The last 6 weeks have been pretty much a whirlwind for me. I have been riding Plezant more, which take a lot of time. Frisby was recently diagnosed with PPID (Fancy name for Cushings) which means changing everything I am feeding him, and September at work is extremely busy. Probably the busiest month of the year for me at work.

three things my horses love

But thankfully, I feel like I am getting a handle on all of it, and getting ready to wind down a bit, and settle into fall, finally. And fall in Colorado has been blissfully warm. Which is part of the reason I have been able to ride Plezant a lot more. I am taking advantage of it though. It’s a little challenging after work because by the time I get home, I only have about 45 minutes before its dark. But this is great for keeping me on track and getting tacked up faster.

And as the seasons change, and I end up having a lot more inside time than out, I will have a LOT more time to write and make videos. Which is a good thing, it’s just getting back in the swing of it!

And as I start to slow down and settle a bit, I thought I would share three things that make my horses happy. Well, I think they make them happy!

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Plezant’s Princess Sheet

When the temperature started dipping in the early morning, I was shocked to see when I went out to feed Plezant, he was shivering. I have never had a horse do this before. But a couple of time the temperature dropped down to 38 degrees, and the first time I noticed him shivering, it alarmed me. I felt so bad for him!

And I know it is still too warm to start blanketing him. So I started hunting for something light he could wear that would give him a little bit of warmth, but not too much. I went to Dover’s because it’s close, and they were having a sale on pretty much everything.

This was the first time I have been into Dover’s since the whole stupid pandemic thing started. I was shocked to see how little inventory they had. But I found a lightweight cooler type sheet that I thought might work. But even then, they inventory was pretty sparse.

Three Things That Make My Horses Happier

Three Things That Make My Horses Happier

I found a sheet that is more like a light blanket. It’s called a chill chaser blanket. And if it were made for people, I would love it for myself. Not too heavy, but enough to add a little bit of warmth. It was supposed to be on sale for $25.99, but when it rang up it was $55.00. At that point I didn’t care, I just wanted something NOW to keep him warm.

Typically, a blanket size 80 would fit him perfect. But this sheet, well….

The 80 was a little small for him. But it fit, mostly, so I put it on him. And even though he looks like he is bursting out of it, it worked. It was just the right amount of warmth to keep him cozy on the cool fall nights.

When I saw that this was the right thing for Plezant, I went to Dover’s online and I was able to find one of these sheets that was on sale for the advertised $25.99, and they had it in an 84, so I bought it.

I did learn that there were only certain colors that were included in the sale price, which is what I bought. And this is the sheet:

Three Things That Make My Horses Happier

Yeah, it’s kind of pink. But he doesn’t care. He is cozy in this sheet, and the 84 fits him better. But this is why I call it his princess sheet.

The one thing I worry about though is the shrink factor. From the reviews, people say it shrinks when it’s washed. So I will have to be very careful with washing it. Only cold water, and maybe some weight on it while I hang it to dry.

Three Things That Make My Horses Happier

But in the end, it gives him a little bit of extra warmth, and keeps him clean at night in his stall.

I am lucky that he doesn’t mind blankets. I think he like them, so he doesn’t fuss with it like Frisby does.

Bringing Home A New Horse

Frisby HATES blankets. So while Plezant has a complete wardrobe of blankets from light sheets to parka’s, Frisby has 2 blankets that only get used for severe weather.

Standlee Teff Grass

With Frisby’s recent diagnosis of PPID, I had to basically over hall his feeding regimen. He has been getting orchard grass pellets, and Triple Crown complete feed along with his supplements and prepared beet pulp.

But with his new condition, I have been doing a lot of research on what his condition entails, and how to keep him healthy. And the first thing I learned, orchard grass has a LOT of sugar in it. (who knew?) So I had to change his pellets.

Thankfully, Standlee makes a pellet with low sugar. It’s called Teff grass. And it is perfect for horses with metabolic concern because it is low starch, meaning low sugar content.  And right now through the end of October, Standlee has a coupon on their website if you buy 3 bags of their pellets you’ll save $5.00. So if you buy pelleted feed for your horse, you should go check out that coupon!

I also swapped out his Triple Crown complete for their Senior brand.

Giving him a little beet pulp, makes me feel better too. I like to include this because it helps to keep things moving….meaning less risk of colic because of the fiber.

Three Things That Make My Horses Happier

And he seems to like it.

While this is an added bin, I keep in our garage to keep the pellets in, that’s an inconvenience I am willing to take on.

Three Things That Make My Horses Happier

As long as my horse is getting what he needs, and stays as healthy as he can, that’s what I care about.

Round Massage Curry

As Frisby already has a thick winter coat, and Plezant begins to get a little furry, I change out the grooming tools in my grooming kit. And one of the tools that both of my boys enjoy is this round massage curry.

It’s made from heavy duty rubber

Three Things That Make My Horses Happier

And it has long nubs that really get down through thick winter coats. Over time the nubs do wear down and get rounder.

If your horse is thin skinned, or extra sensitive, save this for when their winter coat is in. Plezant is very sensitive. So I only use this groomer on the fleshy areas of his body.

Three Things That Make My Horses Happier

And of course, on his favorite itchy spot.

Three Things That Make My Horses Happier

I found this a long time ago online. And then I got a second one in a Heart to Horse subscription box. But you can still find them online.

Amazon has one from the Grooma company, and it costs around $10.00.

But you can find a similar version at Jeffers Equine for $3.00!

This is a wonderful addition to your grooming kit over the winter months when your horse has a thicker coat. I know my horses love it when I groom them with this. It’s like a massage for your horse!

And both of my horses LOVE it!

And I love being able to groom them well, and get through their winter fur. With Frisby, well his coat is rather long already. But I’m assuming this is in part to the PPID. So being able to get through his thick fur, this massage curry works really well.

Three Things That Make My Horses Happier

Since it is late fall, I really don’t want to think about clipping him quite yet. Especially since he destroys any blanket I put on him. No, I will wait until the spring and see how he responds to his new medication. And then I’ll determine if he needs to be body clipped.

Three Things That Make My Horses Happier

Well, there you have it! 3 different products I’m using that my horses love. And if they make my horses happy, well then I’m happy too!


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