Have you ever heard of WISH? It’s basically buying stuff from China for cheap, and then waiting for it to come to you.

I Bought Riding Boots on Wish

And I know, I know, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. But I can never take that good advice for myself. Nope, I have to find out the hard way if something is to good to be true. And spoiler alert, that advice should be heeded.

But being a glutten for punishment, I found these boots on Wish, and I just had to see if they were the real deal, or a waste of money. You know, share my results with more people, so they will know too. Because I did try and find reviews, and pictures of these boots by others, and I couldn’t find any. I mean I found the 1 star reviews, but there were no photos for me to judge for myself.

So not only did my curiosity get the better of me, but I had to do this. I consider it a public service announcement, so others could ‘see’ what these boots are really like.

How Did I Even Find These Boots?

I have no idea what I was doing online, but I think I was on Instagram, and this ad popped up.

I Bought Riding Boots on Wish

And I was like, wait a minute….these look really cool! And they were a fantastic deal. The ad said the boots were 80% off, making them $15.00 (plus shipping of course). What???!?!? Tall riding boots for $15.00???!?!? So now my curiosity was really peaked, along with my excitement. I didn’t need another pair of boots. I have my favorite Ariats that I bought second hand off of eBay 5 years ago for $75.00. And I have a new back up pair of Ariats that I again bought off of eBay for $85.00.

I Bought Riding Boots on Wish

So I didn’t need another pair of tall boots. But, the excitement got to me, and I punched in my size and color. And, shocker, the price went from $15.00 to $34.00. But now I was committed, and I wanted the boots. So all in, I spent $43.00. Not bad for a pair of tall boots, or so I thought.

I ordered them on September 16, 2019, and then had to wait for them to be delivered. They came from China, so it took a while. The boots arrived on October 2, 2019. Not too bad really, I mean they came from China. But while I was expecting a big box, this is how my boots came:

I Bought Riding Boots on Wish

This was my first indication about the quality of the boots. The second was the weight of the package. It is super light. And I remember when I got my second hand boots, I couldn’t bend the boots because I mean, they are made from leather. A new pair of tall boots made from leather should not be able to be this flexible.

Wish Tall Riding Boots

And then I opened the package….

I Bought Riding Boots on Wish

Um, wow? And not wow in a good way. Just wow. I started laughing.

 First, when I opened the package I was hit with a really strong chemical smell, like some sort of plastic. Then when I saw the boots, they looked nothing like the ones advertised. Oops, I didn’t ‘unfold’ the upper flap of the boots.

wish boots

I was laughing really hard at this point, these are pretty comical.

buying riding boots on WISH

There are no zipper covers, like there are in the ad. And the zipper itself, well it reminds me of boots my mom bought me at Payless shoes when I was 8. There is no way this zipper will last.

And these boots can’t even be worn as a fashion boot, the calf is so huge, that the top portion of the ‘leather’ (I use that term loosely) isn’t snug, and there is a gap between my leg and the boot.

These things are ridiculous. Maybe you could use them for a Halloween costume? They might make it through a night, but I doubt it.

Comparison of Real and Wannabe Boots

And just in case you are still undecided, and thinking that maybe these boots are worth the risk, here are some comparisons.

I Bought Riding Boots on Wish

I have my well worn and very used $75.00 Ariat boots as an example to compare the impostor riding boots with. I think you can tell from the photos, the impostor boot isn’t as tall as the traditional boot.

cheap impostor riding boots

There is no spur rest, the leg is not fitted, and they are just bad.

Don’t Buy Riding Boots From Wish

The moral of the story, don’t ever, ever, EVER buy riding boots from Wish. If you are looking for a bargain, check out eBay and buy a second hand pair of quality boots.

I Bought Riding Boots on Wish

And with Christmas coming, I worry that someone may see the misleading ads for riding boots, see the price and then buy them for their favorite equestrian, not really knowing what they are getting. If you are thinking about doing this, PLEASE DON’T!!!!!

These boots are laughable at best, and a complete waste of money. Do you see the toe of the boot in the picture above? I bent down on the floor for a second, the toe of the boot collapsed and stayed stuck down.

They may resemble riding boots, but they aren’t. And they aren’t even cute fashion boots!

I Bought Riding Boots on Wish

I would think that this would be illegal. You shouldn’t be able to advertise really cool photos, and mislead consumers by selling them something completely different. Because the boots I was sent (above photo) look nothing like the ones that were advertised.

Not even a good copy, or replica, knock off, or whatever you want to call it.

Hopefully this will help you NOT to buy equestrian items, or really any items from Wish. If I can save just one person from buying these boots, I will consider it a win.

not riding boots

Now I need to find something to do with these boots. Maybe a planter? Or some sort of decoration for the holidays. I’m not sure. But I know I will never be wearing these boots around the barn!


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

    4 replies to "I Bought Riding Boots on Wish"

    • Susan

      Hi Lisa!

      Besides poor quality WISH also steals artists paintings, etc. They someone get ahold of a painting and copy it. They do not pay the artist a dime and pass these cheap copies off as discounted originals. Most artists work hard to barely scrap by. A well-know equine artist, Elise Genest, can attest to this. Stay away from WISH!!!

    • Ashley

      The boots they have pictured are the Mountain Horse Opus boots. Which are on sale on some websites, but not for $15!

    • Dalai-Roebuck

      Thanks for sharing! As equestrians, we demand a lot of our riding boots. We need our boots to be highly durable but also comfortable. And they need to look great. A quality pair of horseback riding boots can be a significant investment, but if we know that we’ll use them for years and years, it’s worth it. I’ll definitely steer clear of Wish & check out eBay. Dalai-Roebuck

    • Mary Ellen Gilbert

      I “WISH” I had seen all this information two weeks ago. I bought TWO PAIR.
      DAH!!! As I looked at the SCAM AD, I thought this looks to good to be true.
      BUT…….I fell for it. Now feeling really
      Ridiculous for not checking it out first. And, I don’t have either crappy pair of boots

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