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Day 4- Your Favorite Horse Show

Wow, it’s already day number 4 in my 30 day blogging challenge! This is 4 days down, 26 more to go! By the time I am done with this challenge, you will all know so much more about me and my horses as well as my strengths, and my weaknesses. I wanted to offer a little more to you about myself, and thanks to me reading the incredible blog She Moved To Texas, I found her 30 day blogging challenge and decided to emulate what she had done. With a few twists in some of the topics.

30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 4

favorite horse show

I have been to a lot of horse shows over the years. After all, I have been riding for over 35 years, so that is a lot of time to get experience with showing horses. I started off in 4-H and lived in a small town south of Colorado Springs, Colorado. There was a town park that had a riding arena and throughout the entire summer, there would always be a show or two over the weekends.

As I grew up, and my ‘career’ with horses continued, I went to a lot more shows. But none of these shows were the big time, you know what I mean? The biggest show I had gone too by the time I turned 21 was The National Western Stock Show. And I’m sorry, but I don’t get too excited to think about showing in January in Colorado. It’s not just the showing part, but the preparation.

For starters, my barn is a glorified run in shed that I have hung Christmas lights in so I can put my horses blankets on when I get home from work during the winter. And my riding arena is nice, but very small. There are no lights, and I have no indoor arena. I prefer the summer shows. In fact, that is why we moved to where we live now 11 years ago, to be closer to a large horse facility, with me hoping one day to show again.

Which brings me to my favorite show….

colorado horse park

It is a series of shows actually. They happen every year at the Colorado Horse Park in Parker, Colorado. Beginning in early June and running through the middle of July called Summer in the Rockies Show Series.

I go to these shows every year. So far, I have only been a spectator, but my goal is to be a competitor. I am not sure if it will happen this year, or in 2018, but that is my ultimate riding goal. To be able to compete for the entire 7 weeks of The Summer series at the Colorado Horse Park.

colorado horse park

The reasons I LOVE this show are many. Firstly, the close proximity to where I live. The Horse Park is about 15 minutes away from my home.  The second reason is the amenities. The show grounds here are incredible. The tent barns are nicer than my current barn. There is running water, and wash racks as well as miles of trails to ride, and a huge number of arenas with fabulous footing. And the third reason is the people. I don’t know why, but since the Horse Park was bought out several years ago, the mood has changed, for the better. The competitors are nice, not stuck up. And the staff is friendly, and welcoming. Even as a spectator, it’s a fun place to hang out.

And you never know who you will meet there!

colorado horse park

I have met Grand Prix Jumpers, and Olympic medalists, and of course some regular people, just like me.

I know for a fact I will be there this summer, as I go every summer, and one day I know I will be showing Ethan there. I can’t wait until that day comes!

colorado horse park


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    2 replies to "30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 4- Your Favorite Horse Show"

    • Lynda

      Like Lisa, I have been to tons of horse shows although mine usually involve western shows. Last summer Lisa invited me to go with her to one of the shows at the Colorado Horse Park. I was hooked! And even though I don’t ride English (Lisa hopes to change that one day! lol) I can appreciate great horses and great horsemanship. I love the jumpers! AND I got to see Olympic medalist Will Anderson! Bonus! I have a new crush. I will definitely be going with Lisa all this summer if she will have me!

      • Lisa

        You and I have a date every weekend beginning in June and ending in late July 🙂 If we see your man, I will have to get a picture of you two 🙂 I cannot wait for summer, and cannot wait to go to these shows with you, my partner in horsey crimes! LOL

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