Do you ever look for horse related items on Amazon? I do. Every time I find something I want to buy, I always look to see if they have it on Amazon. Because I mean, I have Amazon Prime, and I am all about getting my stuff fast. Which I typically do with Amazon, but because of COVID, shipping times have increased with every company I have been ordering from. Which I’m ok with, because I’m still getting really cool things.

But I thought I would share with you the favorite horse or equestrian type things I have bought from Amazon.

I love it when I can find a deal on equestrian ‘things’. And one place that I sho at a lot, yes, even for horse things, is on Amazon. They have everything it seems. So I like to always look on Amazon to see if they have what I am wanting to buy.

Sometimes they have the best deal, which is why I include them in my searching. Below I am sharing with you some of the things I have personally bought from Amazon which I love.

Slick N’ Easy

This should be called a wonder block in my opinion. Because this thing works wonders! I’m not sure what it’s made from, but it is a small block that fits into your hand and it is a fantastic addition to your grooming kit.

If your horse has a dirty spot, or is shedding out, this tool will help get rid of the hair, or even dirt. It also helps to remove bot eggs that can sometimes get on your horse.

shiny horse

And talk about slick, this makes your horse look slick! I don’t know how they do it, but it’s awesome. The block lasts a long time too. And for less than $4.00, the Slick N’ Easy block is well worth it’s price.

Manna Pro Treats

I love Manna Pro treats, and so does Plezant. The reason I like these treats is because of their size.

The treats are small enough for Plezant to manage with his bad teeth. And because they are so small, I can fit a handful of them in my pocket making it easy to get a treat (or two) to give a reward when my horse does the right thing.

And buying them on Amazon is affordable. I can get a 4 lb. bag of treats for around $6.00. That’s less than if I were to make the treats myself. And with Amazon Prime, I can usually get the treats by the next day.

Tribe Cell Phone Arm Band

This thing is so cool. For a long time, I would just shove my phone into my breeches pocket while I am riding. And I do this because I am using the Equilab app, and I am tracking my ride. But my phone is huge, and breeches pockets are tiny.

So I bought this cell phone arm band to keep my phone safe and secure while I ride. It helps so much! It still allows you to use your touch screen and it has a no slip design. So you can still use your phone, and it stays in place while you are riding. It’s easy to put on, and it stays on! It also comes with a lifetime warranty, which to me shows it is definitely sturdy.

Tiger’s Tongue Horse Groomer

I first got one of these in a subscription box, and I thought it was just a strange sponge. But after I used it for bathing my horses, I was sold on it.

The Tiger’s Tongue groomer is a gentle product. It’s super flexible, while still providing an effective deep lather and thorough cleansing of the coat and skin at bath time. It left my horse shiny and squeaky clean and he finally enjoyed bath time! So happy I tried this product out as its my new go-to for bathing. 

But it’s not only for bathing, it works great for every day grooming too.  I use it for a quick first wipe over the body to get hay, dust, hair and light dirt off. It also is effective to remove dried sweat as well as a gentle way to wipe off the face. I absolutely LOVE it for after a ride to help remove the sweat marks off. It is gentle and does the job better than anything else.

Fractionated Coconut oil (with a pump)

I love this coconut oil. Mainly it’s because of the pump that comes with the container. I use this container (and this coconut oil) for the tail serum that I make for my horses.

The pump is made very well. And it has survived being outside in the barn in freezing and hot temperatures with no issues. The pump always works, as long as I have enough of the oil in it!

Neem oil

This is some strong smelling oil. And again, I use it when I am making my DIY tail serum to help my horses tails stay long, grow faster, and stay tangle free. Neem oil is the secret ingredient of my tail serum that I make. It helps keep my horses tails itch free. And it’s also an insect repellent. So by rubbing in the tail serum, the horses swat at flies, and some of the oil gets onto their bodies, which helps to keep the flies away.

It has a really strong smell. So if you don’t want your hands to smell like neem oil for days, I would recommend wearing gloves when you apply it. But if you want your horses tail to be tangle free, grow fast, and help to keep the bugs away, I can’t recommend neem oil enough. This stuff works!

Castor Oil

Castor oil is the last of the ingredients I use for my tail serum. And the NOW Castor oil is affordable, and effective. Castor oil is a very useful oil when it comes to making your own DIY concoctions for yourself, or your horses. It’s a very effective carrier oil, which you need when mixing essential oils. If you want the recipe for the DIY Tail Serum, just click the link.

Lightweight aluminum stirrups

Now these aren’t the version I bought, mine are silver. But I LOVE these stirrups! At one time I thought I needed the stirrups that have the flexible sides. But after using these, I will never use any other stirrups. They are that good. And seeing these in rose gold? Wow. I love the color! Makes me want to buy them in rose gold!

These are fashioned after Jin anatomical stirrups. But the ‘real’ Jin stirrups are expensive at around $184.00 a pair.

They are amazing though. And I am very happy that I have switched to this type of stirrup. I’m not sure if they are legal in the hunter ring, but for schooling, and every day riding they are just fine.

Grooma Rubber Groomer

This little groomer is a wonderful curry comb, while providing a massage for your horse at the same time. Grooma was the first company to make this fantastic grooming tool. And it’s still affordably at around $11.00. And if the big one is a little much, they make a smaller version too.

And this grooming tool lasts a long time. Over time, the nubs to wear down. But the groomer still works wonderfully. And being made from all rubber, it’s super easy to clean too!

Ubeezie tripod for iPhone

This thing is AMAZING! I LOVE this tripod. I love it so much, that I have been predominately using this for all of my filming. It fits my Pivo (robotic camera man like Soloshot but a LOT cheaper) perfectly. It’s very lightweight, and I can use it like a selfie stick, or set it up like a tripod.

I can take photos of myself with my phone by using the remote control that comes with the tripod. It is seriously awesome. And it’s helped me to be able to get more shots of me with my horse, instead of always just snapping photos of the horses while I am doing something with them, but just getting the horse. If you are looking for an affordable (around $26.00) tripod that you will use, I high;y recommend the Ubeezie tripod. It is awesome.

Fishing Scale

I know, this sounds weird. But it’s awesome, I promise. I use this fishing scale when I am weighing my horses feed. Every morning and every night. I want to make sure they are getting the same amount of feed, so I hook up the fishing scale to whatever it is I am feeding. Whether it’s supplements or actual feed (hay, beet pulp).

The hook makes it easy for me to hang a hay net on it, or even a bucket. This way I know how much my horses are getting at every feeding. And the scale helps me to be consistent with their feed. It’s been a game changer!

Knotty Girlz Halter

I love rope halters. But I don’t like paying a small fortune for a rope halter because it has a clinician’s name on it. As long as it works, that’s what I care about.

My Favorite Equestrian Items I bought on Amazon

And I have bought several rope halters from Knotty Girlz, and I love them. They have lasted just as long as the ‘name brand’ halter I got as a Christmas gift. And I love that I can have matching sets of lead ropes, and halters, and still pay less than the cost of one ‘name brand’ halter.

Knotty Girlz 14 foot yacht rope lead

And the 14 foot lead rope that goes with the halter is pretty awesome too. And just like the halters, the lead rope comes in lots of different colors, as well as different lengths.

So if I ever need a new long lead rope, Knotty Girlz is my go to brand.

My Favorite Equestrian Items I bought on Amazon

My Favorite Equestrian Items I bought on Amazon

So there you have it! These are equestrian related items I have personally bought myself on Amazon. And they are totally worth their cost, in my opinion. Maybe you have thought about buying some of these things yourself. Or maybe I have given you some ideas of things you may want to buy. Whatever the case, I hope you found this helpful. Oh, and as always, this post does include affiliate links. Which means if you make a purchase I may receive a small commission from your purchase.


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