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30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 2

Wow, it’s already day number 2 in my 30 day blogging challenge! This is 2 days down, 28 more to go! By the time I am done with this challenge, you will all know so much more about me and my horses as well as my strengths, and my weaknesses. I wanted to offer a little more to you about myself, and thanks to me reading the incredible blog She Moved To Texas, I found her 30 day blogging challenge and decided to emulate what she had done. With a few twists in some of the topics.

It has been a while, in my opinion since I rode a horse. In fact, it was last Monday, January 2nd. That may seem like not that long ago, but too me it seems too long.  I rode both of my horses that day. Frisby the older one, I rode first because he is always dependable no matter what. But that is what happens after owning a horse for over 10 years. And then I rode Ethan, my young project Thoroughbred.

equestrian 30 day blogging challenge


I tried on my Christmas present, a used Wintec dressage saddle on both of them and thanks to a larger girth for Frisby, it fit them both wonderfully.

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Of both the rides, each had their good and bad points. Frisby is dependable and quiet, but I am continually having to ask him to move. Ethan on the other hand, has a flowing trot and he is very willing to move. But I must remember he is young, and unpredictable, so I always have to keep my guard up so I don’t inadvertently end up on the ground.

horse blogging challenge

I have to say that ride was a little more intimidating because I haven’t ridden Ethan as much, and I am still learning about him, like he is about me. I can’t wait for the days to start getting longer, and warmer so I can ride when I get home from work.

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But until then I keep myself busy with a long list of projects that will help me when I can ride every single day.

So instead of choosing to look at the negative (not being able to ride) I look at using this time to the best of my ability, and making the most of it. When I get home from work in the dark, I can still go out into the barn and spend some time with my horses. Because I took the time earlier this year to hang up some Christmas lights in the barn so I could still ‘play’ with my horses.

equestrian 30 day blogging challenge

And I have a HUGE list of projects, mainly creating more videos for my YouTube channel and coming up with new ideas of things I can make.

youtube channel for equestrians

I choose to look at the winter as an opportunity to get a head start for the upcoming good weather! So stay tuned to my website, as well as my YouTube channel for different diy projects you can make when you have some down time, and eventually I will have lots of riding articles to ride about this spring and summer.


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

    2 replies to "Day 2- The Last Time You Rode a Horse and What You Did"

    • Lynda

      Since I just commented on helmet wearing I thought I could fill you in on my last riding experience. If you remember Lisa’s vlog from her you-tube channel, I have only had these horses since August. I have had horses most of my life, and have trained but that doesn’t mean that I remember all the things I learned along the way. So the last time I rode, I rode my trusty friend Maverick first. Like Lisa’s Frisby, he is dependable and I don’t worry about if he is going to be stupid. Also like Frisby I always have to ask him for more but I don’t mind that. We had a great ride and I dismounted feeling great and very confident. So I figured “hey! Lets saddle up Doc and give him a go!” Doc is much more of a challenge. He is a well trained horse but has some issues and has not been ridden in who knows how long. He has great ground manners and stands quiet for everything from the farrier, to grooming and saddling. But even though I used to train, I made every rookie mistake in the book with him. Without going into all that, he bucked me off. I wasn’t hurt, just really sore for a few days, but it did remind me to think about things before I do them! 🙂

      • Lisa

        We never stop learning right? It’s what we do with the new knowledge that makes the difference 🙂

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