weekly video recap

Weekly Video Recap

I have done it again. 2 weeks in a row with 5 videos uploaded to my YouTube channel. I am not sure how long I will be able to keep up this momentum. I think things will change once the weather turns warmer. But for now, I’m just going to run with it, and see how many videos I can get up in one week. So here is my weekly video recap for you to peruse through!

It is a lot of fun, making videos. I really do enjoy sharing what I have learned. Hopefully some of you will find it helpful too. That’s the reason I do it. I think about how difficult it is to find ‘real’ help, especially on the internet. So I am trying to save you the frustration that I have experienced, by making helpful videos.

Painting Horse Jump Rails With Spray Paint

This is the video I teased you about last week. Using spray paint on horse jumps. Yes, it is possible! I also wrote a blog post about it earlier this week. This way if you are a more visual learner, you can watch the video. If you do better with reading, you can read the blog post.

how to paint your horse jump rails

I had so much fun making these rails that I decided I am going to do it again, just a little bit differently. And that video will be coming out next week, hopefully.

6 Different Horse Jumps With 3 Rails or Less

And to give you some different ideas of how you can use rails to set up different horse jumps, I made a video showcasing the 3 rails I made and came up with 6 (actually 7) different horse jumps. I thought this would be helpful to give others ideas of how to set up different obstacles for their horses to jump over. Yes, you can just make an entire course of cross rails, but you will probably end up seeing more than just cross rails at a horse show. And after a while, you may get bored with just cross rails.

diy painting horse jump rails

So here are a few different ways you can set up some jumps, Not only will it keep it fresh for you and your horse, but it might add an element of difficulty too.

Riding Lesson Tips-Focus On The Lesson

I am really having fun sharing different tips that I am learning from my riding lessons. And these are just quick little videos, but hopefully the tips are helpful. And this video just talks about staying focused on your lesson. Don’t think about everything else going on in your busy life. I promise, it will be waiting for you when your lesson is done!

But take that hour or so, and just give 100% of your attention to your horse, and your instructor. And really enjoy that time in your lesson.

Exercise For Better Balance (Riding Lesson Tips)

This is a very simple exercise you can do at home that will help to improve your balance in the saddle. And even if you aren’t taking riding lessons, give this a try. It really works! You can do this at home, without a horse. And so far, it has helped me a lot. I feel more balanced in the saddle, and I am getting stronger and my heels are reaching down further. I really think this exercise is part of the reason why.

Repairing Horse Jump Standards

This is a video I have been meaning to make for a while now. And the reason is, a few years back I got cheap on making my schooling standards. I was trying to save a little money, and I made the bases for the standards 12″ long. This was not a good idea. The standards are unstable with a tiny base of support.

So I cut a few 2 x 4’s 16″ long, and just added 2 of these 16″ pieces to each standard. This helped out so much! Now I have more schooling standards that are safe and usable. It does add a little more weight to the standard, but I think this is a good thing.

budget equestrian weekly video recap

Keep in mind, when you are building stick standards, the higher you plan on jumping, the wider your bases need to be. 16″ feet are the absolute minimum you should make your feet. If you get cheap (like I did) this is an easy solution to correct it, and give you a pair of usable standards that are safe. And this is a reminder to myself to not get cheap! If I would have just done the 16″ feet in the first place, I would have spent about $3.00 more. The $3.00 would have been worth it.

Stay Tuned Next Week…

Since it’s still winter, and dark by the time I get home, I am fairy confident I will be able to complete 5 more videos for the upcoming week. Hopefully soon I will be able to video my riding lesson, that would make for a fun YouTube video, don’t you think? And now that I have gotten 2 jumper jumps completed, I think I want to build a solid pair of wing standards, and faux paint them to look like a brick or stone wall. And then have an aqueduct style pair of boxes. I think that would make for a very pretty hunter style jump that I can use in my arena.

Who knows. I am never 100% sure of what is going to be coming up until I actually start the filming process. We will see what happens! So until next week, stay passionate and enjoy your ride!


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

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