A few years ago I joined a blog hop that was started by Rhiannon at The Horse is Not Black. And while I was looking through my archive of blog posts, I thought it would be fun to update my getting summertime ready Q&A. Because I do know with certainty that one day, we will get back to normal. And because it’s just fun to think ahead to summer, when all of this COVID crap is behind us.

Getting Summertime Ready

We will be able to horse show, or go out to dinner with our family and take a riding lesson or two. Yep, life will return to normal. And I want to be ready when it does!

So I have a few tips and tricks for what I do in order to get ready for summertime!


As a horse person, summer is my favorite season of the year. The days are long, the temperature is high (but not too high in Colorado thankfully) and there are horse shows to spectate. So let’s get to the questions shall we?

What are your Summer Goals?

While I would love to say compete in a horse show, I know that won’t happen. Well, not a live horse show anyway. But one of my biggest goals for the summer is to place in Global Showing competition that spans over 6 months. Meaning, all of the shows you participate in from January through June have points attached to the placings. My biggest goal is to place in the top 10 of the accumulator period.

Online Horse Showing

So far, I only have 18 points. But I only started entering shows in March. So I have some catching up to do. Right now the top person has 121 points. But all the way down to 10th place it’s only 42 points. So if I can get my rear end into gear, I think I can make it happen.

For April’s show I have 8 entries, and I have 8 more photos to submit, and 2 video classes I want to enter. That would give me 18 potential placings which would really boost up my points.

Getting Summertime Ready

But that’s not my only goal for this summer. I have a few more to work on:

  • Walk, trot and canter with Plezant
  • Go on a trail ride
  • Spectate at all of the shows at the horse park
  • Get new sand for my arena

Not a lot of goals, but some. I am learning that I don’t need a huge list of goals. Just a few that I can really concentrate on is better for me.

Do You Have any Tips or Tricks for Fly Control?

Oh yes. I have LOADS of tips and tricks for fly control! So many in fact that I have written several blog posts about it! But if I had to limit it to a couple to post here I would say the most important thing I do to decrease flies is to use a feed through fly larvacide. I use Simplifly. I have used it for years and it works.

My Favorite Fly Products

And using a fly spray that really works is important too. My favorite fly spray is Fly Spray 44, or Formula 44 fly spray. I have seen it both ways, or my brain is playing tricks on me. And it can be challenging to find. Luckily Amazon always seems to have it in the quart size.

And one more thing that I always use to keep the fly population down is to hang up Bug Pellent hangers in my horses stalls. I love these things! They have beeswax pellets that have been soaked in a blend of essential oils and it smells incredible.

They aren’t the least expensive, but once you have the hangers, the replacement cartridges are cheaper at around $10.00. But to me, they are well worth the investment.

How Often Do You Bathe Your Horse?

During the summer, I bathe my horses probably once a week. But if the temperature is over 80 degrees when I get home from work, I will spray them down to cool them off.

I found a really neat spray on shampoo that makes it so easy to bathe my horses more frequently. It comes in a container that I attach to the hose, and then I can give my horse a bath without ever scrubbing him.

Getting Summertime Ready

It’s called eZall Total Body Wash Spray Shampoo and this stuff works great! I don’t have to scrub at all. Which is helpful if you are wanting to just give your horse a quick bath. It makes bath time easier, and faster too.

Which is why I started using this shampoo spray in the first place. Fast and easy, my two favorite words when it comes to giving a horse a bath! Another benefit of the spray shampoo is that it isn’t drying to the coat. So I can use it once a week, and not worry about drying out my horses skin or coats.

What Are You Doing During Lock Down with Your Horses?

I changed this question, because well, of the times we are currently in. But during the stay at home order, I am following the order. I am so fortunate that my horses are home with me, and we are staying home. I am still working with my horses. Actually more now. And keeping things extra clean. But I am mainly staying on my own property and coming up with fun things to do with my horses.

Getting Summertime Ready

For example, I am using my Noelle Flyod membership a lot to give myself lessons with each of my horses. And I am taking them both for walks around our property. We have hills to work, and lots of different sights for them to take in.

What is Your Favorite Way to Beat the Heat?

A couple of things come to mind when I think about staying cool during the heat of the day. First, I ride early or late in the day when it’s cooler. It’s easiest for me to ride in the late evening. I can come home from work, give the horses a hay net with a couple of flakes of hay, and then ride at around 7:30 or so, then give them their grain after that. It seems to work well for me and my horses.

Getting Summertime Ready

I also like to cool them down by spraying them off with a nice cool spray of water every evening when its super hot.

And also take milk jugs that have been filled with water and then frozen water and put them in their water tank. It does help to keep the water a little cooler.

Getting Summertime Ready

And when I’m riding, I really like to wear either sun shirts, or better yet a non-equestrian sun shirt that I found on Amazon for $17.00. They have both short sleeve and long sleeve versions of this shirt in lots of different colors. So if you want to make a matchy-matchy ensemble for you and your horse, you can!

Do You Do Anything to Prevent Your Horse from Sun Bleaching?

Since I’m not showing my horses, I am not to concerned with sun bleaching. But I do feed them Omega Fields’s Horseshine. And I really think this helps to prevent their coats from fading over the summer.

Getting Summertime Ready

I LOVE Horseshine. I have talked about it a lot in previous blog posts. But it really does work, and I think it does help so my horses stay shiny, and glossy even in the summertime.

Getting Summertime Ready

If you have never tried it before, or can’t find it locally it is available on Amazon. And if you have a Prime membership – it ships free! The price is about the same when I buy it locally, but I am super happy to see that Amazon has it too. This makes it much easier to remember to buy it online. Well, for me anyways.

How Hot is Too Hot for You to Ride?

This is a good question. I really am a fair weather rider. So I would say if it is over 90 degrees, or the heat index hits 90 it’s too hot for me to ride. But where I live, that doesn’t happen a whole lot.

So like I said earlier, I tend to save my rides for later in the evening, about an hour before sunset. Because once the sun starts to go down, or gets close, the temperature here drops pretty quickly. Which makes it the perfect time to saddle up and ride for 45 minutes or so.

How Important is Sun Protection for you in General?

For me, sun protection is something I do no matter what. I always wear a face moisturizer with SPF. My favorite is Oil of Olay Total Effects Moisturizer. It’s only 15 SPF, but it seems to work really well. I never get sunburned while I’m wearing it. I do try and remember to put it on my neck too, but sometimes forget.

Getting Summertime Ready

I also always wear a hat, or my riding helmet unless I’m taking pictures for my blog or making a video. And I will typically wear clothing with sun protection.

As I get older, I am learning that I really hate wrinkles. So I do everything I can to keep those little lines away. I know, not the most important reason to protect myself from the sun. But hopefully the things I do not only help to prevent wrinkles and aging skin, but also help to prevent skin cancer too.

Have You Ever Gone Swimming with Your Horse?

Nope. And it’s not on my to do list. I am a safety freak. And the idea of getting into a lake, or the ocean with a horse isn’t my idea of fun. The closest I will get to swimming with my horse is to give him a bath with a hose.

Shopping Time – What’s One Thing You Want to Buy for the Summer?

If there was one thing to buy for the summer, it would be one of those fancy brims for my riding helmet.

Getting Summertime Ready Q&A Equivisor for riders

It’s called an EquiVisor and Amazon has it for the same price as SmartPak. It’s only $35.99. And definitely something I will be buying in the next month or so before the price goes up.

Being able to keep the sun out of my face all the time when I’m riding is something I would love to have. I did buy a cheaper version a couple of years ago. But I should have just waited and bought the real deal.

Getting Summertime Ready Q&A

Well that’s it! Those are my questions and answers for getting summertime ready for 2020, in the midst of a stay at home order. Some of my answers have changed a little from the last time I answered them. If your curious, you can find my answers from way back in May 2017 here.

How about you? What are you dreaming about for this summer? Right now, I’m just dreaming of warmer temperatures. Because as I right this post, this is what it looks like outside at my house right now….

The middle of April and it’s 20 degrees outside. And it’s snowing. Awwww springtime in Colorado! So needless to say, I will not be riding today. But instead, daydreaming about summertime!

If you have a blog, and want to share your answers, leave a link to your blog so we can all learn from each other, and get ready for hopefully a very happy (and healthy) summer!


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

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