Easy And Affordable Christmas Decorating

Easy And Affordable Christmas Decorating

Well with the change of seasons, and less riding time means more time for inside decorating! So I thought I would share with you some very easy and affordable decorating ideas for the holiday season. And instead of jumping around the internet, and finding things that other people have done, I will share with you DIY holiday projects that I have made myself.
It’s easy to do a google search and find really cool ideas, but I thought it would also be fun to come up with some fun and original ideas all by myself.
And I know this isn’t really an equestrian type post, but hey, it’s Christmas time! And most of us do some sort of decorating this time of year. SO I wanted to share some quick and easy Christmas decorating ideas with you. And this has been a very busy weekend finishing up with all of my Christmas decorating, making Christmas crafts, and tying up all the loose ends for the upcoming holiday.
As my husband says, “Christmas just threw up all over our house.”

Glitter Trees

These are so easy to make. All you need is a Styrofoam cone, and some glitter. Both of which I happened to have. I had bought the glitter a long time ago when I made body glitter for my horses and I bought the Styrofoam cones a while ago too. I bought the Styrofoam ones at Walmart and the dollar store. But I have since found that the sell them on Amazon too!
Easy And Affordable Christmas Decorating
All I did was paint on Mod-Podge and then dump glitter all over the cone. I found that I like the jewel tone glitter the best. I had bought some ultra-fine iridescent glitter, but it didn’t really look as awesome as I had planned in my head.
Then I gave it a coat of spray on Mod Podge (which is awesome by the way) to help keep the glitter secure to the form. If you want to make these but don’t have the spray on Mod-Podge, you can use hairspray and it will seal it just as well.

Fancy Designer Type Christmas Tree

This one was not quite how I had pictured it in my mind either, but I am really happy with how it turned out. So much so that I have dubbed this my designer style Christmas tree!
Easy And Affordable Christmas Decorating
Again I used a Styrofoam cone, and then I bought some bling ribbon and silver cord at Walmart ($.97 a piece!) and hot glued the ribbon covering the cone, and then glued on the silver cord filling in the gaps. And then I had bought some blingy snowflake like things from the dollar store, and I glued them on, like ornaments. And I had some silver glitter stars, so I glued this on as the tree topper.
Again, not how I had planned it in my mind, but I just love how it turned out in real life.

DIY Christmas Pillows

Easy And Affordable Christmas Decorating

Now when I first wanted to this, I thought about doing hot glue on the fabric. But when I thought about how much work that would be, and the fact that I have a sewing machine, I decided to just sew the pillows. It was much easier than playing with the glue.
And for the fabric, I found buffalo check plaid that I really liked, only it was a table runner. So I decided how big I wanted the pillow to be, and sewed 3 sides. (the fabric was inside out, so the patterned side would be facing out) And then I ripped apart some outdoor pillows I bought on clearance for a dollar for Walmart and filled the new pillows.
The runner made 2 pillows easily, and I have the backing left that I am going to make at least one more Christmas throw pillow.
This project only took me about an hour to make some really cute throw pillows to add to my Christmas decor!

Easy Christmas Vignette

There is just something special about creating a little Christmas area within a room. And for this, I wanted to add some holiday flair, but not get in the way of us watching TV. But since the TV is like the main focal point in our room, I had to add some decorations.
Easy And Affordable Christmas Decorating
And for this I found an awesome sheepskin like throw that had a little bit of gold bling thread in it. And I cut the throw in a long section to make ‘snow’. Then I found some pretty no shatter plastic ornaments that were shiny ($4.89 for 16) and I bought a couple of bottle brush trees from Walmart that were a dollar. And wa-la! Instant Christmas Vignette!
Easy And Affordable Christmas Decorating

Christmas Wall Art

Again, another idea that I have had in my head for a while now. I have these canvas like art prints hanging in my dining room, living room and one of my bathrooms. And while I just got the prints in my dining room and living room and love them, I am kind of over the prints in the bathroom.
Easy And Affordable Christmas Decorating
So I started with these first.
Easy And Affordable Christmas Decorating
I took some Christmas fabric that I got on sale, for $1.99 a yard, and I glued the fabric over the print, and it wrapped around the back. So it looks like a festive piece of art. And then to make it a little more special, I found 2 ornaments that I liked at Walmart that were $1.97 each and I glued them onto my holiday fabric wall hangings. And then I have some pretty holiday art work for the walls.
Easy And Affordable Christmas Decorating
I also did the same thing with my newer prints. But I will want to have my original print show when Christmas is over. So I use as little glue as possible to attach the fabric, and then I also put a piece of felt between the fabric and the print of where I attach the ornaments with the glue sticks. Because I don’t want to ruin the original print with the glue seeping through the fabric.

Breyer Horse Christmas Ornament

Easy And Affordable Christmas Decorating
This is one of my favorite projects so far, and it was sooooo easy! I took a couple of Breyer horses, added a hanger and made a wreath with some pipe cleaners. In about 10 minutes I had some cute horse ornaments for my tree.
It’s fun to come up with new ideas and decorations every year. Because year after year, my Christmas decoration collection has grown, but not at a lot of out of pocket expense. Most of the things I have made for decorating I have done for about $5 to $10. Not too bad for some original art, wouldn’t you agree?


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

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