Low Sugar Horse Treats

Low Sugar Horse Treats

Continuing on my week of reviews, I thought I would share with you a new horse treat that I got from Riding Warehouse. I love feeding my horses treats. And they love to eat them. And being able to feed a low sugar horse treat is even better!

My horse Frisby is, well overweight. And he is a very easy keeper. He doesn’t get a lot of work because he is basically in his retirement, but he still likes to get a treat just as much as I like to give him one. So when I got these horse treats in the mail, and saw there was no added sugar, I was super excited to see if my horses would like them.

Nutrigood Horse Treats

The treats are made by Manna Pro. I have bought a lot of treats from Manna Pro before, so I was pretty sure they would be ok. The treats are made with all natural ingredients and they contain 80% less sugar than regular horse treats. There is no molasses in them either. So the only sugar in these treats is natural sugar, I like that.

Low Sugar Horse Treats

The treat itself is small, so they easily fit in your pockets so you can give a treat for training, or just because. And they don’t fall apart like some horse treats do. So this means you won’t have a pocket full of horse treat crumbles in your pocket once you leave the barn.

They come in Apple and Carrot Anise flavor. I wasn’t sure if my horses would like the carrot flavor, but they did! They gobbled the treats up with no problems, and in fact asked for more. This is a big deal for Ethan, because he is really picky, even when it comes to treats. When I first got him, I don’t think he had ever been given a treat before. He didn’t understand the concept. Now, he gets it but he is picky about what he will eat.

Low Sugar Horse Treats


The ingredients in the treats are very straightforward:

  • Beet pulp
  • Soy bean hulls (25%)
  • Linseed meal
  • Sodium bentonite (basically clay)
  • Brewers dried yeast
  • Natural flavors

And that’s it. No chemicals, no ingredients that I can’t pronounce. I like that. The treats come packaged in a resealable bag, but I just fill up my horse treat container, so I don’t need the bag.

The Real Test

So after I opened up the bag and poured them into the treat container, I had to give my horses one a piece to see if they would like them. I wasn’t too concerned with Frisby, he loves everything.

Low Sugar Horse Treats

Ethan would be the real test. And he liked it! And if he likes it, that is proof enough for me that it’s good.

Low Sugar Horse Treats

If you want to try the treats out, you can find them at Riding Warehouse. A 4 lb bag will cost about $10.95. It’s a pretty big bag of treats that hopefully will last a while!

Overall I like the treats because my horses like the treats. Most of the reviews I have found have been positive, so I would consider it to be a good treat. Especially if you are looking for a very low sugar treat for your incredible horse.





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    2 replies to "Nutrigood Low Sugar Horse Treats Review"

    • Healthy Horse

      Looks like a good product! Gotta try that one!

    • Colleen

      Hi there, was looking at reviews for this horse treat to see if anyone had some negative reviews. We just spent hours with a boarder’s horse and the vet after she gave these to her horse and he choked on them. It was awful. The treat got stuck in his throat and the vet finally flushed it out. I told our boarders to throw them out. The are too hard.

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