Say hello to the new budget equestrian

I have been looking at my website for a while now, and wanting to change it. Somehow, I wanted something different. But I wasn’t sure what to do. So I enlisted the help of my incredible husband who helped me to update my blog and make it look more like a website.

At first it seemed like a very daunting and overwhelming task. But fortunately for me, he had just updated his homepage, so wheat we thought was going to take a week to change, only took about 4 hours. And he not only showed me how to make changes, but he had me actually make the changes myself.

Sometimes Change Is A Good Thing

I am not sure if you will feel the same way, but I am really happy with how it turned out. And that is my mine reason of writing this brief little blog post today. I wanted to entice you to go check out the new and improved front page to Budget Equestrian!

say hello to the new budget equestrian

If you click on any of the header titles, it will still take you to the main meat and potatoes of my blog. But the front page just has a little more pizzazz! And I was able to incorporate some of my favorite articles, along with a section for my YouTube channel too.

Which leads me to something else new that will be coming very soon….

Say hello to the new budget equestrian

I have a brand new YouTube channel that will be launching soon! I had so much fun over Christmas doing different DIY projects that weren’t strictly horse related. And while I really liked making the videos, they didn’t get any traction on my equestrian channel. And understandably so. I mean, most of them weren’t horse related at all. So I decided that I really love doing home DIY projects, and I wanted to dedicate an entire channel to projects people can make for their homes.

the new budget equestrian

And I would love it if you would go subscribe to my new channel! Yes, I will still have my Budget Equestrian channel, with all of my horse videos. But if you would like to learn more about affordable home decor projects, why not subscribe to my other YouTube channel? I would be forever grateful if you did! My new channel is simply my name, Lisa Marie. I thought it was fitting, and simple.

I am so excited to give my blog (aka website) a face lift! And I hope you enjoy it too. I have a lot of projects I want to share with you in the upcoming year. But in order to prevent getting burned out on over doing it, I am going to try and limit my posts to 2 times a week. I’m not sure if I will be able to restrain myself, but I’m going to try!

So take a look around my new home page, and let me know what you think!


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

    2 replies to "Say Hello To The New Budget Equestrian Website!"

    • Rebecca Crow

      Just subscribed to your Lisa Marie You Tube channel.. Cannot wait to see your new videos. Blessings to you. 🙂

      • Lisa

        Hi Rebecca 🙂
        Thank you sooooooooooooo much!!!!!

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