Colorado Horse Park Horse Shows Are Coming!

I am so sad right now. Because of COVID, there will be no spectating at horse shows this year for me and my good friend Lynda. For the first time since this global shut down began, I am really feeling the effects of COVID-19. Stupid virus.

I mean I could go to the horse show, if I entered as a competitor. But for me, that’s not really a feasible option. Horse shows are an expensive luxury that I can’t really afford right now. And I’m not ready to go to show, and neither is my horse.

But instead of focusing on the negative. I am going to come up with a solution!

No Spectating at Horse Shows this Year

I love going to the Colorado Horse Park. And not as a competitor, but as a spectator. Every year, my friend Lynda and I make a date every weekend for over half of the summer to go watch the shows.

And I was really looking forward to the shows this year, because I have the camera lens I have wanted for years. I finally found one I could afford, bought it and have been practicing with it.

Will Simpson

I was counting down the days to go and maybe, just maybe capture a photo or two of some of my favorite riders, like Will Simpson. Or maybe see our favorite stallion, Southern Pride race around the course.

Grand Prix at the Colorado Horse Park

But nope. Not this year.

According to the USEF, no spectators are allowed to ‘spectate’ or watch shows yet. And I have resolved myself to the fact that this year, I won’t be going to any shows. But that doesn’t mean I need to dwell on that. It is what it is right? And these rules are beyond my control. So no sense in focusing on what I can’t do.

No Spectating at Horse Shows this Year

Instead, I have come up with a plan to have my own backyard horse show at home.

Changing it Up

So for the past two weeks, I have been formulating my plan to participate in my very first horse show. But I’ll be doing it at home.

No Spectating at Horse Shows this Year

And if you follow my Instagram, you have probably seen some of the photos I have been sharing showing my newly refurbished horse jumps. This is all in anticipation of my ‘show’.

I have been working with both of my horses while I have been working my way through Masterclasses, as well as coming up with a horse show plan.

No Spectating at Horse Shows this Year

So far I have my awards, my riding outfit, and a show prizelist ready to go. I am acting as if I were actually going to a show to compete. And in the process, I have been spending a lot more time with my horses.

No Spectating at Horse Shows this Year

Plezant has been getting ridden, and then rewarded with a walk out front to graze. And Frisby has been getting pampered a long with a little work too.

No Spectating at Horse Shows this Year

I have found a really awesome jump course from Practical Horseman when they had their own quarantine horse show. And I have been planning on how I am going to be able to pull this off.

Focusing on the Positive

While I won’t be able to go to the shows this summer, I have decided to stay positive, and focus on what I can control. Of course I am disappointed about not being able to spectate. But I can’t let that consume me. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade right?

No Spectating at Horse Shows this Year

Well, that is what I have been working on. And it has been a lot of fun. A lot of work too, but more fun than work. And I am super excited to have my ‘show’ and share it with you. So keep your eye out for some backyard horse show photos on my Instagram, as well as a complete play by play of how I put this together. It just might help you to come up with your own backyard horse show! And give you something happy to work on over the summer!


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