Have you seen the videos on Facebook with the grey horse that is dirty, they use the Sport Horse Essentials Waterless shampoo on the horse, and the dirty horse is now gorgeous? I have been watching that video for over a year now, and I finally gave in, and bought the product. I had to see for myself if it is as good as these videos show.

So I thought I would put this waterless shampoo to the biggest challenge I bet it has faced….

A long haired very dirty horse.

Ok, please don’t judge me on Frisby’s appearance. It has been cold and snowing a lot over the past week, and Frisby has not gotten his usual grooming. And I have not been cleaning his stall as religiously as I should have been over the past week. I know, bad horse mom.

But I am turning the negative into an excellent test to see if this product works as good as claimed.

Sport Horse Essentials Waterless Shampoo

But before I get into the details of the test, let me tell you about the product. This waterless shampoo made by Sport Horse Essentials is an option if you are looking to get your horse cleaned up without having to give him a bath. The ingredients are:

  • Witch Hazel
  • Aritha Powder
  • Aloe Vera
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • Unnamed Essential Oils

And I think it might have water too, but it doesn’t claim water on the ingredients label.

All things I can get behind. There are no chemicals, and no additional additives from what the label says.

The bottle is 16 ounces of the product, and I like the blue bottle, I really do. I think the dark blue color helps to protect the essential oils that are in the potion.

The sprayer itself is nothing fancy, it’s a sprayer. I was hoping it was a heavy duty sprayer that would be able to accommodate the thicker particles of the Aritha powder. Because that powder tends to clog up the sprayer itself, which is really annoying.

But back to the sprayer. I actually bought an extra sprayer nozzle hoping it was better, but it wasn’t. However, I did have 2 extra spray bottles that I bought at the Dollar Tree that are better able to spray out this spray. And they were only a dollar. And the sprayer part alone on Sport Horse Essentials website costs $2.00 each.

I also spent a little extra and bought a Sport Horse Essentials logo microfiber towel for $5.00. It wasn’t worth it. The automotive towels from Dollar Tree are better, and bigger, and only a dollar. So if you are planning on buying this waterless shampoo, and the little bonus window pops up and gives you the option to get the microfiber towel for a dollar less, save your money. Just my opinion, but I don’t feel it’s worth it.

But How does it work? I know that’s what you are wondering. So let’s see this waterless shampoo in action. Let’s go back to our model, Frisby. He was VERY dirty. And his super long winter hair was definitely caked with mud and manure. (Sorry Frisby)

So I got to work with the spray. First things first, you have to continuously shake the bottle because of the Aritha powder. It clumps, and easily clogs all forms of sprayers. So you have to shake, shake, shake, the spray bottle in between applications.

It also works better to spray it on the area you want to clean versus spraying it on your towel or rag.

Also, you want to work on a small area at a time. Poor Frisby needed all of his parts worked on. But I just took it slow, and worked on one body part at a time.

And in time, it worked relatively well. I scrubbed in a back and forth motion, and then used a dry microfiber towel to remove the excess product.

Sport Horse Essentials Waterless Shampoo – Yay or Neigh?

Overall, the waterless shampoo worked well to get Frisby cleaner than he was. And the shampoo itself smells amazing. I am not sure which essential oils they used to make it smell this good, but it’s yummy!

And the fact that I can get my horse cleaned up (and smelling good) in the middle of winter without giving him a bath is fantastic.

So yes, I am happy with the way this waterless shampoo works. It does what it’s supposed to do.

But back to the video, it shows a very clean horse after using this. Is that true? I mean, it could be. The horse in the video does not have a long shaggy coat, like Frisby. And the horse is grey. So you are able to ‘see’ much better than you can on Frisby. But, that being said, the shine factor is impressive, which even I could see on Frisby.

The biggest negative is the sprayer. I found it very frustrating to have to continually shake the bottle, and then maybe get some of the potion onto my horse. And this happened even with me switching out the sprayer. The original spray nozzle that came with the product stopped working after one or two squirts.

So the product does work, but the delivery system is flawed. And I don’t think that is the fault of Sport Horse Essentials. It’s just getting Aritha powder through a tiny sprayer is not possible.

And if you are using this for small jobs, like faces, or small dirty spots 16 ounces will probably last a while. But me using it for an entire horse, and a half, because I did Plezant too, well $23.00 plus shipping is a little expensive.

DIY Waterless Shampoo

However, the ingredients are readily available for you to make your own version of a waterless shampoo. You can even adjust the types of essential oils you add to make your own custom scent.

DIY Waterless Horse Shampoo

I wrote a blog post about a year ago with the recipe for a waterless shampoo. And all of the ingredients, if you were to buy them right now would cost you around $29.00 and that would give you enough ingredients to make at least 3 bottles of waterless shampoo. That means a 16 ounce bottle will cost you about $10.00 to make. Not to bad right?

And when I test my homemade concoction against the Sport Horse Essentials waterless shampoo, it works just as well!

Sport Horse Essentials Waterless Shampoo Review

Overall, I am very happy with this product. And I am even happier that I finally bought it and tried it out. Now I can get that idea out of my head. But I don’t think I will buy it again. And this is nothing against the product or the company. But the fact that I can make it myself, well, that makes me happy. So I will continue to use a homemade waterless shampoo. And I did find that the Sport Horse Essentials product did work better than any other waterless shampoo I have used. So for that, I am grateful to them for the product, and the opportunity to try it out, and test my own version too!

And in case you really want to ‘see’ the product being used, I made a video of it too!


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