How To Make A Unique Personalized Stall Sign For Your Horse

How to make a stall nameplate

I do this a lot. But I can justify it because I have a lot of extra wood and I hate to throw anything away. So instead of throwing away spare pieces of wood, I make signs for my horses. This is also a fun way to make some extra money, you can make fun stall signs and sell them!

But for me, I just like to make things for my horses, so I have a new fun stall sign, so my horses know which stall is his. (Just kidding)

But seriously, it is very simple to make a name plate for your horse’s stall. You can use any size of wood scrap you have, but I have a lot of 1 x 4 lumber remnants, so most of the time this is what I use.

I cut the wood to around 12” long. And drilled some holes for attaching the finished product to my horse’s stalls.

Then I lightly sanded each piece of wood.

For these signs, I used raw wood, meaning I did not stain the wood first.

How To Make A Unique Personalized Stall Sign For Your Horse

And then I just painted all sides of the wood. For these signs I used white acrylic paint.

Once they were dry, I made my own stencil using my Cricut machine. This is an older model that I got on ebay for around $165.00 a few years ago, and you can still find them on places like Amazon for around the same price. This machine has paid for itself because I have made different wood signs to sell, and with this new pattern, I think I may end up making some more stall signs to sell again, because this is just so much fun, and they weren’t that hard to make.

Then, I bought some pony size horse shoes to add a fun element to the signs.

I had some gold spray paint, so I sprayed the horse shoes gold, but you can make them whatever color you like.

While the horse shoes were drying, I used my homemade stencil and painted my horses names on each of the wood pieces.

How To Make A Unique Personalized Stall Sign For Your Horse

And then I added a little bit of glitter to each sing to give them a little extra bling.

Then while the paint was drying on the signs, I brought the horse shoes inside to attach to the name plates.

How To Make A Unique Personalized Stall Sign For Your Horse

After everything was dried on the stall sign, I gave all sides a coat of mod-podge. This will protect the signs from the elements, and it also seals the wood so my horses don’t get to excited about chewing on the wood.

Unique Equestrian Gift

And then I attached the horse shoes to the stall signs using some gorilla glue hot glue sticks, they seem pretty secure. Time will tell once I hang them up outside.

And after allowing plenty of time for the signs to dry, I hung them up on my horse’s stalls.

How To Make A Unique Personalized Stall Sign For Your Horse

Each stall sign cost me around $6.00 to make. Not too bad when you consider buying one pre-made will run around $30.00. And I was able to make both of them in an afternoon.

They are original, and so much fun! Not very traditional, but I’m not a truly traditional equestrian. I like individuality, and I like being able to craft something unique and original, just like me.


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

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    • Donnie

      I love that font, what font did you use?

      • Lisa

        Hi Donnie,
        The cartridge I used was the Cricut Everyday Fonts, and they don’t have names on the fonts themselves in the book, but it is F1 on that cartridge 🙂

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