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30 Day Blog Challenge Day 5- All of the tack and riding clothes I have

Wow, it’s already day number 5 in my 30-day blog challenge! This is 5 days down, 25 more to go! By the time I am done with this challenge, you will all know so much more about me and my horses as well as my strengths, and my weaknesses. I wanted to offer a little more to you about myself, and thanks to me reading the incredible blog She Moved To Texas, I found her 30-day blog challenge and decided to emulate what she had done. With a few twists in some of the topics. Listing all of the tack and rising clothes I have has been a very fun post. Not only does it show me what I have, but it also shows me items I am lacking, and helps me to set goals on how to get the missing items.

This topic is fun for me, talking about all my horse gear! It is also good because I can sort of inventory what I have, and plan for what I still need. Equipment and tack seem to be a never-ending expenditure. But since I am the Budget Equestrian, I am always looking for the best deal I can get when buying new items. And if I must (my justification) buy something, I try to offset the cost by earning money to fund my purchase.

horse blogging challenge

So this is the horse gear I have accumulated thus far:


  • JES jumping saddle complete with MDR stirrups
  • Wintec dressage saddle with stirrups
  • Cambridge all-purpose saddle
  • 3 snaffle bridles
  • 1 dressage bridle
  • 8 random saddle pads
  • Show sheepskin fleece saddle pad
  • 6 girths
  • 5 random bits (loose, not on my bridles)
  • 7 halters
  • 9 lead ropes
  • 1 lunge line
  • 2 Clinton Anderson stick and strings
  • 7 different riding crops, including 2 dressage style

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Horse Clothing

  • 4 heavy winter blankets
  • 2 light turnout sheets
  • 2 diy tail bags (made by me)
  • 6 sets of polo wraps
  • 2 sets of front boots
  • 1 set of ankle boots (hind)

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  • 4 grooming totes filled with brushes and homemade grooming tools
  • 1 tack trunk (a diy project made by me)
  • Too many to name grooming products

30 day blogging challenge

Rider Essentials

  • 3 pair of riding gloves
  • 3 pair of barn gloves
  • 1 pair of tall boots (Ariat)
  • 1 pair of jod boots with half chaps
  • 1 pair of winter boots
  • 4 pair of breeches
  • 1 pair of winter breeches
  • 1 show coat
  • 2 show shirts
  • 2 riding helmets
  • 1 no knot hair net (this thing is amazing!)

30 day blog challenge

Tack Room Furniture

  • Wall saddle rack (diy project)
  • Portable saddle rack (diy project)
  • Wooden grooming tote (diy project)
  • 2 saddle pad racks (diy project)
  • 4 bridle racks (diy project)
  • Horse boot hanger (diy project)
  • Shelving unit
  • Blanket holder (diy project)

horse equipment

Horse Jumps

  • 9 pair of standards
  • 8 rails
  • 2 gates
  • 3 sets of raised rails
  • 15 pair of jump cups

homemade rails for horse jumps

Setting Goals

And that is what I have for now, but like I said earlier, this list is always growing and changing! One thing I do want to mention, almost all the higher priced items listed here I earned the money to buy the item BEFORE I bought it. And many of the items, like my saddles were purchased used. Some of the other items, I made myself, including 90% of my tack room furniture, and 100% of my horse jumps. And by building horse jumps, this is one of the major ways I have been able to afford all my horse stuff. If there is something I really want to buy, I build a set of horse jumps and sell them on Craigslist to get the money for my ‘dream’ item.

I always research the item I want to buy, and think about it (a lot) before I commit to the purchase. I don’t think it is a good idea going into debt to have “the best of the best with honors sir”, of random stuff for my horse hobby. But, by earning the extra money to make the purchase happen, it does make me feel better about the purchase. My wish list item right now is a Brenderup horse trailer, so I have a lot of horse jumps to build in order to make that happen, but I am confident it will. It may seem like I am justifying my purchases, and you’re right, I am! However, the money did not come out of my paycheck, and I did not put myself in debt to buy my stuff. I look at it as a reward for the extra work that I have done. And I do not usually buy my items new, I always do my research to get the best deal I can on big ticket purchases. eBay is probably my favorite place to shop to see if I can find a great deal.

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What about you? How do you look at your horse stuff? How do you justify the purchase of an expensive item?



I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

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