Sometimes all I need to get me motivated is to look through photos I have taken over the years. It can be home improvement projects, or riding my horses, or even surfing through old albums on Facebook. But then add on an inspirational quote and my motivation level goes through the roof!

In fact when I started looking through my catalogs of images along with thinking about which quote would go best with it, it motivated me enough to go out and work with Ethan for a bit. Even though it is only about 25 degrees out right now. I know, some of you would be grateful for the thermometer to hit that high right now. And I hope you and your horses are staying warm.

And days like this are great for finding the perfect quote to go with an image, and I thought I would share some of my most favorite quotes with you. Just in case you needed a little inspiration, or motivation for when you can get out there and work with your horse.

All of these quotes are borrowed from others, but the photos have all been captured by me.

15 Quotes Any Equestrian Can Relate Too

Quotes Any Equestrian Can Relate Too
Quotes Any Equestrian Can Relate Too a little girl walking a horse
Quotes Any Equestrian Can Relate Too a woman and her horse
a woman riding a horse in an English saddle
a horse looking at the camera from the side
a horse standing in a pasture in the fall
a horse and rider jumping a big jump
A horse in an English bridle
a close up side view of a horse's nose
a horse and rider at a hunter jumper show
a woman holding a horses face
a close up of a horses hooves as he gallops in a sand arena
a woman walking a horse in an arena
a silhouette of a horse in a pasture
a silhouetted horse trotting in an arena

And that’s it! 15 of my favorite quotes as related to horses. Do you feel inspired now to go do something with your horse? I know I did after I made these images! I think Ethan appreciated it too. I know horses are good for us, but I also like to think we are good for them too.

And when we can’t get out and ride or even be with our horses every day, sometimes a little project like this can help you to find the motivation to make it happen.

And if you aren’t able to get out to your horse today, why not make a few of your own inspirational images? Spend a few minutes searching through Google and find some cool quotes, and then put them on your own images. It really can be inspiring!

And with the promise of spring coming, maybe you can find some inspiration for the upcoming riding season. I don’t know about you, but I am sooooo looking forward to the longer, and warmer days of spring!

How about you? Do you have any favorite horsey related quotes? Care to share them with the rest of us? I know I would love to know what inspires and motivates you to keep doing whatever it is you do with your horses.


I am horse crazy and love DIY projects, and finding great deals on everything horse related. When I have a new idea, or find a great deal I love sharing this information with you.

    3 replies to "15 Quotes Any Equestrian Can Relate Too"

    • Theresa

      Saw this one recently…
      If you want a STABLE relationship, buy a horse.
      But I liked your quotes much better and seeing you with your horse.

    • Lynda

      This is one that you gave me a long time ago on a picture Lisa!

      “No matter how much of a hot mess you are when you get to the barn…if you’re willing, your horse will always send you home in Stable condition!”

      More to come!

    • Laurie Flebotte

      Here is one that I love – “Most of my life I have spent riding horses, the rest I just wasted”. I can not remember the source however….

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