Finding The Best Horse Shine Product

Testing Out Horse Shine Sprays

I am always on the hunt for a new favorite, regardless of what it is. This is especially true when it comes to shine sprays for my horses. And not just a spray that adds shine, but one that will help to repel dust, and limit manure stains. Something that will make grooming easier.

So I had the bright idea to buy a lot of different shine sprays for horses and compare them. That is what this post is all about. So if you have been in the hunt for the most perfect shine spray, or to find out about one that you have never seen, this post has been custom made for you.

Most of the sprays I tested I bought deliberately, and two of them I was going to buy, but then they came in my monthly horse subscription boxes. The products that I tested are:

  • Healthy HairCare Silverado Coat Gloss Spray
  • Stubben Rose & Green Tea Coat Shine Mane/Tail Detangler
  • Absorbine Santa Fe Coat Conditioner & Sunscreen Spray
  • Healthy HairCare Horse Moisturizer Concentrate
  • Cowboy Magic Body Shine
  • Show Sheen
  • Effol Super Star Shine Spray
  • Vetrolin Hair Polish
  • Shapley’s Magic Sheen

And I tested each of these products out over several days, and in between bathing of my horses. Because I wanted to be able to give my true opinions of each of the products, without them helping each other out.


Healthy HairCare Silverado Coat Gloss Spray 32-ounce bottle – $11.95

Finding The Best Horse Shine Product

Frisby was my test subject for this spray. First, I really liked the cost. $12.00 for a large spray of spray is a good deal. The bottle claims to repel dirt, dust, manure and grass. And that it cleans, shines and detangles.

I applied it to Frisby after he had been groomed. I applied it to his mane, tail, and entire coat. Then I allowed it to dry before running over it with a finishing brush. It dried relatively quickly in the Colorado summertime sun. And he was slick feeling to touch.

I didn’t see the detangler qualities. I used a Tail Tamer brush on his mane and tail, and there were definitely tangles still. His tail did look nice though. And it did work well on his coat. It did create a nice shine. But it was slippery, so I would not be using this on the saddle area.

I took him out to the arena and walked him for about 15 minutes. By the time we were done, there was dust attached to the shine spray, so I don’t think it works very well as a dust buster, but he did look shiny. I would rate this as good, but not my first choice. I bought this from Riding Warehouse, and they shipped it supper fast, and it was well protected to withstand shipping, no leaks.


Stubben Rose & Green Tea Coat Shine Mane/Tail Detangler 16.9-ounce bottle $17.95

Finding The Best Horse Shine Product

Ethan was my test subject for this spray. This was probably the most expensive one I bought. The manufacture says this spray is made from rose and green tea extracts soothe and soften the coat for a luxurious feel and leave behind a brilliant sheen. And I think you can tell from the photo, I really liked this spray. I should have taken a picture when it was new.

I applied it the same way that I did with the other spray, mane and tail, and then all over his body. He had been lightly brushed first. And the one thing I noticed with this spray was how easily my brush slipped through his tail. It was awesome! His tail is very thick, and I don’t typically use the Tail Tamer brush, because it always pulls. But the brush slipped through his tail like it has been brushed every single day. It was incredible.

Finding The Best Horse Shine Product

And the shine it gave his body was literally mirror-like. And it actually got deeper and deeper as I brushed him with the finishing brush.

Even though this spray was the most expensive, in relation to the amount of spray you actually get, it worked very well. And it smelled so good!

I bought this spray from Riding Warehouse at the same time that I bought the Silvarado hair gloss and it was packaged very well too.

Absorbine Santa Fe Coat Conditioner And Sunscreen  32 Ounce Bottle $12.95

Finding The Best Horse Shine Product

First of all, I love this spray because it also has a sunscreen in it. And it is affordable. It worked really well on my horses manes and tails to keep them tangle free and easy to brush through without pulling out too many hairs.

The shine is pretty good, not quite as good as the Stubben spray, but it works.

The one thing I didn’t like about this spray is that it says on the bottle, no slip. Meaning I am supposed to be able to put it all over my horse, and my tack won’t slip. But in my experiment I found this spray was actually the MOST slippery! Which is great for tails, but not for the saddle area. So don’t put this spray on your horses back in the saddle area.

Also it did work pretty well for repelling dust when I took Frisby out for his arena work.

Healthy HairCare Moisturizer Concentrate 16 Ounce Bottle $15.95 

Finding The Best Horse Shine Product

This is one of the products I got in my Saddle Box. And I really liked it. I liked it so much in fact that I bought a full sized bottle of it. And what makes this product so great is that it’s a concentrate. So you can make it a little stronger if you like. The directions say to add 2 ounces of the concentrate to 16 ounces of water and shake well. It does separate from the water, so before using it be sure to shake it well.

But it really helps to stop itching. I used it on Frisby’s butt and tail area to help with the itchiness he always seems to have, and it works! It will control the itchiness for about 4 days before I have to spray him again. And this stuff is potent, so a little goes a long way. If you use too much of it, it will get a greasy look to it, like you haven’t washed your hair in a week look. So remember to use sparingly.

Cowboy Magic Super Body Shine 32 Ounce Bottle $14.83

Finding The Best Horse Shine Product

The bottle says spray on, and then prepare to smile. And it’s true! This spray does create a fantastic shine on your horse. It is just slightly more expensive, but for the shine it produces, it’s worth it. Oh, and notice the damage to the bottle? That is how Dover’s Saddlery shipped it to me. Not the best at shipping Dover’s.

It does say that it repels dust, but I found that claim to be marginal at best. It is slippery, so keep it off the saddle area. But it does work well for detangling manes and tails, and it smells fantastic.

Finding The Best Horse Shine Product

And if you are like me, and want to know what you are spraying on your horse, Cowboy Magic does have the ingredients listed on the bottle, I really like that. Even if I couldn’t pronounce over half of what is inside.

Absorbine Show Sheen 32 Ounce Bottle $14.95 

Finding The Best Horse Shine Product

This coat conditioner is the original shine spray. This is the one that everyone used to use, until all of the competitors became available. And they have reformulated it, well at least the scent because I remember what it used to smell like, and it smells way better than it used to!

They don’t list the ingredients on the label, other than letting you know there is sandalwood and Jasmine in it. And it does smell really good. It also works well for detangling tails. And of course it puts a nice shine on your horse, but it is very slippery.

The shine does last a day or two, but the detangling properties for tails seems to last a little bit longer. I could easily comb through Ethan’s thick tail 3 days after using Show Sheen.

Effol Super Star Shine Spray 25 Ounce Bottle $16.99

Finding The Best Horse Shine Product

This product is amazing, as far as the shine factor is concerned. It worked GREAT and really did produce a super star shine for my horses. It has a nice scent, and worked very well. It was probably one of the top products I tried to make my horses super shiny. And the shine was far the best on the tail hairs.

Another thing I noticed was a deep glow that it left on Ethan’s black legs. His legs were beautiful, and the black took on a deep shine that the other products didn’t produce.

It is a little more challenging to find this product, but I did find it on Amazon for the best price, minus the shipping charges.

Farnam Vetrolin Shine Coat Conditioner 32 Ounce Bottle $9.95

Finding The Best Horse Shine Product

The Vetrolin spray was the best value for a ready to use spray. And it works pretty well. It worked very well to repel dirt and dust, and even flies! When I used this on my horses, it seemed to work as a fly repellent, better than fly spray!

Finding The Best Horse Shine Product

It worked fairly well as a detangler, and pretty good as a shine spray. It was not the best of the best with honors sir shine, but I could see a shine in Frisby’s coat. It has a very nice ‘Vetrolin’ smell to it, and a little bit goes a long way. This makes the low price even better, because it lasts longer.

Shapley’s Magic Sheen Coat Polish 32 Ounce Bottle $15.00

Finding The Best Horse Shine Product

I really wanted to love this product, because I regularly use Shapley’s M-T-G, which I do love. But this shine spray was just average I found. It did produce a shine, but not as deeply as some of the other products I tested. Like the other’s it was slippery, so a no-no in the saddle area, but it didn’t last as long as the other products, and I had to use more of it to get a good shine. This also meant waiting longer to brush it in, and polish the coat with a sheepskin rag.

Finding The Best Horse Shine Product

Of all of the products I tried, this is one I won’t buy again. I will use it, eventually. But not my first choice for having a shiny coat.

And The Winner Is…

Ok, after testing out 9 different shine sprays over a course of 8 weeks I think I have fund my new favorite. And many of the sprays worked good, but one stood out as the absolute best. And the winner is, Stubben Rose and Green Tea Coat Shine! I adore this spray. I liked it so much, that I used it all up! And I would buy some more, but right now, I have 8 other bottles of spray to use on my horses.

The Stubben spray smells great, and works incredibly.This spray created the deepest shine on both of my horses, and even brought out Frisby’s dapples.

Best Place To Buy Horse Spray Shine

I hope you found this information helpful. And maybe it will help you decide which shine spray to try out for yourself. And I do have to say that I ordered all of these products online, because when I buy them locally they cost a LOT more. SO I have to try and be patient, order them online and wait for them to get to me. The best place I found to order from was Riding Warehouse. They shipped super fast, and the items were well packaged, no leaks.

The worst place that I ordered from was Dover. I ordered 3 bottles of spray and it took 6 weeks for me to get my package! They didn’t package the sprays well at all. In fact, when they originally shipped them to me, UPS returned the package because it was damaged. So then I waited for the replacement and it never came. I finally emailed Dover Saddlery, like 2 weeks later and they were like, “Oh, yes, your package should be arriving soon.” Yeah, because I emailed them they sent out my package. So let’s just say I will not be ordering from Dover Saddlery anymore. If I want something they sell, I am fortunate that I do have a physical store about 25 minutes away. So I will only be shopping at Dover’s in person from now on.

Finding The Best Horse Shine Product

But overall, I am really happy with my experiment, and hopefully it will help you too! And just to let you know, I do have affiliate links within this post. So if you do click on a link and make a purchase, I do receive a small commission, which helps me to continue doing what I do on my blog, and YouTube channel. But all of the products I tried out for this experiment were ones that I purchased. I won’t have to buy shine spray now for a long, long time because of this experiment!


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

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      Excellent article thanks for your hard work and expense testing all of these. Very nice photos also.

      • Lisa

        Thank you so much! 🙂

    • Tonya Fisher

      I loved this blog post and could you do one on horse shampoo and conditioners?

      • Lisa

        Thank you! I like the idea of doing it for shampoo’s and conditioners, and I have several I can test 🙂

    • Sandi Christman

      Love this!
      You did all the homework for me.

    • Heidi

      Hey, I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Espana products… How do you feel the Espana shine spray compares to the Stubben? And have you tried World Champion Pepi spray? I loved this blog, it was so helpful, I already bought a bottle of the Stubben spray!

      • Lisa

        Hi Heidi 🙂
        I haven’t tried Espana or the World Champion Pepi shine sprays, yet. But thank you for sharing them, I hadn’t ever heard of Espana, I think I might have to give them a try! ANd thank you very much for your kind comment!

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