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Get Ready Fly Season Is Coming

Depending on where you live in the world fly season may still be a while away. But for others, it may already be in full swing. And I don’t know about you, but I HATE flies. So I am doing what I can now to cut down on flies later this summer. So lets get ready, fly season is coming!

In Colorado, it might seem a little early to be thinking about fly season. But hey, let’s face facts. Summer will be here before we know it. And well, with everything going on in the world today, we all have lots of time at home. Am I right?!?!?!

So I want to share with you my top 3 products that I absolutely love, and use every summer.

Feed Supplements

feed through fly control

One of the best ways I have found to keep the fly population down is a feed through fly larvacide. I have been feeding my horses Simplifly for the past several years with very good results. And you may be wondering is this safe to feed your horse? I can tell you from using it, it’s safe. I have not had any issues with feeding this to my horses. The Diflubenzuron (the active ingredient of Simplifly) is not processed by the horse when he eats it. Rather, it gets to work when it passes out of your horse, in his manure.

And if your curious how it works, let me tell you. A larvacide works by changing the structure of the fly before it able to reproduce. the insect growth regulator in the pellets prevent the formation of fly larvae exoskeletons when they molt, resulting in their death. This interrupts the fly life cycle, which in turn limits the fly population. How awesome is that???!

I love this stuff, and always make a point to use it all summer long. In my opinion, this makes the biggest difference in keeping the fly population low. At least on my property. But that being said, you have to follow the rules if you want it to work. This means if you have multiple horses on your property, they ALL have to be getting Simplifly. Because if there is one horse who isn’t getting it, he will be producing manure that flies will breed in. So make sure you have all horses on your property on this supplement. Otherwise you are wasting your money.

But if you really want to cut out the flies this summer, I really encourage you to give Simplifly a try. It really works.

Fly Spray

Even if you have implemented a feed through larvacide program, there will still be a few flies. And your horses could benefit from having a fly spray. I have made many DIY fly sprays that work fairly well. But the absolute best fly spray I have found was recommended by my farrier. It’s called Fly Spray 44 and it’s made by Fiebings.

This stuff works! Believe me, I have tried almost every fly spray ever made for horses, and this one is the best hands down. I tried it last summer when I was frustrated with how aggressive the flies were getting. And one day when we went to the feed store, I saw it, so I figured I would try it out. Best decision ever. And even though I only had the quart size, it lasted me over a month. I have never had a fly spray last that long. So even though it’s a little on the expensive side ($24.02 on Amazon) it is worth it, because you will buy less fly spray!

It can be challenging to find though. But this could have been because I was looking for it in December. Amazon has it in the quart size. And so does True Value. I was able to find it in a gallon size at Midland Hardware online, for $51.09 so that was where I bought it last time. This way I am ready for the summertime flies!

And this fly spray is a little different than what you are probably using now. It is oil based.  Which will give your horse’s coat a nice glow. And you don’t need very much of it. A little bit goes a long way.  It also lasts a long time. I can spray this on my horses in the morning, and they will be fly free and happy come dinner time. Believe me, once you try this spray, you will never use another one because this stuff works!

Bug Pellent Hangers

I always know summertime is here when I can walk out to my barn and smell the essential oils of my bug pellent hangers. It makes me happy. Of all of the products Bug Pellent makes, the hangers are my absolute favorite.

When you first buy the hangers, they cost about $18.00 each. And then when you need refills, you can get a two pack for about $22.00. Which is good for me, because I have 2 hanging in my barn right now. Well, I should say I HAD 2 hanging in my barn.

Plezant is really tall, and has a neck like a giraffe. So my two Bug Pellent hangers that were hanging in the barn have been destroyed. SO this year I have to buy 2 new hangers, and figure out some place to hang Plezant’s out of his reach. Which could prove to be challenging.

BugPellent refill pack

But, it’s worth it. The hangers help to keep the flying critters out of the barn, even though it has an open front. And it just smells so good! They are getting challenging to find though. And maybe this is because it’s the wrong time of year, or retailers have just decided to stop carrying them. But I was able to find the hangers, as well as the refills at Horse.Com.

My Favorite Fly Products

Ok, so those are my most favorite things that I use for keeping the flies away all summer long. And If you want to learn about the other things you can do to keep the flies away, check out this blog post I wrote telling you how to protect your horse from flies this summer!


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