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Kiss My Horse XOXO Detangler and Shine Review

Since it is getting to be time to start thinking about what to ask for Christmas, I thought I would give you a review of a really great product I found. XOXO Shine and Detangler Spray by Kiss My Horse. I first learned of this product when I got it in my monthly Saddle Box subscription box. XOXO Shine and Detangler is the absolute best product I have found to detangle my horses’ manes and tails.

On The Hunt

I am always on the lookout for an incredible grooming product which works great, makes my horses look great, and is affordable. And when I got the sample size of this product, of course I had to try it out!

Kiss My Horse XOXO Detangler and Shine

I love this product! First, I love the way it smells. I know, that shouldn’t be a reason to buy a product, but for me it is. Pair that with the way this stuff works, and you have a winning product.

Kiss My Horse XOXO Detangler and Shine

Even the bottle is great. I have never had any issues with the sprayer clogging up, or the product not coming out easily. The sprayer creates a really fine mist that covers the tail well, and being so fine of a mist, the product is distributed very evenly over my horses tail, even if it is windy.

Kiss My Horse XOXO Detangler and Shine

For me, this is important. I have used many detanglers, and they don’t come out of the sprayer as a fine mist. I can see the product bead up on my horses tails, and it doesn’t coat evenly. But the XOXO spray performs perfectly in this area.

And you don’t have to wait to comb this through your horse’s tail. With other products I have found I need to wait a few minutes before I brush through it, but not this one. Once you spray it you can easily comb it through the long tail hairs. And most importantly, when you brush through the tail, the brush or comb just glides through with no effort. This means it doesn’t pull out those precious hairs.

Best Mane and Tail Detangler Ever

Frisby has a very fine mane and tail. So I don’t want to pull out a single hair. Ethan on the other hand has a super thick and bushy mane and tail. This presents its own set of problems. His hair is so thick, that it tangles easily, and I can end up ripping out a lot of hair. But even with his thick hair, the XOXO detangler makes it easy for the brush to glide right through.

Kiss My Horse XOXO Detangler and Shine

Another great feature is how long the product lasts on my horses. 3 days after I sprayed it on their manes and tails, I can still get my brush through easily. It lasts a long time when it is applied, which means I don’t have to apply it very frequently.

So far, I have only been able to find the product through Mrs. Conns website. But that’s ok. They ship fast, and my bottle arrived to me packaged very well.

Great Gift Idea

If you are searching for something to ask for this holiday season, I highly recommend you ask for this detangler. It works great, is affordable, and I think once you try it, you’ll be hooked. I bought a bottle of it in July, and I just recently finished the bottle. And I groom my horses a lot, so to have a product last 4 months is impressive.

Kiss My Horse Products

They also have a shampoo and conditioner which are also great. I got 2 oz. sample sizes, and they are so concentrated, I haven’t even used them up yet. And in my most recent Saddle Box subscription box I got a Kiss My Horse braiding spray that I am really looking forward to trying out. With the colder weather, I haven’t used it yet, but if it is as good as their other products, I am sure it will be great.

Kiss My Horse XOXO Detangler and Shine

I wish they had the 2 oz. sample sizes available on their website to purchase, because they would make great stocking stuffers. But the full-sized products are affordable, especially for how well they work. So I guess I will just have to ask my family to buy me the full sized bottles for Christmas. It’s good to have options as far as asking for gifts, and I will definitely be putting the XOXO Shine and Detangler on my Christmas list.

Kiss My Horse XOXO Detangler and Shine

I did do a google search to find the smaller sizes, and to see if bigger tack stores sell the products, but to get the lowest prices go directly to Mrs  Conns website, or Facebook page. This is a fantastic product line for horse’s that seems to be difficult to find in the regular horse stores. But if you are looking for a great gift for your favorite equestrian, or even yourself, you really should try this product!

Kiss My Horse XOXO Detangler and Shine


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

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