How Busy Is Busy?

I have had a lot of people ask me how I manage to do everything it is that I do on a daily basis. And I think the simple answer to that is, I like to stay busy. And well, I am really busy.

setting goals and making the most of the time you have

I work a full time day job, which requires me to commute 2 hours a day to work. I continue my education for my career (I’m a Registered Nurse), I have 2 horses, 2 dogs, a cat, and about 15 chickens. We have 2 acres of property that needs to be kept up along with the house. I also post on this blog, and I have a YouTube channel. And help my husband with his website where we have a weekly podcast, and I am continually coming up with new DIY projects that I need to make time for. Oh, and did I mention that I build horse jumps, and write books too?

horse jump book

Yeah, I think I qualify as being busy. But I have always been busy. Before I was lucky enough to meet my husband and his kiddos, I was a single mom to 3 incredible children who have now turned into some pretty great adults. Which I would like to think I had a part of making happen. But when I was a single mom, I didn’t get child support. I had to support our family with 2 jobs while I went to school to become a nurse.

how to stay busy

But now that our children are all grown up and moving on with their adult lives, that has freed up some time for me to do what I do now. So I do have time for my horses, and everything else. And not having to leave my home to work 2 jobs, and go to school now gives me some extra time too.

I am also fortunate enough that my husband works from home. This takes a lot of pressure off of me as far as housework, shopping and even buying hay or standing with the horse when the farrier comes. (Thanks Dale!)

setting goals and staying positive

And I could go to work, come home, make dinner and then watch TV. But I have bigger ambitions than that. Which is why I wanted to share this with you. To show you that if you want to achieve anything, you can with work and dedication.

Time Management

I think my secret is I am fairly good at managing my time. And I do this by continually planning for what comes next. Meaning as I am working on one thing, I am planning for what comes next. Like the next day, the next week, and even the upcoming year. I am always looking ahead. No sense in living in the past right? So I look forward to what I want to do next.

We all have a finite amount of time every day. I just choose to make the most of that time by planning on how I am going to use it. Learning how to manage your time well will actually help you to free up time, and make more of it because you are using it efficiently.

how I do what I do

For example, I want to plan for the upcoming week. I already know that I have to work Monday through Friday. With the exception of Tuesday this week. I get Tuesday off because our office is closed on New Year’s Day. (Oh yeah, bonus time!) I always leave Monday evening open, because it is nice to come home after the first work day of the week and not have a plan.

List For Everything

setting goals and planning for success

And in order to keep all of my projects and plans in order, I do one of my most favorite things for planning, I make lists! By writing everything that’s in my head down on paper, it free’s up more space in my brain for new ideas. And once my ideas are written down, I just keep the list, and check things off when I am done. There is something really satisfying about crossing things of a list. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself.

I make lists for EVERYTHING. Weekly to do lists, monthly to do lists, projects, blog post ideas, video ideas, money making ideas, and well, you get the idea. I always have a spiral notebook available to make new lists. And I revisit the lists I have already made. Because once I write it down, it’s out of my head and off my plate so to speak.

So then I can go back and look at my list to figure out what my plan is for the day, month or even season. And I don’t limit myself in my list building process. If there is something I want to achieve, I write it down.

Did you know that it has been proven if you write something down, you are more likely to make it happen? This is why I try and write everything down. If it’s important enough for me to write down, it is important enough to work toward.

Try To Accomplish One Thing Every Day

A good way to start your journey to getting things done is to start small. Don’t set out to accomplish a million things. Just do one thing each and every day. If your ultimate goal is to go to a horse show this summer, start a list with that goal at the top of the page. And then write down smaller goals that you will do in order to reach that big goal. Then keep that list in a place where you will see it every day, and pick one thing, just one thing to do that day.

Before you know it, you will be able to reach your ultimate goal.

And this is how I get done what I get done every day. I start with small goals that will lead up to my ultimate goal. And sometimes I create off shoot goals.

Another example of this is when I wanted to build my riding arena. I worked up to the ultimate arena that I wanted. It didn’t happen over night, but it did happen.

building a riding arena

Now all of this being said, it’s one thing to plan, but in order for your plan to come to be, you have to do. Meaning you actually have to do something about it. This is why committing to doing just one thing a day works so well. You aren’t planning on getting everything on your list done in one day. But you are making the commitment to doing one thing every day to get to your goal. Does that make sense? I hope so!

Having A Positive Attitude

I think this is the most important thing to keep in mind when you want to accomplish something. You need to stay in a positive frame of mind. Sure crap happens. We all have bad days. But dwelling on the bad, and not looking for the good will just suck you down. Don’t let the negativity creep in. Stay positive, and believe in yourself. Remember, you can do anything you decide you can do.

So as we get into the new year, why not set some goal for yourself? I already have mine set, and the little mini goals that will help propel me to the ultimate goal.

When setting your goals remember to do the following things:

  1. Stay positive
  2. Use your time wisely
  3. Make lists
  4. Set realistic goals, and mini goals
  5. Do one thing every single day
  6. Celebrate your success
a red barn

If you can commit yourself fully to these 6 steps, I can promise you will be happy with your results. Now get planning, and dream big!


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

    2 replies to "How I Do What I Do, Every Day"

    • Sue

      Just discovered your website and so glad ! I too am an RN and work Mon-Fri in a General/Specialty Surgical office. Last year put a small arena on our 5 acres and added lights to ride after work and chores. My Warmblood is currently at the trainers for a tune up, have decided to sell him and buy a hunter. Always looking for ways to change up the few jumps I have but needing to build some wings. Going to look at your site for instructions.

      • Lisa

        Hi Sue 🙂
        Welcome! I hope you are able to find lots of different ideas for building some jumps, and good luck with finding your new horse!

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