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Because Of The Horse -Online Horse Fair Is Almost Here!

That is a quote from Paula Curtis, the organizer of the upcoming online horse fair, The Art of the Horseman. And Paula has been busy providing sample videos from the presenters on her YouTube channel.

I know I have been talking a lot about this online fair lately, but that’s because this is a HUGE opportunity for all of us.

I have been watching the short video clips that she has been sharing, and with each video I watch, I am even more excited for this fair!

And the best part about it is you can ‘attend’ the fair for free. Yep, you can get a free ticket to the Art of the Horseman event that happens September 20, 2019 and goes through September 22,2019.

Get Your Free Ticket Here

How many times have you watched an incredible relationship between a human and a horse and wished you could be like that with your horse?

Have you ever had a moment where you weren’t quite sure what to do with your horse, or found that you had a bad experience that has left your confidence shaken? Have you ever wished you could afford to attend a clinic with one of your favorite horse trainers, but weren’t able to justify the cost, so you keep doing the same thing with your horse?

If you are still aren’t sure about the online event, let me share with you some videos that might help persuade you to get your free ticket.

Stormy May

Lynn Palm and Cyril Pittion-Rossillon

Barbra Schulte

Wendy Murdoch

And I have to say while I was adding these videos for you to watch, I had to stop and watch them again. They are so helpful! And these are just little snippets of what the online fair will have! This is so awesome! Talk about a lot of education!

As the fair gets closer and closer, Paula is sharing some really great videos showing just what you will get by attending the online event. I am getting so excited about this!

And here are a few more presenters from The Art of the Horseman

Jec Aristotle Ballou

Warwick Schiller

Bryan Neubert 

And I should probably share a video from the woman who has put this incredible opportunity together for all of us.

Paula Curtis

Like Paula said in the video, there are sooooo many different people presenting for this fair. From horse care, to training, there is something for everyone! There is a lot of value that is being provided during the 3 days of the fair.

They are going to be sending out a schedule of all of the presentations the week of the fair. So you will be able to plan how you are going to fit in all of the presentations that you want to watch. There is going to be a lot of training videos, and if you look through the topics and find some that stand out to you, write them down, and plan your weekend. This way you can get the most out of the fair.

Get Your Free Ticket Here!

As you can see from all of the links I have provided, there is still time to get your free ticket. And yes, the fair is completely free, you do not have to buy anything. There is an option to purchase VIP access, and then you own all of the teachings. But at this point, the cost is getting a little high now, but it’s still less than buying a month of lessons, or coffee for that matter.

Yes, The Fair Is Free

But you are not obligated to purchase anything. If you want to just watch some presentations, and learn over that weekend, they give us this incredible opportunity to learn from clinicians and trainer that we may never have had a chance to do. And if you get your ticket now, you will be signed up in enough time to get the schedule sent out to you, so you can plan which presentations you want to watch.

I am so excited!!!! I can’t wait for the schedule to come out so I can plan my weekend of learning! I want to be the best person I can for my horses. I want to be able to be a positive influence in their lives. And I want to learn all I can so I enjoy my horses. I hope you will come to the fair with me, because it looks to be an incredible event! And if you want to see who is presenting, you can read about the presenters in this blog post.

Happy Riding!


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    • Leona

      I am looking for the free ticket and the page doesn’t exist when I click on the link

      • Lisa

        Hi Leona,
        The Online horse fair was for a limited time, as was the free ticket. I do believe they are holding a ‘replay’ of the fair so I would recommend going directly to their website to see if they have a free option.

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