

6. The How of Riding the Canter

Oh yeah, sign me up! I want to know how to do the how! I want to canter around on my horses with confidence! And if there is someone that can explain to me the “how” and explain it in a way that I can make it happen, I think that will boost my confidence level.

Paula Curtis

get a free ticket

7. 3 Simple Things to do to Find a Deeper Seat

And perhaps this class will help me after I figure out the how of the canter, while I am gaining and growing my level of confidence while I am riding.

Pat Parelli

Pat Parelli

8. Helping The Spooky Horse

Have you ever watched Pat Parelli? He is pretty amazing to watch. He makes it all look soooo easy. And not that my horses are spooky, but all horses spook at some time, so knowing how to help one that is spooking is always a good thing, in my opinion.

Heidi Blackman

Heidi Blackman horse trainer

9. 30 Minute Yoga class for Riders

I don’t know about you, but I could definitely use this! I enjoy yoga, I think it helps keep me from getting stiff, and helps my balance in the saddle (as well as on the ground). So if I could have something that I could stick with every day, that would be even better.

It’s an Equine Extravaganza!

I think I have already said that, but it really is! And having 40 presenters with different topics in one place, is so great! I don’t know if you have ever attended a live horse type event with speakers, and presenters, but if you have, you know how challenging and exhausting it is to get to watch even 3 or 4 presentations, let alone 40! But for this event, you get to watch in the comfort of your own home, over 3 days for FREE!

The Art of the Horseman Online Event

So far looking at the classes, these are the ones I really am going to make a point to watch. There are a lot more, and I think you can go to the Art of the Horseman website and see all the presenters along with the classes they are giving.

The Art of the Horseman Online Event

And like I said, you can attend the event online for free without any obligation to buy, unless you want to.

And if you are thinking you might want to buy, meaning you get access to all of the classes, and extras in their VIP section, you might want to hurry up and buy it now. Because right you can still get a discount on the cost of buying access to everything the event has to offer, plus extras.

At the time of writing this, to get full lifetime access to everything presented and all of the bonuses, it is $197.00. But the cost for the lifetime access keeps going up. And the full price of $297.00 seems to be getting closer. I wish I would have bought the lifetime access at $97.00! But that’s ok, I was able to buy the lifetime access for less than full price, so I call that a win.

Investing In Your Riding Future

I know it’s a lot of money, BUT, if I were taking riding lessons, I would spend that much money for 4 lessons. This is something I will have forever, and can revisit as often as I want. So basically, I just bought myself a bunch of riding lessons.

I love learning, and if I can learn more to be a better rider, and horse mom, count me in.

If you do decide to buy in too, you get early access to a course called Better Your Horsemanship which is geared toward improving your riding. Now I have just started the lessons, and it is fantastic! Just this class alone is worth the price, in my opinion. The videos are clear, and professional, not like the ones I make on my YouTube channel! #goals

Get Your Free Ticket Now

get a free ticket

You can click here, or on any of the highlighted text and it will take you to the site. And this will get you your free ticket too. So please, don’t feel obligated to make a purchase. If you just want to watch the classes, get your free ticket and watch them! But if you do want to take your riding and relationship with your horse to the next level, go ahead and purchase the lifetime access, I think you will be really happy that you did, I know I am.

And if you are planning on watching the weekend of September 20th through the 22nd, what are you most excited to learn about? Let me know your thoughts, and what you would like to get out of this equestrian event?


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

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