Horse Tack For Sale!

horse tack for sale

Well, I FINALLY have found my dream saddle. Actually, I have finally found a way to afford buying my dream saddle. And what does that mean you might be wondering. Well, that means I am selling a bunch of my horse tack. So, Horse tack for sale!!!!

Let me go back a couple of years…..

A few years ago, when we were allowed to go to spectate at horse shows, I stopped at the Voltaire booth. And I had the opportunity to sit in a Palm Beach saddle. It was amazing. When I sat in that saddle, I felt like I was ‘one’ with the tack. And it was at that moment that I started concocting a way that I would be able to afford buying one.

But committing to purchasing a Voltaire saddle, well that was a hard sell for me.

horse tack for sale

With a price tag of around $5000, I didn’t see a way of how I could make that happen, let alone justifying the purchase. But that doesn’t mean I had given up on my dream of having a Voltaire saddle of my own.

Finding Ways to Make Money for Tack

So over the past several years, I have been searching for an affordable second hand option to make it happen. And I have finally found the perfect saddle. (More on that later) And even though it is about half the cost of a new Voltaire, its still expensive at $2550.00. So that means I need to come up with $2550 plus tax for my saddle. Which means eBay, here I come.

horse tack for sale

I walked into my tack room with a fresh look, looking at stuff to sell. And if you have seen my tack room, you know I have a lot of stuff. This was made evident to me when my friend and her husband came over one day. And she was thinking #goals and her husband said my tack room looked like a tack store. That made me realize how much tack that I have, and a lot of it I don’t even use. My brain put 2 and 2 together, and I decided this is how I was going to earn enough money to buy my dream saddle.

Horse Tack For Sale

So I got busy going through everything, and finding what I could bear to part with, and there was a lot.

I go through tack buying spurts. I usually buy a lot, and then sell a lot. But lately, I haven’t been selling. I have just been collecting! And the time has come to purge and sell. Because I have a target goal in mind. I need to make enough for the new saddle purchase, plus tax, as well as enough for the seller fees.

Now for me, this is therapy. Not only am I getting rid of the excess, and cleaning out my tack room, but I will be able to make a large purchase using money from stuff I already have. To me, it’s recycling money, so I’m not really spending money, sort of. Does that make sense? #LisaMath

Horse Tack For Sale

You might be wondering what I am selling. Well there is a lot.

I have saddle pads for sale and some bridles too

Oh and I have listed some bits too! This is just one example of many.

And then there are the ear bonnets I don’t use

A couple of girths, all in the 50″ and above category.

Some breast collars

Several pair of breeches

A grooming kit with brushes, combs and other necessities

And of course I don’t need 4 saddles. So I have listed my Dover Saddlery Premier Victory saddle for sale too.

I was a little torn at selling it. But if I don’t need it, why keep it? I thought it would be better to give someone else the opportunity to have a nice saddle, and save a little money in the process. Remember Lisa math?

And then lots of other random stuff.

If you are looking for horse tack, or other random stuff you can go to my eBay page and look around. My eBay account is actually my husbands. We both use it, but I’m the one that does all of the selling usually. Our account is dalegood72 and you can look us up and buy some horse tack!


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

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