First, I apologize for the lateness of this post. But yesterday was a scheduled farrier appointment for my horses. And I have been worrying about this day for the last 2 months.

You see the last time the farrier was here, Ethan got upset because he couldn’t see Frisby and decided to put his back foot through the back of his stall, and cracked his hoof really bad.

cracked hoof

So yesterday was the day to find out if this is repairable or what.

Riding Challenge Day 20 Farrier Visit Day

Frisby’s feet were pretty bad too. They are chipped and cracked, and in need of attention. Their feet haven’t looked this bad in a long time, and I’m not really sure why they are so bad.

The only thing I can attribute it too is when I stopped feeding them Horse Shine by Omega Fields. I know I shared with you a while ago when I stopped feeding my horses this supplement and replaced it with Equipride. I was told how incredible the Equipride was, so I jumped on the band wagon and used it too. But when they were on the Equipride their coats got dull, and apparently their hooves went bad.

They have been back on the Horse Shine since May, and their coats have recovered but their hooves still need to grow out.

Horses Hooves Grow SLOW

I know it takes a long time for their hooves to grow out. I’m just not sure how long it takes to replace an entire hoof.

Which is what I was worried about with Ethan.

When he hurt himself, he was lame for a couple of days, and I kept him on pen rest for a week. I would take him out and hand walk him for a few minutes, but mostly kept him locked up. He didn’t seem to mind.

After about 10 days, he was back to his normal Dennis the Menace self, but I was worried so I didn’t work with him, other than tying him to the hitching post and groom him.

I even increased his feeding of Horse Shine to see if this would help get his hoof to grow out faster. And I can see that the crack has come down lower from the top, and side. But today is the day we find out if anything can be done, and if I can ride my horse, or if he is basically on pasture rest until the crack (hopefully) grows out.

Decision Day

I always try to make it easier on the farrier by having the horses groomed, and cleaned. They have full bellies and have been doused with fly spray. Even with the feed through fly killer my horses get, and daily cleaning of the stalls, the flies are bad right now.

effective fly spray

Most of my fly sprays have not kept the flies off of my horses. So I went for a different spray this time, one that my farrier recommended to me. It’s called Fiebings Formula 44 fly spray and it seemed to work well enough to keep the flies away.

horse tied to a hitching post

I braid their tails and tie them up.

a horse with a tied up tail

Their hooves are clean, so he can see any imperfections with his own eyes without me having to tell him they are there.But I still point out anything that I have noticed since his last visit.

But this time I made a point to ask him to drive into their pasture to do their hoof trimming. So Ethan will be able to see Frisby while he is tucked away in his pen awaiting his turn.

Frisby First

I decided to do Frisby first, and leave the challenge animal for last.

horse tied to hitching post

Frisby is a good boy for the farrier. Sometimes he gets lazy, and leans on him, but with all of the work he has been getting lately he was good today.

Riding Challenge Day 20 Farrier Visit Day

And I think his feet cleaned up nicely, despite the cracks and missing chunks of hoof he had.

Ethan’s Turn

And then it was time to discuss Ethan. This has been the part I have been dreading.

I explained what had happened after his hooves were trimmed last time, and how I was very worried about his hoof. He started with the other 3 feet, and saved the messed up one for last.

When he got to the ‘bad hoof’, I couldn’t watch. I was so afraid of what he would tell me. I just put my head against Ethan’s, stroked him and waited for the news.

And I am happy to say, the hoof is OK. All of my worrying was for nothing. Ethan’s hoof is ok, and I can ride him!

In fact the farrier said some work would be good for him, and maybe take away some of his energy. Ethan has a lot of energy, especially when he doesn’t have a job to do.

Riding Challenge Day 20 Farrier Visit Day

His hoof still isn’t pretty, but knowing it will be ok, and no structural damage has been done has given me relief.

Riding Challenge Day 20 Farrier Visit Day

Now this doesn’t mean I am going to work the crap out of him and ignore the hoof. I will still watch it, and increase his workload slowly. I don’t want to do permanent damage to the boy!

A Happy Ending

So now that Ethan has been given the all clear for work, he is getting in on the work schedule today. We’ll probably start with some ground work, and then I am getting on this little animal. Even if it is only for a walk around the ring.

a horse walking into an arena

And now the challenge to keep this young man sound, and injury free begins. Let’s see how long I can make this happen for!


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

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